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fall back on sentence

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If you do love them, but they break as a result of defective craftsmanship or materials, you have a two-year warranty to fall back on. At least you have the viewfinder to fall back on in those circumstances. When trouble within the ranks occurs, members have no other outside friendships to fall back on for comfort or support. We thus after all fall back on reflection as our ground for their universal application; mere spontaneity of apprehension is futile; their universality is grounded in their necessity, not their necessity in their universality. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. Example sentences with the word fallback.fallback example sentences. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. (11) The battle is going badly for us,we'd better, (19) She's completely homeless at least I have my parents to, (20) If I lose my job, I'll have nothing to, (21) I have a little money in the bank to, (22) When necessary, instinct is the most reliable resource you can, (23) Once he made a promise of help,he would never, (24) Our attack was so vigorous that the enemy had to, (25) If Mr. Jones can't find a job as a teacher, he can, (26) It's very hard if you have no family to, (27) In less than a year I would reach retirement age and I had nothing to, (28) There will be no chain of command among the prison population to, (29) The transition back to work is easier, however, if individuals have worked previously and have skills to, (30) The only way to deal with him was to, (4) If Mr. Jones can't find a job as a teacher, he can.

It fell with the coming back of the xile Dion in The tyranny had lasted so long 3 5 7 Y Y g that it was less easy than at the overthrow of the elder tyrants to fall back on an earlier state of things.

- We have that fallback position. use "fall back" in a sentence If you run out of cash, you can fall back on your savings in the bank. would not proceed to murder the real Edward, but would rather exhibit him to prove the imposition; if he took the more drastic alternative Lincoln could fall back on his own claim to the crown. Examples of fallback position in a sentence, how to use it.

3. 2 When the business failed, we had to fall back on our savings. It's considered a good luck symbol, so if you happen to be born in the year of the Rat, you have some excellent qualities to fall back on. You can always fall back on him when you are in difficulties. It might either fall back on the moral principles commonly accepted, and, affirming their objective validity, endeavour to exhibit them as a coherent and complete set of ultimate ethical truths; or it might take the utility or conduciveness to pleasure, to which Hume had referred for the origin of most sentiments, as an ultimate end and standard by which these sentiments might be judged and corrected.


In an emergency he had nothing to fall back upon. If this view be, rejected and it is necessary to fall back on the choice between 64 and 67, the problem is perhaps insoluble, but 64 has somewhat more intrinsic probability, and 67 can be explained as due to an artificial system of chronology which postulated for Peter an episcopate of Rome of twenty-five years - a number which comes so often in the early episcopal lists that it seems to mean little more than "a long time," just as "forty years" does in the Old Testament. Fall back on in a sentence.

: 3: If a TL has been applied and needs to go back to … Many teens that contemplate on dropping out of school look at the GED as something easy to fall back on and think it is just as good as a diploma.

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