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how to hem a t shirt with a serger

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Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. A cover hem machine is all about making professional, high-end-looking hems. You could also use a twin needle on a regular sewing machine to imitate this stitch. It can add a decorative effect to your garment.

Alternatively, you can go with a contrasting thread that will make the seam come out the best. It may be easier to find a T-shirt that complements your body shape and use a sewing machine to hem … We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Super Easy Way to Make a Professional Hem with Your Serger! Now you are ready to sew the side seams. From a single hemmed edge, serge the side seams to one another. Happy serging! In next part of tutorial, I show you another way. English isn't my first language, so please excuse any mistakes and help correct them. In next part of tutorial, I show you another way. A cover stitch is normally sewn from the right side. Follow the step by step guide below to hem your T-shirt. Before we explore the “how,” let’s talk about the why.

As usual, add some allowance to each hem. Thank you for your question. Mark the balanced setting of your stitch when starting so that you can refer when you’re serging the T-shirt seams.

Tension numbers have a slight variation, but generally, the tension of the needle should be very loose. At home, the hem can be done in other ways. Here you will find 30 photos with pro comments how to sew women's jersey shorts. In this example the serger is set for a tension similar to a flatlock serger stitch. A wardrobe staple for everyone is a T-shirt. When stitching, carefully and slightly skim the part that extends past the blades. Using a tailor’s pressing ham will help you to press this curved seam into the perfect shape. This will make the adjustable instruction to follow the wrap and make it hard for the needle to pierce the wrapped part. Upcycled Hem: One way to create a professional hem on your garment is to use fabric that’s already been hemmed.

Note: In some cases, before hemming operation, you need to loosen the needle thread tension. Hemming a t-shirt is usually a bit challenging as you have to ensure your openings are stretchy enough so that you can pull it on and off the body. Cut all required pieces using with nap layout. I think most sergers have settings for a rolled hem in the manual. Aloha y’all…”, Hello Earl, When sewing is finished you need stretch the folded hem and press it on face side, as shown.

You are finished! It’s much better compared to ancient hems; however, like any serger, you need to master your way around it. Hemming a T-shirt with a serger can be a bit complicated. This keeps the neck from gaping open, not a flattering look for a t-shirt. The knife must be turned off also, you need lift it up or otherwise. Blind hem = Finish your hems with this “invisible” stitch (in my experience, it’s difficult to make it invisible). Kimberli. Using this kind of setting will alter the pressure and make the blind stitch flat.


It’s also very fast and clean! If you will to hem your knit garments on your usual sewing machine (with straight stitches) you will get the wavy edge. However, the bottom (bobbin) thread will be a zig zag. Note: My serger has four threads (two needles). ANY REDISTRIBUTION OR REPRODUCTION OF PART OR ALL OF THE CONTENTS OF THE SITE IN ANY FORM IS PROHIBITED UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED IN OUR, Stop sewing at the end of the fabric. This month we are featuring a serger project using the Serger Blind Hem Foot. The Stitching Sewcial is brought to you by Brother International Corporation. Then make your muslin. See. The serger makes quick work of stitching together this easy knit garment and the blind hem foot makes a quick and neat looking hem finish. How to Fake a Coverstitch with a Twin Needle Posted on January 30, 2010 October 18, 2018. See. And Hurrah! Pop over to Angela Wolf’s Video Post: Gathering Fabric with a Serger to see how easy it is! If pattern has curved hems begin by using a ruler to straighten bottom hem of T-shirt front, back, and sleeves. I like doing this on the pressing ham, too. Is A Zigzag Stitch Stronger Than A Straight Stitch, Best Sewing Machine for Free Motion Quilting in 2020, How to Embroider Letters with a Sewing Machine, Best High End Sewing Machine for Advanced Sewers in 2020. As in, “Why on earth would I want a machine that only does one thing?” The best answer? Hem with serger having four threads.

Best, Your email address will not be published. Chain stitch – 1 needle: This hem can be a decorative effect or used as a temporary seam that can be quickly removed by pulling the chain from the looper side (this is the stitch you often find on bags of pet food or farm feed). See the Samples section below for more information. Press it well. This method is very simple way of hemming a knit fabric.

Most people assume that this is done by a serger. Best, *Sew4Home reserves the right to restrict comments that don’t relate to the article, contain profanity, personal attacks or promote personal or other business. Cut all the pieces that you need using a nap. Working through the sewing workbook, Knit Essentials, by Alison Glass and Karen LePage will enable you to find the perfect fit while also offering a variety of options for length, sleeves and neckline. We use and recommend the Janome CoverPro 1000 CPX. In this video lesson you learn how to hem a skirt or dress with classic hem stitch by hand. Use a three-thread stitch to thread your machine. There is more than one way to approach cutting out fabric, so find the way that works best for you. First, you need to make a pattern by using certain modifications to make it match with the serger. To lift up the knife you need pull the upper blade to the right and simultaneously turn it upwards. To finish the shirt, set up serger for a three thread, balanced stitch, using the left needle for a seam approximately ¼-inch wide. Depending on it will change a width of stitch. Press hem from the right side. However, it won’t be so impressive on a T-shirt. Be careful not to push the second wrap. It is quick, satisfying and practical.

Check all the seams patterns against the allowance. What is the model number for the blind hem foot? 2 thread wide – 2 needles: Most common hem.

If you want to sew t-shirt or pants for your kids from knitted fabric you can use this tutorial. A clear advantage to using an overlocker is the differential feed feature. A serger can help you develop a neat hemmed edge using only one step. Make sure to cut a right and left side (mirror image) if you cut on a single fabric layer. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. You can pull out one thread away from right or left needle. Purchase approximately ¼ yard of extra fabric for testing stitches and for adding a deeper hem allowance to sleeve and bottom hem. Serged hems can stitch two different pieces of a garment together, living a clean edge that will not fray because it trims while it’s stitching.

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