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advised in a sentence

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The doctor advised the patient to give up drinking. 2. In 1509 he went with Cardinal Christopher Bainbridge, archbishop of York, to Rome, where he won the esteem of Pope Leo X., who advised Henry VIII. It is advised that you get insurance for your Droid; if you have to purchase another one at retail price, it could set you back roughly $600.00. Examples of Ill-Advised in a sentence. In 2005, California state school superintendent Jack O'Connell advised state schools to drop the Narconon program in their districts after finding that it subtly taught Scientology beliefs during drug prevention presentations. Previously consumptive individuals were carefully excluded from contact with fresh air, and were advised to live in rooms almost hermetically sealed and kept at a high temperature. 286. food poisoning symptoms are advised to contact their GP for medical advice. The countess, whose husband was held by King Edward in the Tower of London, Nationals who require a visa in advance are usually, Roman government was headed by two consuls, elected annually by the citizens and, Britain and France were on the brink of war when she left for Paris, and many, He was also fond of hand knotted Persian carpets and, At first Turner showed a keen interest in architecture, but was, The candidates who want to recheck their papers can apply up to October 26,he. bears the same name as the one who advised Rehoboam to acquiesce in the disruption (1 Kings xii. 199 : I was advised of it by email from an Australian journalist, who asked for a comment. Photo subjects should be advised against getting a new hairstyle or a different makeup look right before a family picture. This being a change in the advised meeting date on the April Agenda due to May 6 th 2002 being a bank holiday. Guests should be advised not to say the words "wedding" or "bride." The doctor advised him to take wholesome diet. Since the evenings can be cool, bringing a sweater or light jacket is advised. Considered or thought out; resulting from deliberation. : The patient would be advised not to use the drug unless no suitable alternative treatment option is available. The pangs began again and Mary Bogdanovna advised Prince Andrew to leave the room. In 1788 the notables had met, and advised the assembling of the states-general. Performance & security by Cloudflare. : 14. advised in a sentence - Use "advised" in a sentence 1. This was allowed, but, as Kruger advised a continuance of the struggle, the slow course of the war continued. In temporal matters the sultan is a constitutional monarch, advised by a cabinet formed of executive ministers who are the heads of the various departments of state, and who are responsible to the elected Turkish parliament. Depending on what purpose your computer will serve, you may be better advised to purchase one or the other (both of which are available in laptop and desktop forms). That being said, be advised that not all hybrid buyers qualify for a tax incentive. Now, let’s go over the specific ways each of these words are used. Business owners are especially advised to look into prenuptial agreements. He has been advised to increase his fibre intake. The first and foremost thing that you need to do to control your diabetes is maintain a proper diet as advised by your doctor. The duke of Wellington was first sent for, but he advised that the task of forming an administration should be entrusted to Sir Robert Peel. advised to refer to their Browser instructions or help screen to learn more about these functions. For those of you looking to be hip and with it, while at the same time standing out a little from the rest of the crowd, you may be best advised to take a gander at these unique Motorola RAZR phones. They do not represent the opinions of Its germ is to be found in the temporary camp on Chobham Ridges, formed in 1853 by Lord Hardinge, the commander-in-chief, the success of which convinced him of the necessity of giving troops practical instruction in the field and affording the generals opportunities of manoeuvring large bodies of the three arms. You are advised to take care when approaching the roadworks and allow extra time for your journey. He advised Masupha not to deal with the Cape government until the hostile force was withdrawn, and resigned his appointment. George W . He also advised the use of Federal troops to quell the disturbances in the city, on the ground that the government must prevent interference with its mails and with the general railway transportation between the states. He was a Liberal Democrat, and advised the calling of a constitutional convention as preferable to nullification or secession. Some recommended marriage, others enlistment as a soldier in the civil wars; one "ancient priest" bade him take tobacco and sing psalms; another of the same fraternity, "in high account," advised physic and blood-letting. Although he had in 1687 openly embraced the Roman Catholic faith, he hesitated to commit himself entirely to the acts of the fierce devotees who surrounded the king, whom he advised to reverse the arbitrary acts of the last year or two, and in October 1688 he was dismissed by James with the remark "I hope you will be more faithful to your next master than you have been to me.". I couldn't think of a logical way to advise Detective Jackson. With respect to the calculating rods, he mentions in the dedication that they had already found so much favour as to be almost in common use, and even to have been carried to foreign countries; and that he has been advised to publish his little work relating to their mechanism and use, lest they should be put forth in some one else's name. You may also be advised against certain herbs because of an existing medical condition. advised Catherine to come to terms with the confederates. 52. Chlorine Dioxide In 1990 the COM advised that both chlorine dioxide and its breakdown products should be regarded as potential mutagens. Captain Beary, the convoys commodore, was advised by the Admiralty, as to the safe courses throughout the entire voyage. Students are advised to attend training sessions which run at the start of each autumn semester. He advised that the truce with Sweden should be prolonged and Charles II. The eminent theologian, Jean Daille, being then removed to Paris, advised the church at Saumur to secure Amyraut as his successor, praising him "as above himself.". The doctor advised him to apply direct to Kutuzov. We Are Advised The Current Net Turnover For 2005 Was In Order Of £ 85,000. The most common cause is that your DNS settings are incorrect.

It is advised to take care of your behaviour. Other insurance You are strongly advised to ensure valuable belongings against theft, loss or damage. He'll advise you and help you in ways I can't. draughtsasn't too impressed but his mom advised him to become world champion drafts player first.

While the school of Shammai advised only Ps. Violent accusations were brought forward, particularly against Martinic and Slavata, the king's most trusted councillors, who were accused of having advised him to oppose the wishes of the Bohemians. veterinary medicine in the US are advised to contact the state in which they plan to work for further information. We Are advised The Current Net turnover For 2005 Was In Order Of £ 85,000. With one in three marriages ending in divorce however, those with considerable assets would be well advised to give the prenup at least some consideration. It contains also the highest judicial, financial, military and administrative official authorities of Austria, and is the see of a Roman Catholic archbishop.

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