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calories in flavored coffee beans

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By adding just a tablespoon of hazelnut coffee creamer to your coffee, you increased … Shop our collection of delectable 100% Arabica Flavored Coffee Beans today! Advances in technology have allowed for flavor to be added directly to the bean.

Flavored coffees are a great way to still get a hint of vanilla, almond, peppermint or whatever other flavor you are craving without adding artificial sweeteners such as Syrups which can contain up to 20 calories per pump (a typical sweetened Grande coffee has 4 pumps!) However, once you start adding flavorings to your coffee, the calorie count, and carb counts, can quickly soar. Originally, nuts and berries were added to the coffee itself to flavor it. Flavored coffee beans may seem like a relatively new trend in the West, but coffee lovers having been adding flavors to their coffee for centuries.

While black hazelnut-flavored coffee won’t add any extra sugar or calories, coming in at about five calories per cup, choose organic or naturally-infused coffee beans to avoid artificial flavors and chemicals.

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