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henry the lion parents

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Henry's father died in 1139, aged 32, when Henry was still a child. At the age of 17, Henry married Catherine of Aragon, Spain, and the two were crowned at Westminster Abbey.

He began his rule seeking advisers on most matters and would end it with absolute control. King of England from 1154, Henry strengthened royal administration but suffered from quarrels with Thomas Becket and his own family. His 1545 catechism, called the King's Primer, left out the saints. He petitioned the pope for an annulment but was refused due to pressure from Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, Catherine's nephew. Henry was born at Le Mans in north west France on 4 March 1133.

William pays Richard I of England money to finance his crusades to the Holy Land. Anne, the sister of the Duke of Cleves, was suggested. Our program is… Henry, also known by his epithet "Prince" Henry, is a survivor of the outbreak in AMC's The Walking Dead.

There were serious family disputes in 1173, 1181 and 1184. Read more. Charles had defeated Conradin's uncle Manfred, King of Sicily, in the Battle of Benevento on 26 February 1266. In 1239, Pope Gregory IX excommunicated Fredrick again, and in 1245 he was condemned as a heretic by a church council.

The king's attempt to find an inheritance for John led to opposition from Richard and Philip II of France. In 1172, Henry took a pilgrimage to Jerusalem (June–July), meeting with the Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller,[2][a] and spending Easter of that year in Constantinople. In 1152, he married Eleanor of Aquitaine, the greatest heiress in western Europe. Philip changed the coat of arms from a black lion on a gold shield to three leopards,[20] probably derived from the arms of his Welf rival Otto IV.

In 1198, two rival kings were chosen: the Hohenstaufen Philip of Swabia and the son of the deprived Duke Henry the Lion, the Welf Otto IV. He had vanquished one notable opponent, his Welf cousin, Duke Henry the Lion of Saxony and Bavaria in 1180, but his hopes of restoring the power and prestige of the monarchy seemed unlikely to be met by the end of his life. Because Jane was the only of Henry’s spouses to bear him a son, he considered her to be his only "true" wife.

The exact connection between the family and Waiblingen is not clear, but as a name for the family it became very popular.

Under the skilled leadership of Pope Alexander III, the alliance suffered many defeats but ultimately was able to deny the emperor a complete victory in Italy. [14][15][16] The legend of Henry the Lion also inspired the Czech tale of the knight Bruncvík, which is depicted on a column on Charles Bridge in Prague. Learn more about web browsers. A quickening economic life in Germany increased the number of towns and Imperial cities, and gave them greater importance. Born in Ravensburg, in 1129 or 1131, he was the son of Henry the Proud, Duke of Bavaria and Saxony, who was the son of Duke Henry the Black and an heir of the Billungs, former dukes of Saxony.

Henry III, however, did not relinquish his claims to his inheritance, and Conrad returned Saxony to him in 1142.

The period was ended in 1273 with the election of Rudolph of Habsburg, a godson of Frederick.

Wolsey enjoyed a lavish existence under Henry, but when Wolsey failed to deliver Henry's quick annulment from Catherine, the cardinal quickly fell out of favor.

A jousting accident opened a violent wound in his leg which ulcerated and left him unable to play sports. He was soon crowned emperor in Italy, but decades of warfare on the peninsula yielded scant results. "use strict";(function(){var insertion=document.getElementById("citation-access-date");var date=new Date().toLocaleDateString(undefined,{month:"long",day:"numeric",year:"numeric"});insertion.parentElement.replaceChild(document.createTextNode(date),insertion)})(); Subscribe to the Biography newsletter to receive stories about the people who shaped our world and the stories that shaped their lives. Billy the Kid was a late 19th-century thief and gunfighter. His legacy was thus that local rulers had more authority after his reign than before it. In the 24 years (1234–58) during which he had effective control of the government, he displayed such indifference to tradition that the barons finally forced him to agree to a series of major reforms, the Provisions of Oxford (1258).

Barbarossa's son, Emperor Henry VI, again defeated the Duke, but in 1194, with his end approaching, he made his peace with the Emperor, and returned to his much diminished lands around Brunswick, where he finished his days as Duke of Brunswick, peacefully sponsoring arts and architecture. The people of Brunswick then erect a statue in the lion's honour. The German artist, Hans Kloss, painted his Staufer-Rundbild depicting in great detail the history of the House of Hohenstaufen, in Lorch Monastery. In 1150 - 1151, Henry became ruler of Normandy and Anjou, after the death of his father.

[12] The tale was later also turned into the opera Enrico Leone by Italian composer Agostino Steffani. [1], Henry's father died in 1139, aged 32, when Henry was still a child. Although Elizabeth was born a princess, Henry eventually declared her illegitimate. The Kyffhäuser Monument was erected to commemorate Frederick I, and was inaugurated in 1896. The Great Interregnum, a period in which there were several elected rival kings, none of whom was able to achieve any position of authority, followed the death of Frederick's son King Conrad IV of Germany in 1254.

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