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Winking cutely, she tells him to pick up his phone when she calls and then walks away. Park Ji Hoon Almost Let Go Of Lee Ruby In “Love Revolution” Episode 5, Kim Hyang Gi & Choi Daniel To Lead New jTBC Drama About Hair Designers, 5 K-Dramas To Stream On Netflix In October 2020, Copyright © All rights reserved @kdramadiary, Park Ji Hoon Confesses His Emotions By Serenading Lee Ruby In “Love Revolution” Episode 4, K-Drama First Look: “Train” Starring Yoon Shi Yoon & Kyung Soo Jin, Kim Hyun Joong Officially Triumphs 5-Year Court Battle With Ex-Girlfriend, Park Shin Hye Is Impressed On Ryu Jun Yeol’s Creative Talent, iQIYI’s Holiday Season Lineup Will Distract You From Spending Money With New Korean Dramas “Awaken”, “Hush”, “Live On”, “The Royal Secret Agent” & More “Royal Secret Agent” & More, Mark The Chinese Dramas & Shows On iQIYI To Brighten Up Your Holiday Season, Celebrate The Best Moments Of 2020 Korean Dramas With This Season’s Memorable Original Soundtracks, K-Drama Review: “Crash Landing On You” Heartens With Fond Memories & Heart-Fluttering Romance, Kim Dong Jun, Kim Jung Hyun, Kim Seon Ho & More Are Worth Every Bit Of Our Favorite Second Lead Syndrome From 2020 Korean Dramas, Ong Seong Wu & Shin Ye Eun Frolic In Romance As They Start Dating In "More Than Friends" Episode 12, K-Drama Mid-Series Recap: "The Good Detective" Shoots Up Thrilling Crime Story That Gets Better Each Chapter, Why Kim Seon Ho Is Every K-Drama Fan's Favorite Right Now, Shin Ye Eun & Ong Seong Wu End The Curse & One-Sided-Love In "More Than Friends" Episode 11, iQIYI's Holiday Season Lineup Will Distract You From Spending Money With New Korean Dramas "Awaken", "Hush", "Live On", "The Royal Secret Agent" & More "Royal Secret Agent" & More, K-Drama First Look: "Start-Up" Captures Messages On Chasing Dreams With Impressive Pitch Deck, Bae Suzy Proves Her Skill By Entering Sand Box + Confronts The Truth About Nam Joo Hyuk In "Start-Up" Episode 4, Shin Ye Eun Makes Firm Steps To Stop Her Love Fixation, But Ong Seong Wu Confesses He Hates Seeing Her With Kim Dong Jun In "More Than Friends" Episode 4, Celebrate The Best Moments Of 2020 Korean Dramas With This Season's Memorable Original Soundtracks. New “Love Revolution” episodes are released every Thursday and Sunday at 5 p.m. KST. The rest of the cast are rookie actors. Para pemain di drama ini sekarang sedang menjalani proses syuting. Younghoon THE BOYZ sebagai Lee Kyungwoo Lee Ruby sebagai Wang Jarim. Ia juga menjadi sosok yang paling diandalkan di antara teman-temannya karena sering membantu dalam keadaan sulit sekalipun. Giving up, the boys leave him be and Ju-young still asks if they are doing it because he is pathetic. Your love is rare and pure, keep it up. She talks to the girls who promise to help find the person who posted it. Born: October 30, 2000. Sutradara: Seo Joo Wan THE BOYZ's YoungHoon is the second lead actor. THE BOYZ's YoungHoon is the second lead actor. Avoiding an interaction, he rushes to leave the store, but was stopped by Ja-rim. Nonton Drama Korea 18 Again Subtitle Ind…, Nonton Tale of the Nine Tailed Subtitle …, Nonton Drama Korea Start-Up Subtitle Ind…, Nonton More Than Friends Subtitle Indone…, Nonton Drama Korea My Dangerous Wife Sub…, Nonton Homemade Love Story Subtitle Indo…, The Spies Who Loved Me Subtitle Indonesi…, New Journey to the West Season 8 Subtitl…, Nonton Drama Korea The Last Empress Subtitle Indonesia, The World of the Married Episode 9 Subtitle Indonesia, The World of the Married Episode 10 Subtitle Indonesia, Nonton The World of the Married Subtitle Indonesia, Nonton The King: Eternal Monarch Subtitle Indonesia. For some reason, Gong Ju Young isn’t wearing an animal headband like his peers. Sulking about the same thing he has been worried about all episode, Ja-rim shakes his senses up and assures him that she doesn’t feel that way. "Love Revolution" will be her first lead role. This episode is an adorable pun from Park Ji Hoon’s Produce 101 days. Nonton Streaming Drama Subtitle Indonesia Online. Hearing his tummy rambled, Ja-rim brings him to eat something. Before Ju-young could even ask his catch phrase this episode, Ja-rim proactively explains that she doesn’t pity him and just want to payback for buying her face wash last time. Based on the hit webtoon of the same name, “Love Revolution” is a web drama about teenagers navigating love, friendship, and the chaos of high school. She coaxes her not to leave him feeling blue, but Ja-rim just heaves a big sigh. The usually serious Wang Ja Rim and Lee Kyung Woo (The Boyz’s Younghoon) are each respectively wearing cat and bunny ears, looking cuter than ever. The show’s producers shared, “In episode 10, new love birds Gong Ju Young and Wang Ja Rim will be faced not only with heart-fluttering, romantic moments, but also comical incidents that will make