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how to use an overlocker

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Overlocker (and overlocking, as a verb) is the more common term in European countries, while serger/serging is more common stateside. A pointed tool like these can be helpful when it comes to feeding fabric close to the presser foot and more importantly, the cutting knife. I have trouble threading the needles at the end, I can’t seem to use the little threading tool, so I think I’ll try a hand needle threader from the back side – I hope that will work, Miki, the tweezers that came with the machine are great for threading the needles! In this article we'll talk you through the different parts of an overlocker and the basics of how to use one. But when you’re buying four spools at a time, rather than just one, there is no need to spend an arm and a leg on thread to match every single project. Since a serger uses between two and five spools of thread and has no bobbin, it is threaded in a different way than a conventional sewing machine. We’ll even explain how to analyse your stitching in detail so that you can check for errors. We’ll hold your hand as we take you through threading, explaining how the overlocker works as we go. Like a sewing machine, the serger has different types of foot for different tasks, but serger and sewing machine feet are not interchangeable. 17. Adjust the differential feed. In this article we'll talk you through the different parts of an overlocker and the basics of how to use one.

There is often a color-coded threading diagram inside. Unlike a sewing machine, which has an upper thread and a lower bobbin, an overlocker uses four cones of thread--for two upper loopers and two lower loopers--all of which are located above and to the rear of the machine. So far so good.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, Enter your email and password to access your account…. This function comes in handy when using an overlocker for decorative sewing. The terms are interchangeable—basically it boils down to who’s talking about the machine. Who knew!! Both can sew a seam, but an overlocker goes beyond simply sewing to also trim the seam to an even width and cast a series of threads over the edge to keep the fabric from ravelling.

Overlockers are used to stitch around the edge of all fabric panels in clothes making, providing a nice clean straight edge, and it also helps to avoid any fraying of the fabric.

Compared to entry level overlockers where you can get puckering on fine fabrics the MO-644D overlocker stitches beautifully. Thank you! Differential feed is a variation of drop feed with two independent sets of feed dog, one before and one after the needle.

How to Sew a Kids Busy Book, Part 2: Piggy Bank, Overlocker for Beginners—an Introduction to Sergers. This is also where you can introduce specialist or fancy threads such as a Gutermann sulky in the upper and lower loopers and this will also dictate which stitch length is most appropriate. Using an overlocker, also called a serger, is very similar to using a sewing machine.

Oh, and overlocking of course! As you sew, the blades will cut through the fabric to trim the seam. On the needle threads, stop the knot before the eye of the needle, snip it off and thread the needle by hand. Both can sew a seam, but an overlocker goes beyond simply sewing to also trim the seam to an even width and cast a series of threads over the edge to keep the fabric from ravelling. (A common brand is Wooly Nylon.) I managed to make a nice shirt, though. 13.

Thread spool pins: hold the thread for the needles and the loopers, one for each threading run. Although specific directions for operating an overlocker will vary depending on the model of machine and its features, the following directions for two-needle, four-thread overlock sewing, a common overlock technique, will help you become familiar with the basic operation of an overlocker. Using an overlocker is not that complicated, especially for users who have some experience with a conventional sewing machine. Wish I’d seen this lesson 24 hrs ago !! I sometimes forget what stitch to use on what fabrics/seams, etc.. Plus I’d love to learn about decorative thread use with my L460! A serger stitches in a different way than a conventional sewing machine: it often has more than one needle and uses several loopers instead of one bobbin.

Narrow clear elastic. We haven’t touched on the Upper Looper Converter just yet so keep your eyes peeled, but for now you will do just fine without it. I will be doing this tomorrow. There are two sets of feed dogs on your overlocker, which move the fabric through the machine. The primary use is for finishing seams, but as mentioned above there are so many more uses for an overlocker. The easiest way to thread a serger with existing threads in place is to knot the new thread to an existing thread and pull the new thread through, either by winding the handwheel or pulling through by hand. If not done automatically, reset the tension when the machine is correctly rethreaded. 10. Alternatively, clean the internal components using a brush, serger vacuum, or square fleece of fabric. Starting with an in-depth look at the overlocker anatomy and the accessories kit; we’ll talk you through every button, dial and lever so that you know where everything is and what it does. Why the big cones? When your machine is not in use, cover it to prevent dust from accumulating inside the unit. Overlocker (and overlocking, as a verb) is the more common term in European countries, while serger/serging is more common stateside. This section covers the basic parts common to most sergers. I had a Husqvarna-Viking 936 before that was damaged when my basement flooded. Take note that fabric will curl under the overlock stitch if the cutting width is too wide. The rear feed dogs maintain a consistent speed while the front set can be adjusted to go faster or slower.

When you reach the end of the area you wish to overlock, keep your foot on the pedal to keep the machine stitching while guiding the fabric out from under the presser foot. No prizes for guessing - this is where you stand your rolls of thread! In this series of posts, we’ll start from square one and slowly walk through all the cool techniques your overlocker can do. In this detailed overlocker sewing course, we cover every detail of owning and using an overlocker. Threading the loopers is also incredibly easy thanks to the jet air threading system exclusive to Babylock. The loopers are located in the interior of the serger, accessed by a hinged door – they create the knitted look of the serger seam.

If you need any clarifications, check the threading guide inside the overlocker’s looper cover or on the instruction manual. Thank you for this blog post! 2. Overlockers have two needles, although you don't always need to use both needles depending on the stitch you require (more on this later). Take the end now on the right over the one on the left and under. Best Sewing Machine with an Overlock Function, How to Sew a Face Mask with a Sewing Machine. It seems expensive to buy so much thread to match every new project! I have registered it on the Bernina site. Therefore, double-check your manual to verify every step listed above. PS. 1. Turn the hand wheel on the side of the machine to raise the needle holder to its highest position. Welcome to the world of overlockers! Just be patient and take your time to thread all the appropriate guides. An overlocker can use anywhere from 3 to 5 spools of thread all at once. Generally, use a shorter stitch on lightweight fabrics and a longer stitch on heavy fabrics. Some overlockers will have a stitch selector, which controls the thread delivery system. 1 Needle plate: some sergers come with a second needle plate for stitching rolled hems; others have a special plate already built in – you need to pull a lever or press a button to bring it into play.

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