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aguilar tone hammer 500 talkbass

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Naturally, the back panel offers the full suite of switching to control the DI out.

Class A amps are sometimes sought after for their immediacy of response and transient performance. Das Pedal ist gleichwertig, allerdings mit extra Endstufe nicht so mobil, da ist mir der kleine Komplettamp lieber, den packe ich ins Gigbag und fertig. Find more Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 information and reviews here. You might be able to find one of these used on Reverb to save some money.

Aguilar sent along three SL 115s, the TH 700, and a SL 410x, so I was able to put together various configurations.

There’s also a tuner out and an effects loop. You can get by with fewer watts if you're using a DI as well, where you can send your signal to the front of the house and get a huge power boost. It’s also super short at less than two inches. All the standard bells and whistles are here, including a couple of added details that help it stand out. I do not have a TH500, but I do have a tone hammer pedal and I push a big power amp with it.

Bassix ß26.428 29.

Can’t say enough about this one, it really stands above the rest in this amp category. Es liegen noch keine Bewertungen für diesen Artikel vor.

20 Cent aus dem dt.

Schreib doch die erste Bewertung! fast 1mm Blech umhüllt den Preamp. S. 92, mit detaillierten Messungen). The carrying handle is a nice touch for ease of use. Controls on this include Clean channel volume, Drive channel Gain and Volume, four-band active EQ, Master volume, -8.5dB Pad switch and a Mute switch. Find more Genzler Magellan 800 information and reviews here.

Partly that’s down to the exceptional quality of their gear, while the other part is evident in this very unit.

The equation is a little different when looking at rigs for bass, however.

Born from the BG250 we included on our best bass combo amps post, this 800-watt head brings all of TC’s technological advances into the compact bass head game. This new series is fantastic and can deliver everything you ever need in a pro package at one of the lowest price points in this amp category. These are super loud, but tend toward the muddy side, so those extra EQ shaping options will come in handy. Erstellt am 29. When it comes to earth-shaking low-end power, though, that's not really my arena. Rounded out with an aux in and headphone jack for practice and you’re ready to roll. Aguilar Tonehammer 500: (Mon-Fr. At time of this writing, there were a few of these used on Reverb for a decent chunk off the new price. (That Fender Bassman 610 Neo cab is very appealing, but out of my range.). Mit 500 Watt an 4 Ohm und einer eingebauten DI-Box ist man für alle Anwendungen zwischen Proberaum, Studio und Bühne bestens gewappnet. Supporting Members list unlimited gear with no listing fees in the Classifieds, get instant Keyword Alerts, and get Free Shipping at the TalkBass Store. Controls include a Master knob, three-band EQ with mid Shape knob, Gain, and Compressor level to dial in the 10:1 on-board compression. : 10:00-18:00 Uhr), Leistung: 500 Watt an 4 Ohm, 250 Watt an 8 Ohm, Klangregelung: 3-Band EQ, Mitten Frequenz-Regler, Drive-Regler (AGS), Ausgänge: 2 x Neutrik Speakon, DI mit Pre / Post Schalter und Ground Lift, Tuner Out. There’s also a footswitch in to control the channel, an effects loop, tuner out, aux in, headphone jack, and, of course the speaker outs. A rating of 600 watts at 4 ohms seems to be a nice match for the Tone Hammer, and that cab gets great reviews as being "musical" and "articulate." The Voicing switch is vintage Mesa, ranging from Flat to mid-scooped with low and high end boost. Curve B is meant to emulate vintage-sounding amps. The control set offers quite a lot of flexibility. Immediately evident from the controls is the fact that you get two gain circuits on this amp, controllable with an external footswitch. The obvious controls of Gain, four-band EQ, and Master are all here. Rick’s notes: Great sound overall, fantastic reliability, and extremely user friendly controls. Partner. The Input volume is governed by the Mute and Active/Passive switch, while a Deep switch engages harmonics to enhance low-end response. I was looking at that head briefly, and would have paired it with the Ampeg SVT 212av. Kontakt. See The Bass Channel demo for an overview of all it can do. By pushing the Master knob, you can engage a limiter for use in high volume situations.

Particularly compared to the Darkglass above, this is a fairly straightforward endeavor, closer to the Bergantino and with all the engineering focused on providing a wide-open palette for your bass. This is the second version, which upgrades what was formerly a four-band EQ with a six-band EQ with LED-lit sliders. Find more David Eden Terra Nova TN501 information and reviews here. AGUILAR Tone Hammer 500.

As with the TC above, you can get this in a 350 version for under $500.

MB's more snappy? Super reliable platform with easy to use controls. Rick’s notes: Hartke has long been known to deliver booming lows and crisp bright mids and highs. These are easy to find used on Reverb and some of the selling prices are comparatively dirt cheap. Perhaps looking a bit more early Aughts than the other options on this list, this GK option nevertheless brings that certain sound to the Class D, compact head market. ... und diesen Amp (immerhin 350 Watt an 4 Ohm) würde ich auch verkaufen, falls Du interessiert bist ... Ich mache genau das, und zwar aus dem selben Grund! True, some people go with a DI box only these days, but in order to move some air on stage, a full rig is the way to go. Festnetz. The rest of the controls modify the Microtubes Engine, which Darkglass calls an ‘extra channel.’ Effectively, this channel allows you to dial in a usable combination of compression, drive, and EQ that pushes you out ahead of a mix.

Aguilar Tone Hammer 500 Price: $749.00 Amazon Customer Reviews ... As with the TC above, you can get this in a 350 version for under $500. Also, there’s an input each for Passive and Active pickups. Rick’s notes: Perfectly serviceable amp that will work best for beginners, yet with plenty of pro-level function and power.

JavaScript ist deaktiviert. Modern design approaches mean that the tonal quality — not to mention size and price — is improving, as well.

Clean, bright mids. This can also be had in a cheaper 350 watt version. When it comes to modern bass amp design, Class D has become the go-to answer. ? The TonePrint slots allow you to load up octave, compression, drive, chorus, flange, and vibrato effects. I really dig the tone of the TH pre as I can get it to go from warm to grindy with a change of my attack.

The last of these is a proprietary Aguilar design called “Adaptive Gain Shaping”. They make reliable, straight-forward units that travel well and play nicely in a variety of settings. Very bright sounding amp overall, easy to dial in your sound on this one. A switch on the front of the amp enables it, but really, you’ll want the switch. In den Filialen verfügbar? I'm not saying there hasn't been comparisons in there: it's just too much for me to sift through.

I would go with as much cab as you can afford. Rick’s notes: That deep Eden tone is famous and this amp does not disappoint. Service-Paket Ratgeber Zahlungsarten Versand Widerruf Retouren Reparaturen Unternehmen. Check out The Bass Channel demo for sound samples. While some focus purely on clean power, this gives you the ability to dial in sounds as you need them.

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