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artist representation agency

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Please send us an email at or visit our dedicated page for artist promotion and gallery representation services: We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Our latest site is for apprenticeships. A nice, long conversation about your expectations and values is sure to make clear whether you can have a working relationship with this person or not. Usually, I never comment on blogs but your article is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it. document.getElementById('spnThisYear').innerHTML = (new Date()).getFullYear(); Like this article? Hi, I am a “want-to-be” artist living in London. Ok, before you go, just tell us one thing….what did we do wrong? However could you elaborate on email pitching your work to agencies?

Make sure that your potential agent’s policies are something you can live with for the term of their employment.

I am looking for a representation and/or gallery in the U.S. We need consultation with an art agent to help with a collection of a variety of wood sculptures.

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I have currently been building a large inventory and I’m now ready to showcase. These guys are the eyes and ears to the various performance industries and are tasked with making sure the best talent is on their client list. They also look for artists by searching the internet – so be sure that your website is attractive, up to date, and is strong in SEO. Room 501, Building #1, Italian descendant.

We don’t send emails. Thank you for contacting us! Yes, Agora Gallery represents artists from all over the world. I am not an Artist but I am promoting a Logo with inspirational story behind it and inspirational messages that was painted by an illustrator. Still, you can’t just have a nice website and expect the agent to do all the work.

These guys act as the eyes and ears for performers and use their knowledge and contact base to promote them to different record labels, production companies, theatres or wherever else they may perform. They do not offer any services, and may often hide your art away in some corner, essentially stealing your money. 19th Floor

It really helped.

Find out whether you need one and how to select the right agent for you.

Unlike Agora Gallery, these are galleries that simply charge for the opportunity to hang your artwork on their walls. Artist representation and management is full of confident people that have a mastery of communication in all forms. Good luck on your journey! Start local, looking for artist agents in your area.

You can ask the agent what other artists they represent and seek out their advice., It’s incredible website, did me braver, and I decided to show you Mery Shervashidzes’ 2 paintings. », Between his Greenwich Village apartment and his XVIIIth century hotel particulier in Arles, François Halard circles the world to portray the houses, gardens and ateliers of singular personalities. Be sure to do your research, inquire about sales, look at the other artists they represent, and, when possible, visit them in person to make sure they are legitimate. I’ve not seen anything like mine out there so I’m wanting to get my art in a bigger market. They will contact you shortly. I have to say my technic is so much unique an different form the normal way that the original ways that it was done My website Marquetry Creation pictures really don’t do my work justice. 751 South Huangpi Road, », On Future Beauties: Nick Knight and Gareth Pugh In Conversation, In a conversation published in AnOther Magazine Autumn/Winter 2020, the two unpack their own definitions of beauty and their respective reactions to this tumultuous cultural moment. So you’re interested in finding an agent to represent your art.

If your agent has questions, answer them clearly, so they can become a you-expert and sell your art. It’s very useful to some of us as artists.

You’ll want to be sure that they have experience selling the type of art that you create and, just as important, they sell it consistently. This is just the beginning. You can research ‘representational galleries’ – just be sure to keep an eye out for vanity galleries. The business side of the art world can be an intimidating place, even for experienced and marketing savvy artists, so more often than not, artists everywhere are wishing for someone that’d handle the branding, promotion, and sale of their art for them.

Great article, thank you.

Kelly Penford and Meghan Fitzgerald-Brown founded ART as an artist representation agency in 2017 with offices in New York and London.The agency manages exceptional artists, working collaboratively with them through support and guidance.We provide our clients a seamless service using innovation and transparency in our work together.Our goal is to support the image making community; those who … Dear Clavelle, we list several ways of finding a reputable agent in the article, in the “How to Find an Artist Agent” section. Reputation will go a long way!

if not, how would the “representation” work regarding tax ?

Artist agents do not require any license to represent artists. Hi, great article! In my opinion, I think it is a good idea.

Not only should you be looking into the success rate of the agent, you also want to see what type of art they typically deal in. Hello, I’m trying to find an agent to do an adult coloring book. I guess you could say I wish i had more time in my day to paint. At our core, we establish goals and a plan with our artists to grow their revenue model in 5 target areas: music sales and digital content, live shows, merchandise/branding, sponsorships, and music licensing. My 12 year old daughter is exceptionally talented with her artwork and we are interested in finding ways to get her art more widely seen.

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