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best mofi albums

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Dragon) Great lyrics, awesome tunes — definitely a must have for any audiophile. Dragon) (5x12", Album, Ltd, Whi + CD, Album, Car + Box), (Box, Comp, Ltd + SACD, Hybrid, Album, RM, Aud + SA),,,, Suites From Star Wars And Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, RESPIGHTI: Fieste Romane / The Pines Of Rome, Dead Can Dance • Garden Of The Arcane Delights, Garden Of The Arcane Delights • The John Peel Sessions, Beethoven Appassionata And Funeral March Sonatas, We Love You Like A Rock / Every Day And Every Hour, The Pilgrim Jubilee Singers Of Chicago Illinois*, The Amos Garrett, Doug Sahm, Gene Taylor Band, Waiting For The Electrician Or Someone Like Him, Bones In The Valley / Can I Get A Witness, Recycling The Blues & Other Related Stuff, Touch Of The Blues And Spotlighting The Man,

28) The Monty Alexander Trio: Montreux Alex. In the case of Joe Jackson's Summer in the City, it was a 20-bit digital recording, and and our new master was made at 20-bits from the original DATs. the taxes and the shipping costs. I do have a question re. Looking forward to what you come up with. Just no recent reissues or …? 61) Buddy Holly: Buddy Holly (Analogue Productions) Gee... Could that be part of why the record biz ain't what it once was? Just text or use social media to communicate, perhaps. Short concise article about audiophile recordings: Just listened to my first ' so called ' Audiophile, quality garanteed pressing from 'Mofi'. Does anyone know how "limited" the numbered editions are?

80) Gillian Welch: Soul Journey (Acony) A Week In The Past---David Jones In New Orleans 1961, Diving Into the Quality, Reasoning, & Ethics Behind Modern Vinyl Bootlegs, AnalogPlanet Visits Turntable Manufacturer Acoustic Signature. 30) Chet Baker and his quintet with B. Jaspar (Sam) ) Boys: Surfer Girl (stereo) (Analogue Pro.)

78) The Moths of Invent: Burnt Weenie Sand.

From a modest collector with limited funds, it would be appreciated! Schiit Audio Announces SOL Turntable Pulley Update, Blue Note Announces Classic Vinyl Reissue Series, The Schiit SOL Turntable (Updated 10/26/2020), Audio-Technica Debuts AT-PEQ30 "High-Performance" MM/MC Phono Stage, 7” Review Explosion: Blur, Spiritualized, and Billie Eilish (+ An Art Book Flexi), Revox Re-Enters the Turntable Market With T700, iFi's iPhono 3 MM/MC Phono Preamplifier Takes A Giant Sonic Leap Forward. Orch: Big B. If you want to compare Tommy on vinyl to a digital release, try using one of the CDs released in the 1980s. I'm a little younger than Michael (I was in High School when he was in College), which might explain why I find his list of 100 too heavy on Jazz for my taste. This album features on several audiophile lists. Only have one from them so far, Miles Davis Kind of Blue, and I love everything about it. (Pure Pleasure) I don'use a sub. What's the big deal? I'm very close to pulling the trigger. My wife is a regular attendee at open mike nights and events of that sort. I did want to make one comment- the ONLY time IR masters from a digital source is when that is the master format. It shows. My favorite song on the album is Stimela (Coal train) — turn up the sound and you’ll feel like you are right there in the crowd. So we all lost a couple generations of music? Even in my hometown last fall at a polka festival held in a rather modest tent, the sound was collected by a soundboard, mixed to mono, dynamically compressed, and then sent to four speakers. Will definitely have to get a few more from them. The remaster wasn’t that great…, Year: 2003| Dynamic Range: 12 | Source: SACD| Engineers: Various| Mastering: Bob Clearmountain| More info: Wiki, Don’t laugh at me for adding this album to the list.

Bongos for Mike (since kudos are already taken by another familiar face:). You could probably pick up a copy for cheap in a used CD store.

