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child maintenance arrears written off

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Yes, if we had lots of resources we could do everything all at once and everyone is a priority, but we don’t, so the next priority is children who have live maintenance entitlements to make sure that the people are still children. explain the effect of any decision to extinguish liability in respect of any arrears of child support maintenance under section 41E(1) of the 1991 Act.

On 31 August 2018 I sent a Freedom of Information Act request to the Department for Work and Pensions, asking for clarity on whether the forthcoming legislation to write off Child Support Agency arrears would apply to cases like mine, where the children are still minors. Following a consultation, in 2018 the UK Government announced a new policy to bring £3.7 billion of child maintenance arrears accumulated under the 1993 and 2003 schemes within scope of a write-off programme. 3.3 The Department’s current arrears and compliance strategy does not aim to recover all arrears, and the Department has not allocated sufficient resources to do so.

The fact that Iain Duncan Smith and Maria Miller chose to waste hundreds of millions of pounds on closing down the CSA instead of spending even a fraction of it on improved enforcement really does show the underlying ideological objective of the child maintenance reforms - to reduce the amount of money going to single mother families no matter how much money doing so would cost the taxpayer. Depending on which actions we use, activity to attempt collection costs around £1000 per case. state the day by which payment is to be made. (a) specify the person with care or, where relevant, a child in Scotland, in respect of whom liability in respect of arrears of child support maintenance has accrued; (b) specify the amount of the arrears and the period of liability to which the arrears relate; (c) state why it appears to the Secretary of State that it would be unfair or inappropriate to enforce liability in respect of the arrears; (d) advise the person that they may make representations, within 30 days of receiving the notice, to the Secretary of State as to whether the liability in respect of the arrears should be extinguished; and. In some situations you won’t have to pay that fee, like if you’ve changed bank account. (a) that the Commission would be entitled to retain the whole of the arrears under section 41(2) if it recovered them; (b) that the Commission would be entitled to retain part of the arrears under section 41(2) if it recovered them, and the part of the arrears that the Commission would not be entitled to retain is equal to or less than the payment accepted under subsection (1).

It assesses arrears as uncollectable when there has been no recent contact with the non-resident parent and no payment against arrears in the last six months.

However, in some cases there are people who go to extreme lengths to avoid being tracked down. On 15 October 2012, the Government also published a response to the consultation on the Draft Child Support Management of Payment and Arrears (Amendment) Regulations 2012, Client Funds Account 2011/12, which set out the intention to take powers to write-off or allow part payment of some arrears in limited circumstances.”, “Most importantly, the Commission remains committed to pursuing payments and ensuring that parents meet their financial responsibilities for their children. I believe that arrears should continue to be paid..if they have decided that he owes the money then he needs to pay it off. The number of liability orders granted by courts fell from 15,660 (1.3% of all 1993 and 2003 cases with arrears) to 3,660 (0.3%). This means that if both parties agree, a non-resident parent (NRP) can pay a proportion of their debt in a lump sum to the parent with care (PWC), the remainder of the debt is then written off. Not only will children be failed as a result; society also loses when - due to a lack of persistent and concerted action to tackle non-payment - payment of child maintenance ends up being seen as optional rather than obligatory.”. Deliver greater transparency and accountability to single parents who are owed child maintenance. Only a minority of separated fathers don't pay for their children, The Register of Judgements, Orders and Fines, Driving licence or passport removal or prison, Gifts from God: Christians who received funding. Parents with care will be kept informed of any action on their case and any arrears owed to them.”. If the noble Lord so wishes, I can write to him detailing exactly what powers we currently use and what we still plan to bring forward.”, “It is unacceptable for non-resident parents to neglect their child maintenance responsibilities and build up arrears. These powers are not yet in force, and prior to any final decision being made to commence them, public consultation on the detail of how they would work would need to take place. The CMS aren’t likely to accept your offer to repay the arrears if you haven’t kept up regular payments in the past. Talk to an adviser if you’re not sure if you have to pay it. Before the Department closes a case it “cleanses” any arrears on the case. About thirty people go to prison every year for failing to pay fines for TV licence evasion. Parents who fail to pay now face tougher sanctions, including having money deducted directly from their bank accounts or having their home seized. Strategy for the publication of information about the 2012 Scheme administered by the Child Maintenance Service. They aim to make the Draft Statutory Instrument accessible to readers who are not legally qualified and accompany any Statutory Instrument or Draft Statutory Instrument laid before Parliament from June 2004 onwards. You should call the CMS straight away  - you can find their phone number in your welcome pack or at the top of any letter from them. Steve McCabe: If we are talking about a child? If the CMS won’t take this into account, talk to an adviser. The charity is calling for the government to: Notes to editors

Iain Duncan Smith and Maria Miller gave contracts to Karen and Nick Woodall to design the website and to train the call handlers on the helpline. All rights reserved. Clear information on the way that the power is currently being used, and its effect on parents, is essential.”. “(h)why it was decided, in relation to any arrears of child support maintenance, not to accept payment in part in satisfaction of liability for the whole under section 41D(1) of the 1991 Act; or. The Committee recommend that the full range of enforcement powers listed in the 2008 Act are commenced. These measures will complement the existing spectrum of collection and enforcement powers, more details of which can be found in a separate Library paper. As our arrears strategy, published in January 2013, makes clear, we will give priority to collecting on cases where there is an ongoing maintenance liability. In almost all cases, the DWP will succeed in wearing mothers down. Debt on the Child Support Agency (CSA) schemes has built up since the launch of the statutory maintenance service in 1993. All outstanding arrears on the 2012 scheme were reported as collectable in the Year to 31 March 2014 due to how recent most of the arrears were on the system. Then the minority of really tenacious mothers like me who insisted on having our CSA arrears transferred to the CMS would helplessly watch and wait as our arrears aged to the point where the Government could argue that they were no longer collectable and no longer really needed. The Ministerial Foreword contains several “falsehoods”, which I will outline below. In May 2012 the National Audit Office published Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission Client Funds Account – Statutory Maintenance Schemes 2010/11, stating that: “The method for analysing collectability is based on the presumption that arrears are uncollectable unless positive evidence of collectability exists. 13B. Regulation 13H sets out the requirement to notify the parties before making a decision. The Department has not yet set out how it will manage the £3 billion of uncollectable arrears.”, “Since 2012 the Department has reduced its overall enforcement actions to recover arrears on the 1993 and 2003 schemes. I believed then that the plan was to wait until my son was an adult before writing off our CSA arrears. There is a manual process and that is why I say it is both time consuming and expensive. Regulation 2(3) of these Regulations inserts Parts 4A and 4B into the 2009 Regulations. Are you saying, through the approach you are taking, that in reality that generation are not going to be tracked down?Steve Webb: No. This is called an ‘arrears notice’. On 9 February 2015 Lord Kirkwood of Kirkhope asked four written questions about child maintenance arrears.

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