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barr hill gin review

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© 2014 - 2020 VinePair Inc. — Made In NYC, Next Round Live: What's Happening in the Drinks Industry Now, Next Round: Paul Feig on Why He’s Not Just Another Hollywood Celebrity Making Gin, 12 of the Best Celebrity Spirits, Tasted and Ranked (2020). That’s it. Required fields are marked *. I will definitely be picking up a couple of bottles when I next visit him in Hartford.

Rather, it has a floral, almost malty honey-flavor, more akin to biting into a raw honeycomb than anything that comes out of a bear-shaped squeeze bottle. If you're looking for a gin that's dominated by those notes, this is the bottle for you.

Such an unusually rich texture, I used about a 3:1 ratio and found the honey flavors mixed really nicely with the vermouth.

Barr Hill Vodka is distilled from fermented honey.

Barr Hill’s one of the most memorable and unique spirits we’ve encountered. The results are distinctive and unparalleled. First, it’s crafted in Vermont, which is uncommon among gins. Barr Hill is a satisfying and surprisingly versatile gin. It’, Parker’s Heritage Collection Edition Tracker, High West’s A Midwinters Night Dram Release Timeline, 2020: t8ke x Seelbach’s Single Barrel Bourbon and Rye, 2019 r/Scotch Single Cask Announcement and Interest Check, r/Scotch 2019 Single Cask Selection #1 : Update #1, r/Scotch 2019 Single Cask Selection Update #1 : Update #2, r/Scotch 2019 Single Cask Selection #1 : Update #3, 2019: r/Bourbon New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon : Update #1, 2019: r/Bourbon New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon : Update #2, 2019: r/Bourbon New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon : Update #3, 2019: r/Bourbon New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon : Update #4, 2019: r/Bourbon New Riff Single Barrel Bourbon : Update #5, 2019: Aficionados x Fine Drams DOK Overproof Rum, 2019: Aficionados x Fine Drams Jean-Luc Pasquet Single Cask Cognacs, 2019: Lous Pibous 24yr L’Encantada 1995 “Hail Yak II” Cask #135, 2019: Domaine del Cassou 20yr L’Encantada 1998 “Hail Yak” Cask #44, Review #1763 – Maguey Melate Marta and Isaac García Tepextate, Review #1762 – The Six Isles Blended Scotch Whiskey, Aficionados x 5 Sentidos Ensamble Agave [SOLD OUT], – t8ke x Seelbach’s Barrel Proof Single Barrel Bourbon [SOLD OUT], – t8ke x Seelbach’s Barrel Proof Single Barrel Rye [SOLD OUT], – r/Bourbon New Riff “Diamond in the Riff” Single Barrel Bourbon Selection [SOLD OUT], – Aficionados x Fine Drams Jean-Luc Pasquet Lot 1973, – Aficionados x Fine Drams Jean-Luc Pasquet Lot 1992, – Aficionados x Fine Drams DOK Overproof Rum [SOLD OUT]. However, it doesn’t demand to be exclusively used as if an Old Tom Gin.

Its mouthfeel is not unlike a crème liqueur, which makes good sense considering the raw honey.

Barr Hill is a satisfying and surprisingly versatile gin. Pour a small amount of dry vermouth over ice in a mixer.

Reveal: Caledonia Spirits Barr Hill Gin. That may sound a little simplistic for gin, which typically comprises at least 8 ingredients, and Barr Hill Gin doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel. Early, pine and grass notes at the tip of the tongue. Ginvitational 2020, Craft Whiskey Crackdown 2020 coming soon Took an epicurean “double take” each time I sipped it as the honey and lavender were too much of a stretch for someone that appreciated a more traditional G & T. They should be required to label this product “Old Tom Gin.” Sipping it is interesting because the initial bite gives way to a rainbow of aftertastes and the finish is long, but I didn’t care for the added flavors in my Gin and Tonic or a martini. Old Toms were characterized generally by some sort of sweetening process, whether botanically or most frequently— through the addition of actual sugar or other sweetening agents into the final product. Nice white pepper character. Excited to find it for sale here in the U.K. Will have to give Santa a new list. The finish is big and piney, lacking the citrus and earth notes that the great gins typically offer — but some drinkers may find that advantageous. That factor may disappoint anyone in search of a drier, spicier gin, but again that’s not the intent of this spirit. The insider’s guide to good drinking.

