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duvet tog guide

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This is perhaps the best option if you like the feel of natural duvet fillings but prefer the washability and hypo-allergenic nature of hollowfibre. Duvets are not suitable for babies under 12 months, so to keep them comfortable we sell specialist cot duvets and blankets to tuck them in safely. For children over four years old, it’s best to choose a lower tog and leave a blanket or throw across the bed for extra warmth if they feel they need it.

18°C is the ideal temperature.

but keeping a blanket on the bed for added warmth when necessary.

However, not all hollowfibres are created equal, and so our range now includes three very different types of hollowfibre duvet filling, each with its own unique advantages, by ticking this box, you agree to be contacted via email. Shop Duvets.

please see our terms and conditions for more information. 10.5 Tog: This rating is perfect for Spring and Autumn through which it isn’t quite warm enough to warrant the heavier duvet, but you still want to remain cosy and warm.

It’s important that pillows and duvets are not used for children under the age of 12 months. by ticking this box, you agree to be contacted via email. Then, when winter comes, simply put them together to enjoy a warm and comfortable 13.5 Tog value.

We suggest starting off with a lighter weight duvet such as our Silentnight Cooler Summer Duvet 4.5 Tog whilst the child is still quite young, before moving up to one of our Silentnight Deep Sleep Duvet 7.5 Tog duvets when they become a little bit older. FREE DELIVERY ON ALL UK ORDERS. We are also happy to provide a refund or replacement at the time of delivery if any duvet you buy from is incorrectly supplied, faulty or found to be damaged on delivery. SHOP KIDS DUVETS

However, once a child has passed the 12-month mark, they should be fine with one of our cot duvets. In any case, babies find it much easier to snuggle up with a cellular baby blanket. Duvets work by trapping the natural warmth of your body in the air gaps between their feathers or fibres.

Children sleeping in warmer homes may not need as warm a duvet, in which case, use a 9.0 tog duvet with extra blankets if necessary. If the weather's chilly and your child's room is below 15°C, add blankets to keep them sleeping comfortably. We’ve all at some point experienced the discomfort of feeling overly hot in bed or waking up in a sweat which is very unpleasant, and certainly doesn’t make sleeping any easier. Which duvet tog rating is best for each season?

Small children cannot effectively regulate their body temperature, so make sure their duvet is no warmer than, Use a tog rating appropriate to the season and the warmth of your child's bedroom. Babies over 12 months old can use a duvet of 4.0 togs or less. please see our. Think about the duvet fill as well. And of course you don't need us to tell you, but only ever use a washable duvet. As the name suggests, each fibre has not one air gap, but four. If the weather's chilly and your child's room is below 15°C, add blankets to keep them sleeping comfortably. Fill power is basically a … We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading our guide to understanding tog ratings.

As we’ve discussed, choosing the correct duvet tog is a vital part of helping to make sure that you get your full quota of sleep, so if you require any further assistance in choosing the right duvet, please don’t hesitate to contact us, by ticking this box, you agree to be contacted via email. If you want flexibility and versatility, all … As light and soft as the finest down duvets, you will find microfibre hollowfibre inside our Silentnight Luxury Egyptian Cotton Microfibre Duvet.

Use a tog rating appropriate to the season and the warmth of your child's bedroom. BabyCentre suggests a room temperature of between 16 and 20 degrees is warm enough for babies to sleep warm and comfortably. FREE DELIVERY ON ALL UK ORDERS. Use a 4.5 tog for children under four years old. So if any member of the family suffers from allergies or asthma, it is well worth choosing an ‘anti-allergy’ duvet filling, Crucially, these aren’t just ‘non-allergenic’ or ‘hypo-allergenic’: they actively fight the microbes – notably house dust mites – and bacteria that can cause such serious problems for allergy and asthma sufferers.

The reason it matters is because it plays a big influence on your body’s ability to feel comfortable and get a good night’s rest.

All of our high quality duvets are made to standard UK bed sizes in our own Lancashire mills.

An adult sized duvet will trap more air around their small frames, which will keep them at a lower tog rating.

We understand that it might not always be practical to keep four different duvets specifically for each bed in your home, so why not go for an all seasons duvet instead? If this is the case, opting for a duvet combining both cool and cosy options will ensure that both you and your partner can get a great night’s kip!

18°C is the ideal temperature. It has been proven that 25% of allergic conditions and 50% of asthmatic conditions are caused by house dust mites, which are most commonly found living in bedding such as pillows and duvets. We all sleep differently depending on the climate. How do you join an all seasons duvet together?

For expert advice call The tog rating measures the scale of the duvet’s warmth, referring to the efficiency of the material’s thermal insulation and means that not only temperature is affected, but the weight and softness too will depend on the tog rating. So most sleep experts agree that you should set the thermostat to around 65 F or 18 C and manage your body temperature with a duvet that’s designed for the season of the year.

please see our terms and conditions for more information. Our all-seasons duvets consist of two individual duvets, which are held together at the corners with Velcro.

An all-seasons duvet would be a good investment. Use a tog rating appropriate to the season and the warmth of your child's bedroom. NO CODE NEEDED! A tog is essentially a measure of how effectively a duvet insulates heat.

If though, you are unsure as to which duvet tog to go for, it’s essential that your child is comfortable and not overly warm, at least until they get older. please see our, 10 Reasons To Let Your Employees Take Naps At Work [Infographic], 10 Back To School Sleep Tips Every Parent Needs To Know. Children should not sleep under anything warmer than a 10.5 tog duvet.

That ideally means choosing a Tog value of 3.5 to 7.5 in Summer, changing to something between 7.5 and 10.5 in Spring and Autumn. So more air is trapped in each fibre, and you get extra warmth without extra weight; as you’ll discover with our Silentnight Hi Therm range.

This is to help reduce the risk of overheating or suffocation. The lighter one is a 4.5 Tog duvet, which is ideal on its own in the summer, and the heavier one is a 9 Tog duvet, which is perfect for spring and autumn. You might be questioning why ensuring that your duvet is the right temperature is so important.

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