viewers laugh. Coaxing him to eat, she promises that she really doesn’t feel bad for him. Fokus dalam drama ini berpusat pada pasangan Gong Ju Young dan Wang Ja Rim yang memiliki perbedaan karakter. Web Drama Love Revolution menceritakan kisah cinta pasangan Gong Juyoung dan Wang Jarim sambil menggambarkan secara realistis kehidupan remaja dengan cinta, persahabatan, belajar, dan mimpi mereka. The reason behind his strange attire will be revealed in the next episode of “Love Revolution.”, The producers of the drama shared, “The students of Isam Information High School will turn the school festival into a feast for the eyes with their exquisite visuals. Nonton Web Drama Love Revolution Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia. Ia merupakan teman sekelas Ju Young yang sangat bertolak belakangan dengannya. Penulis Skenario: Kwak Kyung Yoon, 232 Siapa nih yang gak sabar lihat kemampuan akting Ruby yang disandingkan dengan Jihoon? Based on the hit webtoon of the same name, “Love Revolution… She debuted in "Memorist" (2020). Drama ini berfokus pada cerita Gong Joo Young yang diperankan oleh Park Ji Hoon, yang digambarkan sebagai sosok yang manis dan memikat yang kemudian jatuh cinta pada pandangan pertama kepada sosok wanita angkuh dan populer bernama Wang Ja Rim yang diperankan oleh Lee Ruby. When she asked if he heard their conversation, he denies it. Wajahnya yang tampan ditambah dengan aegyo yang super menggemaskan menambah nilai plus. “Love Revolution” is a 2020 South Korean Viki Original drama series. Ju-young also apologizes if he made her feel uncomfortable during the event. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When Ja-rim reaches home she learned that her “restrained hug” with Ju-young is going viral. Wallowing at the thought of him being worthless, Ju-young takes any signs of kindness shown to him as an act of pity. But she shut him up by asking him to wipe his face because he looks dirty. Ja-rim affirms he’s lying, so he burst out to admit that he heard it. Pemeran utama: Striking a conversation with him, she tells how she saw him on YouTube. With that, he was asked to form a perfect parabola using his legs. When Kyung-woo arrives to tell that Ja-rim confronts the culprit who posted their video, he still answers how a pathetic guy like him can’t be of any help. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Park Ji Hoon and Lee Ruby are growing closer and closer in “Love Revolution”! Bumping on Ja-rim and the girls, Ju-young says a quick hi and goes to leave surprising Min-ji, who is used to him merrily greeting Ja-rim every time. New stills show Wang Ja Rim nudging Gong Ju Young on the shoulder and looking worried. Age: 20. However, Ju-young struggles to understand the change of Ja-rim’s cold treatment. Her not so sweet line was unfortunately heard by Ju-young while walking with his friends in the hallway. His reverie gets interrupted when the teacher called his attention and asked him to stand at the back of the room. She debuted in "Memorist" (2020). It’s the pair’s first trip after becoming a couple, so they appear at the train station in matching blue shirts and make their friends stare. Seorang siswa berusia 17 tahun bernama Gong Ju Young memiliki karakter setia, ceria, serta berkepribadian baik. YoungHoon and WJSN's DaYoung will make their acting debut. Itulah potret Lee Ruby, yang akan berperan sebagai Wang Ja Rim, sosok gadis yang di sukai Park Ji Hoon di Love Revolution. Ja-rim and friends confront the guy who uploaded the video. Thankfully, Ja-rim did not let his crazy thought escalate. UNTUK DOWNLOAD SILAHKAN KLIK TOMBOL DOWNLOAD YANG ADA DI BAGIAN BAWAH KANAN PLAYER. I also offer consultancy to better website content and online presence. Subtitle Indonesia sudah tersedia... Love Revolution Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia. Park Ji Hoon stars as Gong Ju Young, a cute and lovable student who is determined to win over the standoffish and popular Wang Ja Rim (played by Lee Ruby) after falling in love with her at first sight. Byung-hoon tries to snap him back to reality to no avail. Nonton Web Drama Love Revolution Episode 1 Subtitle Indonesia, download Web Drama Love Revolution Sub Indo di However, Ja-rim finds herself going to his place, just as Ju-young wakes up from his slumber. Please look forward to episode 16, where their special festival-only visuals will be shown.”. Jumlah Episode: 30 Episode Finding his sanity and the Ja-rim virus back, Ju-young makes his move and asks the rude student to take down the video. Komentardocument.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a81eb28c43a2040a0dd0089c00fef4f8" );document.getElementById("d6a61071d4").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Simpan nama, email, dan situs web saya pada peramban ini untuk komentar saya berikutnya.

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