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best country to live in the world

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Austria is a fantastic country with great nature and people. There are like "two Spains": the north and the south. First, it's not 'Holland' but the Netherlands. When I knew Japan I hated it very much as it fought with Singapore, a few hundred years ago, which, is my homeland and where I live in.

Switzerland is one of the safest countries in the world. Its citizens are also really kind and are willing to help others. Now people have started to extend their horizons a bit more and have discover our little gem at the bottom of the world. So I actually liked japan more from then on. Travelled all over Europe and Austria is the most beautiful country I've seen and experienced. Unless your grandfather didn't bought a 3 bedroom flat in the inner city of Stockholm, you will end up in the ugly and horrible suburban ghettos...Also consider the fact that everything is forbidden here (almost no freedom of choice) and a governmental believe that Sweden and Swedes are alone responsible for the environmental situation in the whole world and gladly tax you for that... As a native of France, I would like for you to know that living in France isn't the same as coming there for vacation. I am used to it because I live in Brazil, but in Canada, even big cities such as Vancouver have nothing of that.Economy and education are pretty good as well. If you leave for awhile and come back, the friendliness will shock you. Each country was also given an equally-weighted score across five attributes in order to produce the women-focused ranking: care about human rights, gender equality, income equality, progress, and safety.

The weather varies from good to bad, often one day you'll be sitting in the sun and the next watch the rain bucket down. Living in Portugal is really nice, peaceful, quiet, people there are kind, simple and open. I live in Brazil but travel abroad mostly to Europe and other South America countries.I can for sure say that our food is the best in the world, a mix of italian, german, portuguese, african, native americans foods that makes it simply perfect.We have great nature, rainforests, rivers, amazing beaches and a very nice climate. France is now our sweet home, for me as Computer scientist, I had no difficulty to find a job there in this branch. 50% are upper class. This is mostly true for Paris though, the rest of France is very different and it's very calm and peaceful there generally, Wonderful country, peaceful,.kind people, famous food, healthcare...So various landscapes, there are some villages which look to be villages of medieval tales.France is like a dream, we had the chance to go to Tahiti, Moorea, Bora-Bora and Marquesas Islands. Wrong, more people in Finland actually graduate from high school AND collage than in the U.S.A, and this is only part of it. Ciao. I'm happy to say I'm proud of England (they have some such lovely people).

Denmark is once against the best country for women to live in, swapping the top spot with Sweden in US News & World Report's latest annual rankings. I live in Ireland and can honestly say it is a very comfortable place to live in. Going elsewhere in the world, some people are put off by the friendly nature of Americans.

Best mix of famous people, rich people, millionaires, BILLIONAIRES, small businesses, large businesses, multinational businesses, cars, sports cars, art, history, culture, architecture, tech, people, industry, beaches, countryside (most beautiful countryside in the world by far), political scene, journalists (British papers like the Spectator etc are simply unmatched), sports (cricket, football, etc), proximity to interesting places in Europe, everything.AND England has a Monarch!

We don't have the biggest population and that is one of the factors of why it is so low on this list. I think they see it as either shocking or fake, and thus don't like it. Beautiful nature, friendly people, very rich and clean environment. I plan to go back and visit Japan before it is too late for me to travel, the number one country of Asia. Top 10 Ways the Internet Has Changed Our Lives, Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases. Beaches are the best as it has many surfing girls, relaxing people, nice sand and volleyball ladies. I hadn't thought Japan as a good country to live before I studied abroad and had a chance to see Japan from outside.

Iceland is such a beautiful country with very very kind people clean healthy no crime so it's the best country to live in I needs to be number 1 on the list. It is said that the Italians are arrogant, pretentious, that for example, they do not want to speak English because they only like French language and believe that's the best language in the world and that they are the best. You won't regret visiting Canada. And our government isn't led by just one or two, it's led by many different groups who then get along together to make all of the decision.So If u compare Sweden to America for example we are way better, America has one of the worst systems for helping people get an education it costs a lot of money but also its like 1% that actually gets to earn a LOT of money.And let's not forget that ALL of the education here in Sweden is 100% free, Sweden is a very good country for the fakt that sweden got hospitals that is free for the ones that need it.

In British Columbia, you got mountains, ocean and vast pine tree forests all together.

The best way to find out where to live in is to go to a country an experience it yourself, or ask the locals in the area. The secret is well and truly out about this far away yet highly developed, awesome nation and society in the South Pacific. I was there about 20 yrs ago and I still remember vividly how great the Japanese. You can make your own opinion by going there, but it will be worst, better choosing another place to go, there are so many. I don't know why but I just felt like this was where I should live forever walking trough the familiar streets of Helsinki. So please do root for SG! Why did over 100.000.000 people come to Austria. Climate diversity makes Australia become more unique where you can enjoy the tropical climate at the north of the country, desert at the west, and subtropical climate at the southeast of Australia.

Singapore deserves to beat all the other SEA countries when it comes to best countries to live in. but still in the Netherlands I got a special payment, because the cause are handicaps. These days lot's of things happen in France, such as riots, unemployment, political crisis, high levels of vandalism, peoples always complaining and weirdos in the street. Sweden is the best country to live. I'm still in school but when I visited I pretty much fell in love with London.

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