At one point, in the right channel, someone knocks over a microphone stand. They don't cut corners on presentation, and it's half the charm.

The packaging is great, and their sleeves are really the best I've encountered so far. ) 65) Van Morrison: Astral Weeks (WB) 69) Neil Young: After the Goldrush (WB) 10) Sonny Rollins “The Bridge” (ORG Music) ) Introduction to CD bonus track Willow Weeps For Me goes like: » Wes Montgomery .. .with one of the best rhytm sections of today, Wynton Kelly Trio«. 75) Joni Mitchell: Court and Spark (WB) ALSDORF is/was a German pressing plant. None sounded like the vinyl playback. 55) The B. I have found that everything mastered by Kevin Gray at Coherent is exceptional, particularly the Analogue Productions Prestige reissues.

What about the Hoffman/Gray remasters of these? &Thorn&Tree (Ramseur) Miles Davis - In A Silent Way, Kind of Blue, and Sketches of Spain. (Zappa) Also, Nirvana's Nevermind on the Pallas pressing is also a BG cut. Here's 100 recommended all-analog LP reissues worth owning. But just one Dylan? Beck - Sea Change is pretty nice too. Year: 1988| Dynamic Range: 14 | Source: Any format| Engineers: Kevin Smith| Mastering: Kevin Smith | More info: Wiki. Great album by the Dire Straits front man. MOFI has several of my favorite albums on CD that I'm considering. 1993 Cassandra Wilson ‎– Blue Light 'Til Dawn 21) LeGrand Jazz (w. M. Davis) (IMPEX) ) I can't believe that as good as Mikey's set-up is, it can perform magic and put information, especially the right information, back into playback. 31) The New Standard: Saft, Swallow,Previte (R.Noise) ) A must for anyone serious about high quality sound regardless of which genre of music you like. The Judee Sill records are a steal at 50% off. You don’t get a pass kid because you’re only 13 - when you post those kind of humiliating comments at the expense of others on a website read by thousands across the (Analog ) Planet . I've ordered 3 of the MOFI Bob Dylans, before they run out and go to crazy prices.

90) Ry Cooder/V.M. Mighty hip dad, but he wouldn't smoke Jazz cigarettes with us ;-). She says that almost every venue is exactly as you describe now. What about all the MFSL issues? Bob Dylan - Freewheelin' and Blonde on Blonde are the best sounding to my ears from the new series.

I cherish my copies by the way., One of the best sounding records I own. 81) Gillian Welch: The Harrow & The Harvest (Acony) I do love Ellington and Basie, though, and Mose Allison too. Thanks for this list, Michael. I would love for them to do Rocka Rolla and Sad Wings of Destiny. Even in the smallest venues now bands process all the sound through a soundboard, which adds dynamic compression, and then sends the same mono channel to all speakers in the venue. Built with Volusion. Okay, I got wrong the The Who's "Tommy"'s original issue date (I said November '68, was May '69) otherwise all of the information … Shane's got some amazing records on Michael's list. Good Stuff and Thanks! thanks. 37) Ella Fitzgerald. But as far as best sounding, I've been really happy with the Elvis Costello remasters they've done, with the best being "Trust."

56) The B. rather than the Speakers Corner stereo version.

At least realistic in the context of a studio recording. Spanky DeBrest's bass solos on my copy are nearly inaudible in the right channel from which I can hear Monk's piano at normal volume. 52) Jefferson Airplane: Surrealistic Pillow (mono): Mo-Fi) If you've heard them and the other releases of these albums, is the MOFI version worth the cost over any other easily obtainable release?

When the song ended, John Atkinson, who'd heard this track many times but had never before heard the noise, asked about it. 8) Larry Young: Unity (Music Matters) ) Pure Pleasure Records Haven't watched the video yet. And it is important to the music. 48) Judee Sill: Judee Sill (Intervention)

The reason I am commenting here is not (just) to pull anyone's chain. Miles Davis - In A Silent Way, Kind of Blue, and Sketches of Spain.

Maybe around $10.00.

