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how to approach an art gallery with your paintings

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So helpful.". Becoming a member can be very competitive, so you will likely still need to present your work and artist statement for acceptance. There’s definitely a point when self-promotion goes from being useful to being gratuitous.”, The golden rule when introducing your work to galleries is simple: Don’t bombard them.

And in closing, keep in mind at all times that a gallery is not an entity that exists to serve you. The key is practice, whether you do so by recording your thoughts in a notebook, talking through your inspirations with a friend or curator you’re comfortable with, or describing you work, yes, to a mirror. These kinds of behaviors can damage or destroy budding relationships or worse yet, prevent new ones from ever getting started. So OK.

“I’ve been skeptical of social media’s role in the art world,” says Lopez. First, stay visible. Bump them too high over what you've been selling for and you risk selling nothing. I like to focus on the imagery of capitalism and overabundance.”. No matter how precocious, promising or impressive a younger artist might be, lack of an established track record may well present too much of a risk to some galleries. They might be able to steer you in a new direction with your work! Natasha holds an MFA from the University of Minnesota and a BFA from Kiev Fine Arts College. Lopez was struck by images of current resident Melissa Leandro’s work that were on the ACRE site. Competition is fierce, but if you are able to make your work stand out and generate attention, you can get your art into the gallery of your dreams. But many gallerists use Instagram, in particular, as an additional source of information on artists whose work they’re drawn to.

Other times I become obsessed and explore their website for half an hour,” she says. Travel and physically expose yourself in galleries that are in your area. It’s no longer appropriate to stride into a gallery wielding your portfolio, expecting to be discovered—so how do you land on the radar of the galleries you already admire and respect? So what do galleries look for in addition to your art when deciding whether or not to give you that all-important first show (and hopefully many more to come)? Please consider making a contribution to wikiHow today.

Do you have more than one idea? On the flip side, a gallery tries to avoid artists who view getting a show as a career move above all else, who will say or do anything to get in, who expect the gallery to sell everything, who might blame the owner if not enough sells, or who don't seem to understand how much effort a gallery puts into each and every show they present regardless of the outcome. In other words, they look for signs that you're serious about your art, have some sense of an overall game plan, and are committed to being an artist and showing your art for many years to come.

Keep in mind that there are lots of galleries out there, each with its own aesthetic and approach.

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