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eliot sumner review

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Sumner’s first outing, I Blame Coco’s The Constant, is a majestic pop record that I look forward to fully exploring if and when Information ever dislodges from the CD player. #lovewins.

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are offset by the emergence of amazing artists like Sumner, Cait Brennan (read the amazeballs Popdose interview), Haley Reinhart and Allison Iraheta (profiled last week) and Angela Perley & The Howlin’ Moons (dig it here). For starters, I was blessed to listen to this a good five times before realizing Eliot’s last name was not SUMMER; but once I added that iconic “n” to the mix, some the puzzle pieces fit together while a few thousand more fell to the floor. 10/10.

Support the free press, so we can support Austin. Listen closely to the echoing percussion of opener Dead Arms and Dead Legs, or synth-laden following track Information, and you can catch influences as diverse as New Order, The Killers or even O Children.

For musicians, nepotism can open doors to labels and producers, but it’s an uphill climb for credibility. And although the album is definitely, indisputably dark, it’s still energetic. — I say you are killing the music industry, but hey, who am I to stop you from reading this? Sumner is almost gothic in her approach to songwriting, which leads to some very creative exploration of genres. Well-documented by now, being the scion of a famous musician can prove a curse.

More than simply husky, the vocals provide a kind of delicious vulnerability, her dark minimalism acting as a perfect companion to the album’s instrumentation. Lucy Barber-Hancock .

'http':'https';if(!d.getElementById(id)){js=d.createElement(s);;js.src=p+"://";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js,fjs);}}(document,"script","twitter-wjs"); © All rights reserved. Vaal is Coco, and Coco, who is back with a new album and an American tour, is now working under yet another name — her real, legal birth name: Eliot Sumner. While I will mourn Prince and dig through his Vault for the rest of my life, I am comforted that the losses of 2016 (Frey, Bowie, Vega, etc.) Deep album cut, ‘What Good Can Ever Come of This?’ just might be my favorite song of the year so far…. Sumner’s last album, 2010’s The Constant, was critically panned; in the interim, he has shed her initial moniker (I Blame Coco), supported the likes of Lykke Li, and done some heavy revising of her sound. His Popdose beats include new releases (reviews, interviews), box sets and reissues, and Gender Nation X (coloring outside gender's rigid lines). A note to readers: Bold and uncensored, The Austin Chronicle has been Austin’s independent news source for almost 40 years, expressing the community’s political and environmental concerns and supporting its active cultural scene. Now more than ever, we need your support to continue supplying Austin with independent, free press. Taking the stage on a made-to-order ACL Fest Friday afternoon in Zilker Park – to little fanfare and with an unassuming trio backing her – she paused only for briefly for “Hello, Austin, how ya feeling?” and stepped directly into “Come Friday,” from her second album (and first under her own name) Information. The first time I heard the name Eliot Sumner was when my friend sent me the song “After Dark” on Spotify with the following message: “Totally reminds me of the Police, let me know your thoughts! Such are the perils of being a music blogger with an overactive downloads folder. !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)? When I first heard ‘Dead Arms & Dead Legs’, the opening salvo of Information, I had no idea if I was listening to a man or woman, a band or solo project, something modern or a lost classic.

!” My first thought: “Who the hell is Eliot Sumner, and where has he been all my life!

Enter Eliot Sumner and Information. While working on her debut album, the 18-year-old Sumner assembled a small band that included session keyboardist Emlyn Maillard and multi-instrumentalist Al Shux . And her last album too. Sumner plays bass and possesses a deeper, richer variation on her father’s distinctive voice, but comparison ends there.

Being transgender myself, I am all for doing away with traditional gender roles and barriers. Sumner has her own Pandora’s Box of mysteries, made all the more exciting because her music is so ambitious, melodic, dark, urgent and compelling. It includes buoyant but edgy pop songs and an ace cover of Saint Etienne’s cover of Neil Young’s ‘Only Love Will Break Your Heart’. And I had no idea it was sitting on my hard drive until last month. Album Review: Eliot Sumner – Information. It gets more and more awesome the deeper it seeps into my soul. Gordon Sumner is up there with Reginald Dwight and Paul David Hewson in terms of Trivial Pursuit zingers. The album inspired me to swim backward into Sumner’s catalog, the I Blame Coco record that I missed a few years back, but remember with a smile since my devilish greyhound was named Coco before we changed it to Gozer: The Destroyer (long story).

Her sophomore album Information comes as a stunning maturation of her music, a collection of bold, genre-bending tunes, with Sumner glitching, humming and grinding her way to a truly powerful record. Editor's Review. Her voice was closer to Maja Ivarsson of The Sounds on the Coco record, but now the deep, rich huskiness of her alto is setting in to provide ample depth, mystery and beauty to her intoxicating soundscapes. Sumner’s voice is mesmerising, and at many points incredibly reminiscent of her father (Sting, of The Police).