I would normally prefer these albums in mono, but the instrument separation and presence on the mofi's is hard to match. Analogplanet's Best Reissues of the Decade! 63) Jimi H.: Live at the Miami Pop Festival (Exp. Before the mid-1990s, CDs were mastered with as much dynamic range as possible to show off the new technology. 27) Paul Desmond: Desmond Blue (Analog Spark) ) 23) The Individualism of Gil Evans (Speakers Corner) ) Bob Dylan - Freewheelin' and Blonde on Blonde are the best sounding to my ears from the new series. 66) Van Morrison: Moondance (WB) I have a bunch of their reissues, they all sound great! They both sound incredible and I know anything by Mobile Fidelity is going to be the highest quality. From time to time I come across recordings with remarkable, pleasant quality in the low frequencies. 25) Desmond/Mulligan: Two of a Mind (ORG) Can these recordings be bought on ye ol' continent also? Since all these were played back through the same electronics at the same measured level - at least as close as I could make it with the Faber Acoustic SoundMeter app in my iPad - I have to conclude that the mastering is different between the original vinyl and the more recent digital versions. Year: 1989| Dynamic Range: 13 | Source: MSFL vinyl or the 1989 original CD | Engineers: David Bascombe| Mastering: Bob Clearmountain and David Bascombe| More info: Wiki, I love Tears and fears and this is their best album IMHO, so many great songs in the album — I never get tired of it. Anyway, I really think that album is amazing, but I'm looking forward to getting a bunch of those. 91) Unpopular Music (Various Artists) (Gearbox) 88) Son House: Father of Folk Blues (Analogue Prod.) Ok I’ll stop - and perhaps you and your mentor Michael will reconsider posting such mean spirited cruel articles like “The worst music ever “ about artists and musicians who are bravely putting themselves out there and trying their hardest . Perhaps it's done that way so that you don't have to actually speak with your dinner partners. WAM Engineering's New, Improved WallySkater V2.1, Thorens TD 1601 Turntable—It Might As Well Be Sprung, New Limited Edition Technics SL-1210GAE Looks and Sounds Great, Cambridge Audio’s Alva—A Serious Plug’n’Play Direct Drive Turntable, WallyTools Are Back From The New WAM Engineering, High Performance, High Value Hana ML and MH Cartridges (Reversed Channels Fixed), Easy to Warm Up to ELAC Alchemy’s $1250 PPA-2 Phono Preamp, Parasound Z Phono XRM MM/MC Phono Preamp Offers A lot For $595, StylusTimer, The Handy "Cartridge Odometer" Now For Sale, Vinyl Review Explosion: Spiritualized, Bob Dylan, and Carly Rae Jepsen, Verve/UMe Readies Two Nina Simone Albums For Third Audiophile Vinyl Reissue Series Installment, Electric Recording Company To Reissue Cluytens Conducts, RSD Review Explosion, Part 1: John Lennon, Charli XCX, Billie Eilish, and Denzel Curry, Blue Note Revises “Tone Poet” Audiophile Vinyl Reissue Series Schedule. a Pure Pleasure reissue of a Candid label recording . the video? If you see TML on a record, it usually means it will sound as good as that record will ever sound. So I finally watched this -- the 2 hours flew by -- and clearly this is going to cause serious damage to my wallet, and saw that you are going to do a classical list. Is it worth the upgrade? This has to be one of the best live rock recordings ever.

For instance, UNITY from Music Matters is offered in both, but you don't mention which one you like better on that album. I should have just said what I meant. 1992 Janis Ian ‎– Breaking Silence Sings the C.Porter Songbk (Analog Spark) ) I was able to work things out with SoundWave - we're good now. Can easily subscribe to most of the titles in the first third of the list (Jazz). I'm not saying this record should be in the Top 100. 26) A. Blakey’s Jazz Messeng W. Monk (Analog Spark) But, trust me on this one — if you’ve liked JBJs music, you will like the mellowed down, acoustic versions of his biggest hits. no.

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