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everquest class guide

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Ranger - May be Halfling, Half Elf, Human, Wood Elf. An expert at tracking creatures, and at shooting a bow. The best healer in the game.

If there's something they can't do, I haven't seen it. Can use portal spells, and can also solo well.

There are sixteen classes in EverQuest.

The higher this stat is for those classes, the more mana they will have. Wears chain armor.

Wears plate armor.

Sure, you can always move on, but after so many times of doing so, that becomes undesirable and noted. Downsides:  You may get a lot of unwanted attention from monsters until you learn to control your aggro. Upsides:  An exceptionally versatile class in terms of what it can provide the group.

If you are a reasonable, polite, yet effective player, you will be in groups more than someone that isn't. Kiting - the process of snaring (slowing the run speed) one more more mobs and slowly killing them from afar without them able to catch you.

Can resurrect dead players and return most of their lost experience.

With the ability to snare kite, wizards become excellent soloists (kiter). Some classes need groups more than others.

Four classes are pure melee, and cannot cast any spells. Difficulty: Hard No, you don't need anything in Everquest except your sense of adventure. Bard- Bards are the jack of all trades of EQ. The necromancer is also a pet user.

Healing (AKA "Priest") classes have medium level of hit points per level and have access to healing and "buff" spells.

If you like, you can take a touch more health to survive.

Now we get into the specifics of making your new character. Magician- Mages are the masters of conjuration. Has a single target heal that competes with clerics. Bard is a funny class.

If you just don't like that idea, put a few points into strength or dex or something. You will have your pet and you will be meleeing it beside it to start.

If you like the idea of walking into a room of hostiles and locking it down, turning wipes into wins, and controlling chaos, this may be the class for you. The melee damage dealers have a medium number of hit points per level, but cannot wear the heaviest armors and are less likely than a "tank" class to be able to survive direct attacks for a sustained period of time. 3. Enchanter - May be Dark Elf, Erudite, Gnome, High Elf, Human. Erudites will have the most mana for intelligence-based casters when starting out, and high elves will have the most mana of all wisdom-based casters in the VERY beginning. If there is a heal that affects a single player, a group or a raid, the cleric has it. You'll get tired of hearing this.

Feel secure that your playing experience will not be impaired by anything you choose.

Difficulty:  Moderate to Easy Not as strong a group heal as clerics, but does much better damage.

2. That alone will tell you a lot. With this guide, I'd like to try something a little different: classes by role.

Later on the 25 intelligence worth of mana will help more than anything else. They have the ability to taunt enemies into focusing on them, rather than other party members who may be more susceptible to damage and death.

EverQuest Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

No matter what you want to do, put 25 points into stamina.

Please feel free to discuss the classes or any questions you may have in our General EverQuest Forum, as it sees considerably more traffic than our class discussion pages, you are liable to get a faster response there than in the class discussion pages. Group availability and Hot Zones. Run speed, attack, resists, mana regen, heath regen, sending mobs away, kiting, pulling... there's nothing they can't add to a group or a raid.

Upsides:  You will not be challenged in burst dps for a long time. A summoner of four types of powerful elemental pets. If you level solely in the TSS fast track (the serpent's spine expansion designed for fast leveling and questing), your race will not matter at all. A priest of nature who provides strong healing, damaging, and/or support magic, according to the situation.

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