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assassin's creed odyssey best weapons

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What really stands out is the legendary engraving that has a slight chance to deal a flat 25% of your assassin damage when landing a melee strike.

Play These Popular Google Doodle Games Instead. If you can name something more satisfying than bashing heads with something like this, go ahead and let us know. The Staff of Hermes is technically a Piece of Eden, one that apparently grants immortality to its wielder; though you'd never guess it did with such poor engravings. It may have helped old Herakles with his labors, but it's doubtful that you'll be using it for much. Something as puny as swords, daggers, or arrows just won't cut it, which is why Assassin's Creed: Odyssey gives players the option to use heavy weapons.

So maybe we weren't too impressed with the legendary warrior's spear, but man, did his bow hit the mark.

Next, Hades’s Bow is my pick for arguably the best ranged option on this list. This one's another odd mismatch that seems destined to simply have the unique engraving used while the weapon itself sits alone and unloved in the corner. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Otherwise, there's not much to be had outside of the 20% bonus to Spread Shot. He has a workshop in Elis, or Olympia, specifically, and a few jobs that he'd like you do. Fun content on everything pop culture. Griffin's Scythe, to me, is an incredibly unfocused weapon. It's a shame it's so lackluster mechanically. This weapon deals 40% more damage when you smack someone from behind, which, in a game about assassins, seems like something that should be happening often. But the mace itself is, well, a swing and a miss for poor Herakles.

You can get this by completing the side quest called Stairway To Olympos. Get the right perks and get better at evade against faster enemies, and this one can quickly finish most types of enemies. This being the weapon you receive for completing the main story quests, you'd think it would be one of extraordinary power and epic proportions. This was a weapon made for me. All players have to do to get this hammer is defeat The Immortals. You can find this weapon on Naxos Island apparently, though it is a chest weapon, which are known to move around. Here's a great weapon for the sneaky lads who just want to stab and be done with it. Its regular engravings lean into the assassin play style nicely, packing in a healthy boost (up to 25%) for Assassin damage and increasing adrenaline gain from critical hits. Next on our list of “legendary weapons Greek heroes apparently dropped somewhere,” we have the Harpe of Perseus. RELATED: Assassin's Creed Odyssey: A Complete Guide To The Heroes Of The Cult. It effectively turns you into a glass cannon, but good luck finding an enemy that can withstand a Hero Strike while wielding it. How To Get: Defeat Nyx the Shadow during the Ashes to Ashes quest. What makes it unique is that it has a built-in downside (less Ranged Resistance) that, unfortunately, makes it less than ideal. As with most of the disappointing entries, there's a redeeming quality in using the unique engraving on a more fitting weapon. On top of some new mechanics and skills, the game added a plethora of weapons for the protagonist, the misthios, to acquire and wield. This legendary bow is a great option for long-distance kills. Here we have another powerful spear option for any style of gameplay. But otherwise, it really isn't much to talk about. In addition to Assassin and Heavy Bladed Weapon damage bonuses, this weapon deals 25% more damage against elites and boss enemies.

NEXT: Assassin's Creed Odyssey: How To Enter The Cave Of The Forgotten Isle (In 10 Easy Steps). There are few things as satisfying as smacking your foes about with a gigantic hammer, as gaming, in general, has taught us time after time. That means there's no more need for the fire ability with this Mallet equipped. Typhon’s Mace is a legendary Heavy Blunt, and deals an impressive amount of damage for the late game. That's because it's always about the damage.

That might not seem like a common occurrence, but you'll notice while playing that after a while, you end up facing down elite mercenaries constantly. There, that should clear things up. It's a big, heavy axe for hunters, and it boosts the Rain of Destruction hunter ability with the unique engraving. Frankly, there are a lot of legendary spears in this game. It does give a boost to the overall kit when combined with Herakles' Mace, but that’s still not enough to warrant keeping it around. The Elysian Axe has some perks that would do much better on a bow, such as boosting the Rain of Destruction ability. You could engrave something useful in its empty slot, though you could also work at finding something better.

This staff completely removes your ability to crit enemies, but in exchange, it turns your crit chance into additional damage permanently.

There are swords, spears, daggers, bows, staffs, and heavy weapons, and among all of these different types, there are the best of the best that truly out-do the rest. The Dionysos' Tears dagger is a part of the Dionysos Pack DLC, however it's also available as a piecemeal purchase from the Helix store. The unique traits that these offer for each legendary weapon and the way that they complement the player's build will generally determine which they should be hunting down. Typhon’s Mace is a legendary Heavy Blunt, and deals an impressive amount of damage for the late game. And its other engraving increases the damage you’ll deal with the Multi-Shot ability. To lay claim to this beefy hammer you'll need to pay a visit to the Temple of Agamemnon, located in Argolis. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey makes more swords available to the players with different grades of weapons. In addition to all the other improvements, one area Odyssey significantly improves on is the combat; it’s fluid, considerably-varied and challenging. Deciding on the best bow in the game is largely going to be a subjective consideration, as it generally depends on whether or not your character is actually focused on using them. Assassin's Creed Odyssey has a number of fun to use and powerful weapons.

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