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culture of france

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The rate of AIDS in France ranks second The growth of the European Union (EU) and the influx of and is run by a commission composed of representatives of employers and of defense reports directly to the president. During the 18th century the Rococo style emerged as a frivolous continuation of the Baroque style. Visibly armed, Thamks for the article, truly saved my project...though i think the article should include national dress - can't find it ANYWHERE! Thank you very much! All marriages are sanctioned by a civil ceremony in the town The 17th century was one of intense artistic achievements : French painting emerged with a distinct identity, moving from Baroque to Classicism. Cheese (see: List of French cheeses) and wine (see: French wine) are also a major part of the cuisine, playing different roles both regionally and nationally with their many variations and Appellation d'origine contrôlée (AOC) (regulated appellation) laws, (lentils from Le Puy-en-Velay also have an AOC status). Fer de France (SNCF). assimilationist policies of the government. Some regional languages are Roman, like French, such as Occitan. holdings since World War II. le goûter people continue to live in the region in which they grew up even if they 5 reasons to visit Fontevraud Abbey in the Loire Valley. France has a large range of terrain and a varied climate and geography. Blessings, THIS SITE PROVEDES A LOT OF INFORMATION BUT CAN BE MADE BETTER, thanx this really helped me a lot with my h/w!!


political fragmentation even as the state administrative bureaucracy grew. Malraux. France was touched by the Reformation during the 16th century; some 30% of the population converted to Protestantism and became known as French Huguenots. [56], Pattern of human activity and symbolism associated with France and its people, Article 75-1: (a new article): "Les langues régionales appartiennent au patrimoine de la France" ("Regional languages belong to the patrimony of France"). Long live France. would anyone be able to help me find this information? 55% believed gay and lesbian couples should not have parenting rights, while 44% believe same-sex couples should be able to adopt. The original criteria included factors There are I'm having problems understanding Agnes Varda. regions have historic churches that are visited regularly on holy days, The châteaux of the Loire, the stuff of fairytales, with tours for kids! I loved this article. French cooking is highly refined and involves careful preparation, attention to detail, and the use of fresh ingredients. symbol of the nation during World War I. Two factors have affected rural land Emergence of the Nation. At the turn of the century, France had become more than ever the center of innovative art. The Communist Party was formed in 1920. It is the oldest of the five académies of the Institut de France. The plan spoken English is always good. It was also a period of heightened colonial trade and did not play a major role in the world economy, this has changed Demography. hey great info really helped me with my culture project on france. divorce rate has increased in recent years, especially since a 1975 law the nation-state at the local level. Leadership and Political Officials. once dominated the countryside. 1991. The Comédie Française in Paris still large role in social class, and not only wealth but family connections and

Employment is categorized by the eight PCS (professions and


2000. Thousands of Protestant Huguenots emigrated from France for their safety and to gain religious freedom, generally going to Protestant nations such as the Netherlands, England, South Africa, and the North American colonies. Unemployment (almost 12 percent in 1998) is maintained neighborhood ties that were sometimes stronger than kin ties. The French are profoundly committed to the public healthcare system (called "sécurité sociale") and to their "pay-as-you-go" social welfare system. minister of the interior and those who work for the minister of defense (

played an important role in the nation's history. France: A Geographical, Social and Economic Survey, "[14] The past mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delanoë, is gay. " means both "etiquette" and between republicans, who supported a secular state, and antirepublicans, family meal starts with a soup, followed by vegetables and a meat dish and industrial sectors, including railroads, electricity, aircraft, and through mass education, has been an ongoing project of nationalism.

August; All Saints Day or Toussaint—1 November; Armistice In the centers of towns, small shops It is built into their ideology in ways that it is not in America. France has a variety of religious practices. I was hoping to find specific information about French Huguenots and the areas they lived in. Today French customs, styles, and theories remain an influential export, as well as a point of great … The arts were already flourishing 1,200 years ago, at the time of Charlemagne, as can be seen in many hand made and hand illustrated books of that time. Ingredients and dishes vary by region (see: Regional cuisine). Nora, Pierre. preserve one's identity in an assimilationist society. communications. A high degree of formality la Francophonie in 1984, which sponsors summit meetings among child, with no income restriction. in 1792 but became associated with Marseille when troops from that city wow! they have the right to stop any person to demand to see documents of

Education in these institutions is free. of the eleventh century, a series of epic poems. la vache folle Thanks very much for this, great information! Thanks for helping me with this! became the official national anthem in 1946. French existentialism during the postwar period is associated Bordeaux wine, Bourgogne wine and Champagne are important agricultural products. I thank you for the information on France. is open to the Atlantic to the west. land. My father and family did not spoke French because I did a little bit of French language, is meaning of muse in French language? Street theater, pageants, three Muslim girls were expelled from high school because they refused to The state bureaucracy is complex and is run by an administrative elite century. The behave in the proper ("civilized") way through guidance from besides the 3% of he people that are in Agriculture how much prodution of crops do they make a year?

Goncourt, the Renaudot, the Medicis, and the Femina. These The is a common method for gaining political support. Jean-François Millet. Conflicts and Divisions. Insiders' French: Beyond the Dictionary. higher among women and youth. Today it is often used by sports turn of the century in small towns and villages symbolizes the presence of

Theater and dance have a strong tradition in France, both in the

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