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chinese golden week

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The 2020 holiday begins on January 24 and lasts until January 30, with students having an additional two weeks off for a … A spokesperson for the National Commission for Development and Reform said that the new plan would ratify Chinese traditions, better distribute holidays and prevent the "overcrowding" of the "golden weeks" when more people travel during the new holidays and during the periods of paid holidays.[8]. These national holidays were first started by the government for the PRC's National Day in 1999 and are primarily intended to help expand the domestic tourism market and improve the national standard of living, as well as allowing people to make long-distance family visits. By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. In practice, the new calendar, which came into force on 1 January 2008, will increase national holidays from 10 to 11 days. Domestic travel will still be a frenzy, but even international trips to nearby vacation hotspots, such as Southeast Asia, may be more packed than usual.

These 10 Holidays and Festivals in Shanghai Are Not to Be Missed, What to Know About Traveling in China During Chinese New Year, What to Plan and Pack for China in October, You Should Plan Around These 8 Spring Festivals in Asia, Where to Travel in Asia During the Month of October, Weather, Events, and What to Expect for Spring in Asia, The 6 Largest Festivals and Celebrations in Japan, These Fall Festivals in Asia Can Add Enjoyment to Your Trip, See the Top Destinations in Asia for this Fall, The Weather and Best Festivals for September in Asia, September in China: Weather and Travel Tips, Tripsavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Plus, public transport options like the metro and buses should be running normally. Both Golden Weeks bring about the largest human migration in the world, with upward of 700 million people traveling throughout the country and abroad during these week-long vacations. On 16 December 2007, China's official news agency said the Chinese population is to have a further three national holidays and lose only one of its golden weeks, the May Day holiday, according to the calendar reform that the Government has approved.

In 2004, there were calls for the Golden Week holidays to be cut back, due to their disruption of the regular economy. You can also spend your Golden Week in China and just stay in one city until the holiday ends. Apart from residents living in China, many Chinese nationals who live in other countries also fly back for the holidays to spend time with family and friends. At this time, huge proportions of the population travel to their home towns to reunite with family. May Day itself has now become a one-day holiday. China’s National Day holiday, better known as Golden Week, came to an end yesterday (October 7). Golden week was conceived as a way to give a late year jolt to China’s domestic economy following the National Day holiday on October 1.

Hotels are booked, flights are priced considerably higher, and many local restaurants and shops close down since the owners are also gone for the holiday. In 2020, the holiday was exceptionally extended to limit the COVID-19 pandemic.

The whole idea of Golden Week was to attract tourists and encourage domestic travel around China so as to create more economic activity.

While both Golden Week’s are massive and important across the country, the October Golden Week is generally regarded as a time to go on vacation, while the Lunar New Year holiday week is a time to spend with family. If you're in a major city such as Beijing or Shanghai, you're more likely to find restaurants that haven't shut down for the week. Three or four (if Mid-Autumn Festival is near National Day) days of paid holiday are given, and the surrounding weekends are re-arranged so that workers in Chinese companies always have seven or eight continuous days of holiday. National Day falls on October 1 each year and commemorates the founding of the People's Republic of China on the same date in 1949. If you do decide to travel domestically in China during either Golden Week, book your transit a day or two before it starts or after it ends. Rory Boland is a guidebook author and travel writer who has lived and worked in Hong Kong and London. The capacity of major tourist attractions has been gradually expanded in recent months, giving the Chinese tourism sector a much-needed respite. Golden Weeks were sustained as weekly holidays through 2007. Why Does the Golden Week Matter for Ocean Freight? The Chinese New Year and National Day would remain three-day holidays, though in the Chinese New Year extra holiday days are de facto added by adjusting the weekend days before and after the three days holiday, resulting in a full week of public holiday. The Golden Week (黄金周), in the People's Republic of China, is the name given to three separate 7-day or 8-day national holidays which were implemented in 2000:[1]. If you plan to travel within China during these hectic festivities, be prepared for heavy traffic, long queues, and high-priced tickets. If you have flexibility in your travel plans, transit will be much easier even just one day before Golden Week begins or one day after it ends. Golden Week begins on 1 October with the National Day celebration and runs till 7 October. The military parade and review in Tiananmen Square in Beijing is the single biggest event of National Day. During Golden Week in China, nearly all companies, government agencies, and schools shut down for holidays, and people all over the country use the time off to travel for sightseeing or to visit family. Traveling in China during either one of the Golden Weeks is not ideal. While port activity is maintained and customs offices remain open, all Chinese factories are closed during the Golden Week, undoubtedly impacting most just-in-time supply chains and logistics operations in general.

[5] Rather, the delegates said, these Golden Weeks have disrupted people's regular 5-day weekly schedule and is increasingly impeding commerce and international trade, as many key government agencies, especially those related to customs, tax/tariff collection, and legal affairs, are shut down for seven days. Plus, the most popular tourist attractions are exceptionally busy. In recent years, an increasing number of Chinese, in particular, those wealthy ones in the middle- to upper-class, have chosen to spend this week-long holiday abroad. The 2020 holiday begins on January 24 and lasts until January 30, with students having an additional two weeks off for a sort of "winter break." However, both holidays are also a chance to experience the festive atmosphere across the country and witness cultural events you can only see during these weeks. Golden week 2020: Chinese travelers are planning domestic trips This year’s Golden Week comes as the country’s Covid-19 pandemic is largely under control.

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