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coconut tree fertilizer

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All Rights Reserved. Yes! It can release nitrogen at the appropriate speed. When your nut trees are young, measure the diameter of the tree at breast height. application markedly increase vegetative growth and nut yield[1,5]. The experimental soil was sandy loam in texture, The number of nuts increased as compared to first year, revealed that addition of FYM alone had slow effect on the nut yield. Then we just use organic fertilizer.

Young trees that haven’t started bearing nuts actually require more fertilizer than bearing trees. 4. for each inch (2.5 cm.) Every part of the tree is being utilized for some purposes or other, on account of this peculiarity, it is called the tree of heaven, the tree that provides all the necessities of life[1]. The production of coconut has increased from 597 tons to 628 tons during the same period. Tree that are even bigger should get 3 pounds (1.5 kg.) It is important in that, it provides a variety of useful products. The fertilizer has a fast effect and can accelerate the physiological growth of plants.

Best Organic Fertilizer for Coconut Tree #4. The importance of this technology should not be overlooked, much less ignored.

The coconut is a very versatile tree. Ananymous[10] and Imam[1], who reported good response Moreover, NaCl has been established as the best and cheapest source of chlorine in areas where chlorine is required and potassium (K) is not deficient. We can use urea as the base fertilizer. of fertilizer the yield increased significantly and the application of 700 g of trunk diameter.

were selected for this purpose. The results also indicated that the application of fertilizers helped to increase nut yield in coconut. The fertilizer enables the tree to grow large green leaves. If the trunk is no bigger than 6 inches (15 cm.) The area of coconut in Sindh Province has increased from 283 to 295 ha during 1994-95 to 1998-99. Urea+270 g DAP 1600 g MOP proved better to get economical yields. The coconut is a very versatile tree. ), use 2 pounds (907 g.) for every inch of diameter. The nut yield data obtained during the second year (Table 1) again showed significant results when analyzed statistically. application, Nut production of coconut as affected by NPK fertilizers and with pH 8.5, EC 1.2 dS m-1, CaCO3 7.2, O.M 0.95%, N 0.048%,

© Copyright 2020 Huaqiang Chemical Group Stock Co.,Ltd. The effect of fertilizer was significant in second year as compared to first year. When your kids get hungry, you feed them. During the present studies it was found that coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) had a good response to fertilizers.

The experiment was laid out on Randomized Complete

As far as the application of FYM and its effects on nut yield is concerned, the data obtained revealed that if FYM were applied alone would not have significant effect as compared with chemical fertilizers. Information On Fertilizer Content: Understanding Fertilizer Rates And Applications, Brazil Nut Tree Info: How To Grow Brazil Nut Trees, Kola Nut Information – Learn How To Use Kola Nuts, Herbal Treatment Tips: Growing Your Own Herbal Remedies, Poison Ivy Treatments: Poison Ivy Home Remedy Tips, DIY Lemongrass Tea: How To Make Lemongrass Tea, Myrtle Spurge Control: Managing Myrtle Spurge Weeds In Gardens, Bulb Seed Propagation: Can You Grow Bulbs From Seeds, Cactus Anthracnose Control: Tips For Treating Fungal Diseases In Cactus, Autumn Fern Care: How To Grow Autumn Ferns In The Garden, Home Remedy For Stomachaches: Creative Ways To Use Ginger Root, 13 DIY Projects That'll Bring Your Garden Indoors for the Holidays and Help Feed the World, Getting Plants Cheap – Words Of Wisdom From A Haphazard Gardener. In the early stage, we should appropriately increase the use of inorganic chemical fertilizers with higher nitrogen content to promote the germination and differentiation of coconut trees and improve the flowering rate. It can be grown in deep alluvial soils, which are well drained and can thrive in a wide range of pH from 4 to 9 [12]. When spraying, we should try to choose in the early morning or evening, avoid high temperature and rainy weather, prevent fertilizer loss, reduce fertilizer utilization, and increase costs. The area near the sea coast has a tropical climate and a number of tropical fruit plants are grown which include coconut as well.

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