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email testing ideas

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With dynamic content, you can do it to see whether it improves email performance. That’s why I want to share some testing ideas that have worked for me in the past when searching for additional ways to test and move the needle for my email program.

Done creatively, in a way that supports the core message of the email, they can be dazzlingly effective. Don’t be afraid of email testing. Premium plans, Connect your favorite apps to HubSpot. Here at HubSpot, for example, we've found that CTAs that include three tweets vouching for an offer tend to have the best CTRs. 6) Template Designs: We've encouraged you to either use HubSpot's email templates (if we're your ESP) or to even create your own email template designs if you're so inclined. This is a fine example of the KISS principle at work: keep it simple, stupid. They understood that customers are looking to be educated. These are ideas for testing in particular: A/B testing can come in handy when planning your email campaigns. 8) Time of Day: Similarly, the time of day matters. 6) Next, decide whether you’ll choose a winner based on either clicks or opens. 10) You’ll see one last confirmation page where you can control sender information, when your emails will go out, and tracking information. 11) This is the final confirmation page for scheduling. 40) Content according to user’s signup preferences, interests or gender.

That's some handy dandy information right there. Start by testing … If you test multiple variables at one time, it can be difficult to tell which variable contributed to the results and by how much. This can reduce unsubscribes and spam complaints. They created a new email copy, using … 30 Fresh and Fun Ideas For Your Newsletter. Offering the coupon in the opt-in form will get you more subscribers, but they may not be as valuable as people who would have signed up without knowing about the coupon. Postscripts are so effective they deserve more than one variation. Here’s a list of some specific email A/B testing ideas to consider including in your plan: Personalization (in subject line, body copy, graphics; based on name, gender, geography, job title or industry, etc.) In our example, that would be the remaining 90% of your list. It’s worth the resources to try to tip them into ordering again. Some companies send out emails once a week. In email marketing, A/B testing can vary in complexity, so it is commonly represented by two types: 1. Litmus recently blogged about the success Deckers had with the email marketing campaigns for their Tsubo and Ahnu clothing brands. You should follow Eastern Standard Time if you’re a national company in the United States, since 50% of people in the country are in that time zone. You could also test an embedded video versus an image that looks like a video. After a customer pledged to a campaign, he received an email including content for other campaigns at the bottom. These are designed to give the customer options or to take them down different paths to the same goal (e.g., purchase). vs. No P.S. 9) First Name vs. No Name in Subject Line: Through the magic of dynamic content, you can make your email marketing way more personal ... even in the subject lines of your emails! If you want to drive a point home, repeating it in the P.S. This can make a big difference if you’re an international company. Test different types of offers to see which performs best for each segment of your list.

Here’s an example of a transactional email with content from Indiegogo. 26) Font size and typeface. Segment out a portion of your list to experiment with the results of including dynamic social media content in your email sends. Figure out which day delivers the best open and clickthrough rates for your email sends. For ecommerce beginners with fewer than 2000 subscribers, we recommend you try our unique.

Enter a name for your test. Too slow? We've tested email sends with certain segments of our list where this is actually the case -- the recipients preferred seeing a plain text email, presumably because it felt less like they were being "marketed to.". 42) Special characters. Here’s a list of some specific email A/B testing ideas to consider including in your plan: Personalization (in subject line, body copy, graphics; based on name, gender, geography, job title or … Probably depends, right? Next time you send a campaign, run a simple A/B test on your subject line or body content that uses questions — you may be surprised by the results!

You should also use images of some of the items that are on sale to entice them to make a purchase. Want to make a formal company seem more approachable? Amazon is no stranger to this concept, either. I mean, if a lead is already in the sales process, it makes sense that they'd hear from a sales contact instead of a marketer, right? There’s a reason the main image is called a “hero shot”. Grab your next email marketing campaign (perhaps you’ve already got one in draft ready to go?) Or intrigue…. A final example of splitting out the primary CTA into deeper links comes from Badoo with their social “rate another profile” update emails: So, next time you’re setting up an A/B test, ask yourself: are you able to break out your CTA into more detailed links? You can utilize them every so often when you’re sending out a letter from your company, or perhaps a post from your blog.

Instead, offer a hard dollar amount, such as $10, or $50 off if they spend a certain amount of money, for example.

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