The alien rhythm of Species gives way to a full-fledged dance beat; standout single Halfway to Hell is a powerful force of nature which sees glam rock infused with glitching synths and sprawling feedback. New recipes and food news delivered Mondays, All questions answered (satisfaction not guaranteed). Tweets by @Renowned4Sound She may not be as shamelessly crowd-pleasing as her father, but her music will linger just as long in the collective memory. ?” Information sounds like a musical kaleidoscope of some of my other all-time favorite records: Lykke Li (Wounded Rhymes), Peter Gabriel (So), The Police (Synchronicity) and Gotye (Making Mirrors); every time I play it, I hear something new. Sting’s daughter Eliot Sumner on identifying as gender fluid . Will I live to see the Dawn? The All-Night, All-Fright Halloween Mixtape Party Pack Returns Again, Popdose Single Premiere: Brielle Brown, “Concrete Stars”. If you’re already saying — um, but what about streaming? He didn’t tweet his every thought. Sumner provides her own lush take on moody electronic rock, and rather than feeling pretentious, these songs are genuine, and masterfully executed. With such a blurry image on the CD cover, all you can really focus on is the music; similar to how I was three albums into New Order before getting a clear look at their mugs in the ‘Perfect Kiss’ video. Eliot Sumner Album Review: Information After a slow tinkling of keys, the atmospheric brooding of album opener “Dead Arms and Dead Legs” from Eliot Sumner’s full length Information sweeps like a dire warning.“All my fears become alive” she sings, the refrain setting a stage for what is to come before breaking into an electronic storm-cloud of feedback. Live Review: Tori Kelly – 16th March 2020 – Roundhouse, London, UK, Live Review: Stereophonics – 6th March 2020 – O2 Arena, London. The cheers that greeted “Information” were testament to the cadre of fans parked up front, but its dynamic shift from brooding verse to big chorus could win over complete strangers. There was a visceral thrill in getting to know him solely though his lyrics, videos and imaginative soundscapes. Sumner removed her bass for near-apocalyptic closer “Species,” unleashing her voice in full, smoldering urgency.

I don’t blame Coco for this, perhaps Moon Unit Zappa — no wait, she gave us one amazing single, all is forgiven. “Let My Love Lie on Your Life” injected anthemic drama into her aesthetic, while the cascading keyboards of “After Dark” built to a rhythmic explosion.

Next week, I will spotlight amazing new records by two shoegaze supergroups: Minor Victories and onDeadWaves. For the 26-year-old Londoner who looks intensely like her parent down to the way her mouth rounds when she’s singing, it’s been about letting the chips fall where they may. He's marketing writer by day for Sudden Monkey. If real news is important to you, please consider making a donation of $5, $10 or whatever you can afford, to help keep our journalism on stands. She has the (traditionally) first name of a boy and the middle name of a girl (Paulina); she went by a different name, Coco, on her last album and now cashes in her iconic family surname, one that neither her famous father or mother use. We can help. Earlier this year, Eliot Sumner quietly released Information, one of the loudest, most ambitious, most exhilarating and inventive rock/pop albums of the decade, let alone the year. Daily Coronavirus Briefing. Can you imagine a Hollywood without Michael Douglas, Angelina Jolie, Colin Hanks, Josh Brolin or even pre-meltdown Charlie Sheen? Her propensity for propulsive, almost motorik rhythms, dissonant synths, and acid splashes of post-punk guitar shut down further connections. I last felt it with Delta Spirit’s self-titled third album.

Sumner’s last album, 2010’s The Constant, was critically panned; in the interim, he has shed her initial moniker (I Blame Coco), supported the likes … And such begins our story…, There’s a moment every music fan longs for when they buy a new album at the store, bring it home, struggle to remove the @#$%*ing plastic wrap and security sticker, and pop it into the CD player, cassette deck or turntable. Can't keep up with happenings around town? Copyright © 1981-2020 Austin Chronicle Corp. All rights reserved. I Always Cry on Thursdays w/ Jean Caffeine, New Austin Music Worth Your Bandwidth This Week. For some reason, the children of rock stars are not welcomed into the music industry with the same red carpet Tinsel Town rolls out to actors. I only discovered the band three weeks ago, but by performance time, I was able to name every song on the set list. Eliot Sumner, daughter of Gordon “Sting” Sumner, chooses a third option. ACL Review: Eliot Sumner Sting’s bass-playing daughter proves equally compelling By Michael Toland, 9:15AM, Sat. Was he black or white? After one listen, I promptly rushed out and bought the CD. Such are the perils of being a music blogger with an overactive downloads folder. I felt similar pangs of “wow” with Prince’s Purple Rain, Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love, Pulp’s Different Class and Against Me’s New Wave. The cover art was no help, for a moment I thought Eliot might be Kim Deal in pseudonym or one of those gorgeously androgynous runway models. With a beer in hand, an honest smile and a light soul, Eliot Sumner welcomed the audience to her Information set Thursday night at Schubas Tavern.. Was he straight or gay? Album Review: Eliot Sumner – Information 2 min read.

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