It’s extremely pungent and can be smelled from a mile away once the plastic wrap is taken off.

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Whiskey, Gin, Brandy, Agave, Rum and more, by t8ke. The honey was a welcome addition to a Gin and Soda, but the sweetness, especially when paired with a tonic, is just a tad too sweet. But drink it straight to enjoy the distinctions.

Received this wonderful gin as a present from the States.

Honey dominates flavor-wise, but that’s not to imply that it’s sweet. There’s a touch of real wildflower honey flavor with green leafiness on the mid-palate. Frankly, I couldn’t quite wrap my taste buds around this Gin after a few tries.

Made an absolutely lovely martini. Barr Hill’s juniper burns out very very slowly.

First, it’s crafted in Vermont, which is uncommon among gins.

Barr Hill gin + fresh lime juice + Scrappy’s grapefruit bitters + splash of simple syrup = the best gimlet I’ve ever concocted. Like Barr Hill’s other spirits, a touch of local honey is used in the mix to give the gin a unique character. The honey flavor really comes through.

Look for  less sweet option like Q Tonic if this is your go-to drink. 8 | Excellent | Really quite exceptional. It holds on to the warmth and recedes after an exceptionally long time, even over a minute. Almonds, citrus and juniper.

Not at all hot despite weighing in at 90 proof.

It’s also quite rewarding in a Gin & Tonic, which I made with a lemon slice per brand advice. is absolutely delightful.

I’m glad others enjoyed it, though. Pine notes leap from the liquid when poured. On the palate you will immediately notice the viscosity of the spirit. Barr Hill Gin’s sweetness demands attention behind the bar. 21st April 2020. The GlenDronach Kingsman Edition 1989 Vintage Scotch Whisky Review, WhistlePig The Boss Hog VII: Magellan’s Atlantic Review, 16 Fall Cocktail Recipes to Drink This Season, How Plymouth Gin Master Distiller Sean Harrison Restored the Iconic Brand, Jim Meehan on Cocktail Books, Punch, and Knowing Your History, Dante’s Naren Young on Good Martinis, Bad Martinis, and “Owning” the Negroni, Drinking in Rome: the Jerry Thomas Project and Beyond, The Best Rums Under $30 for the Aspiring Rum Enthusiast, Navy Rum and the Black Tot, 50 Years Later, Angostura Rums Are Nothing to Be Bitter About, How Barrel Aging Affects Whiskey and Other Spirits, How to Stay Healthy When You Drink for a Living, 20 Halloween Cocktails That Are Scary Delicious, Tales of the Cocktail 2020 Kicks Off September 21, 13 Negroni Variations to Make for Negroni Week, Thirst Boston Returns Virtually—and for Free—on September 14, 10 Whiskeys We’re Excited to Try at WhiskyFest New York 2019, Tales of the Cocktail 2019: Just the Highlights, Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut 2020 Gin Review. Reviews, recipes, and industry insight for educated imbibing. 14.4% abv. Their Barr Hill Gin uses raw honey after distillation to a base spirit of corn, distilled with juniper. Three simple ingredients. Learn how your comment data is processed. BEE..utiful.

Barr Hill Gin is a unique endeavour in that just two botanicals are used: juniper and honey. The juniper-forward botanicals are brought to a perfect balance by the floral depth of the raw honey. Three simple ingr… He has written about drinks, food and travel for publications including Vice,, UrbanDaddy, InsideHook, and The Food Lens. The finish is quite long, very warm with a pleasant richness still left on the tongue. As the gin is made with raw honey, it falls under the “cordial” umbrella, and happens to make a damn good Negroni.

Barr Hill Gin starts from a fairly neutral grain spirit. Heavy doses of juniper immediately evident. New Caledonia Spirits in Hardwick, Vermont produces two spirits, both with honey as the centerpiece. Get your regular sip of the best from Bevvy.

The flavor profile warrants a look in traditional gin cocktails as well. Taste: Sweet, really sweet. How do we extract such complexity from simple raw materials? As flowers are seasonal, we’d expect the honey’s character to vary. We tasted both those spirits, plus an elderberry cordial from the company. I don’t think sweet has a place in gin, Maybe it would be better in a cocktail. By the by: Mind the beeswax seal on the vodka and gin (they use this stuff in everything!). The Schtick: “Barr Hill Gin is our ode to the hardworking bees of the Northeast. Finish: Short, but sweet.

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