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chow mein teriyaki chicken noodles

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Thanks Jess! Sadly, my grocery store told me that the spaghetti version of the pasta is discontinued.. So I used regular spaghetti. I’m not sure my “Asian” food is very authentic but we sure do love it! Create an account easily save your favorite content, so you never forget a recipe again. My husband is diabetic. I’ve never made teriyaki with noodles. I also like to do things my way, which means improvising and breaking the rules when necessary. Our Chow Mein is a perfect combination of these, and it’s perfect for lunch or dinner! Chop up the cabbage and add it to the vegetables as well as the broccoli. It got rave reviews here (my 4 year old asked for it twice in one day) so I’m sure it’ll be a hit with your family, too . It’s a homemade teriyaki sauce, made with soy sauce and the other ingredients. Thanks Gayle . It’s healthier and loaded with veggies, with fewer dishes to wash!

Add chicken, season with salt and pepper and cook, stirring occasionally, until browned (3-4 minutes). You’ll just want to pay attention to how long it cooks if you want it more firm versus more tender. PLUS a step by step video! I’m an Asian and loves to eat any kind of noodles at any time of the day. Haha!

I love this reciepe! Thanks Chey! My hubby would love me even more for making this dish! Do you prefer Slow Cooker or Instant Pot?

I couldn’t find the Pronto version at the store this morning, will have to keep looking! And you know I love a one pot meal. Made this for dinner tonight. And thank you for coming back to leave a comment! PLUS a step by step video! Just made this! And even though our kids are still pretty young (1 and 4), it’s not that different for us.

Mmm this definitely looks like my kind of one pan meal! Do you think the noodles would get kind of mushy? If you want to leave out the chicken and add extra veggies, or add in mushrooms, zucchini or broccoli — do that! And good to know about the regular spaghetti! We love it too but never make it! . This teriyaki chicken version needs to happen soon! Marinate the chicken thighs in teriyaki sauce. Have you been searching for exciting and fresh flavours? Very easy, quick & quite delish. It really helps it taste just as good as when it was fresh! In the summer you’re running everywhere: to the beach, to day camps, to barbecues, to pool parties (<– okay, maybe if anyone here in Manitoba had a pool) and you think, “I can’t wait for back to school — then we can at least go back to routine!” And the rest of the year you spend just waiting for school, piano lessons, soccer games, basketball games, hockey games and after school programs to be finished so that you can just relax for once. Made this for my roommates and I, but substituted the spaghetti noodles with ramen noodles. So here we are. I’m so glad to hear that!,

), and it’s amazing how your schedule fills up in no time. I would love to hear what you think! Thank you so much Tracy! After cooking the chow mein noodles, fry them in a bigger pan and put them aside. Teriyaki anything is a favorite of mine, so I know this would last all of five minutes in my house.

I have been waiting for the perfect excuse to make another spin on my One Pot Chicken Chow Mein (because you guys loved it! Add the soy sauce, chicken broth, honey, garlic, ginger and vinegar and stir until combined. In hot weather quick dishes are such a good way to have a nice dinner without adding a lot of heat to the house. But seeing the video, I’m challenged to give it a try. Love that it’s made with just one pan!! What side dish would you recommend to go with this dish? Stir in green onions and serve. Now all you have to do is stir in the chicken and noodles! Takeout Smakeout. The team of Recipe Videos wishes you good luck to making your Teriyaki Chicken with Noodles – Chow Mein! Stir in the Spaghetti. My name is Ashley Fehr and I love creating easy meals my family loves. So much flavour for such an easy dish.

We LOVE our teriyaki chicken around here, but I will admit that I don’t make it as often as I should! Maybe some Asian stirfry veggies or a salad?

I haven’t tried with rice noodles, so I can’t say how it would turn out, It can! *This post is sponsored by Barilla Canada and I have been compensated for my time in developing this recipe.

It was delicious. I think you should be able to, though I haven’t tried it. I don’t make asian noodles nearly enough. I can’t wait to try this Ashley, it is a great “lazy night” meal!! This looks like our version of “pancit”, only we used ramen noodles. Season it with salt and pepper, and let it wilt. I can’t wait to try it out in my house. Step 4. Also, every food is an experiment~will it go down and stay down and how long. .My kind of meal. I’m going to stop here before I get all weepy on you about how quickly time flies and my babies are growing up, but I’ll leave you with one more recipe in your arsenal for those crazy, busy days (i.e., everyday)! After cooking the chow mein noodles, fry them in a bigger pan and put them aside. I have picky eaters and they wont like the bell pepper can i just put broccoli insted?

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