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bugs that look like cockroaches but aren't

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Therefore, in order to make sure your house is getting the treatment it needs, it is best to properly identify the critters that are inhabiting it. Real water bugs live near or in water where cockroaches prefer only damp areas. You have entered an incorrect email address! The longer you wait on a cockroach infestation the bigger it gets and the more difficult it becomes to eradicate.

There is nothing to compare between the two because they truly have stark differences. In addition, termites are darker, hardened creatures. Both sink drains and outdoor drainpipes can give them access to virtually any room or space–no key or invitation required. Not so cockroach impostors. They are both roughly the same size and colour, with very few differences. Crickets eat mainly plant matter and are not in your home because of leftover food. And the June bug isn’t even the only beetle species that looks like a cockroach. A water bug differs from a cockroach in a few important ways. This includes ground beetles, May beetles and wood-boring beetles. Keep that in mind whenever you are trying to figure out what insect is lurking about your house. You can always use roach traps as a precaution and when in doubt, call an expert.

How do you know then, if the bug you just saw scurrying across the bathroom floor is a cockroach or possibly some other uninvited guest in your home? Like roaches however, crickets jump when they are disturbed or startled. The palmetto bug is a species of cockroach from Florida that enjoys hiding under leaves. As the name of this beetle implies, wood-boring beetles bore into wood not only outdoors but also indoors if they make it into your home. No more bugs! Leave a Reply Cancel reply. In terms of wings, roach wings are visible (even at rest) even though most of them cannot fly while beetles can fold their wings and hide them in their wing cases. For further clarification about cockroach structure, habit and categorization, here are some FAQs regarding this very interesting pest. Even a small black roach (like a nymph) can carry dangerous bacteria into your house and reproduce quickly if not controlled. In terms of color, different roach types also have differences in color. The only thing more terrifying then spotting a cockroach is if they suddenly take flight! We understand that the last thing people want to see in their living rooms are roaches crawling lazily across the floor. While they are not typically welcome in people’s homes, it is good to know that they are not dangerous.

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