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if this email is not intended for you please forward

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There's another person out there with my name who is never going to know when her doctor appointments are because I get all her reminders! I had to escalate the issue before they would stop sending me her banking stuff.

For more on those benefits, keep reading …. I worked for American companys last 12 years and the disclaimer was more a threat than an info… After reading your post plus some others I like the idea that a disclaimer should be a polite request for a certain behaviour more than a “I will squeeze the hack out of you if you do something wrong with this message”. I even had a woman send an e-mail, intended for me, to the OTHER Rachel that was like "Wait, so your name is spelled Rachael but your e-mail is Rachel?" I once got an email with a job offer and I replied that they had the wrong email address but if they were willing to pay for my moving expenses (from Canada to South Africa! ", heh – i just did this for instagram! I actually sent my mum a reply suggesting better ways for her to deal with it (like, post articles to her Facebook account instead).

the only information she and I ever shared was the first syllable of our first names and clearly some element of an email address. I figure since it wasn't "personal", I didn't have to feel bad about it. This disclaimer limits any liability claims arising as a result of you sending a virus by accident to the recipient and it causing damage to their systems. So yesterday I sent them a photo of my chickens with a note that said "I thought you would like a photo of my chickens." The email disclaimer was not effective in that case. It’s well beyond the scope of this article, but know that certain industries/professions have requirements to use email disclaimers.

It is strictly forbidden to share any part of this message with any third party, without a written consent of the sender. You can add a GDPR disclaimer to your email signature to advise your recipients that you abide by the GDPR legislation. [married name], she put a space in between my maiden name and married names. the only thing that could have happened is that the "other me" really wanted into that account and placed the chargeback. One day my mom hit this threshold. But then, the same people kept emailing me repeatedly after multiple e-mails telling them they had the wrong person. If you are not the right person would you please forward this to the individual in charge of company donations? When I said "I'm sorry you have the wrong person, I don't know you or the people in these photos." I send a reply and then filter it so that all subsequent emails from that address skip my inbox.

Of course, placing the disclaimer at the top of the email would be more effective than at the bottom. It's not uncommon to get 20 email from him in a day.

If it does, it will have said it does … because the law is tricky like that….

Ultimately, I encourage you to be intentional – consider if an email footer is of any real value to you and your company and, if it is, weigh that value against the drawbacks. I just politely alert the interviewer that they have the wrong address and wish them luck in reaching their candidate. Contrary to your mass-emailing-father, these aren't things he says to other people (that I know of), and I know him well enough to know that I won't be able to change his perceptions or get these kind of emails to cease. This means that courts measure the intent of the parties from the perspective of that of a reasonable person in the same or similar situation. Regardless, good luck trying to enforce a unilateral disclaimer if you do actually send a virus to someone and it causes damage to their computer or network. Please forward the email to whomever you think relevant. Managing Director I tried to contact you by telephone, unfortunately without success. If you believe some persons, for example, superiors, may be sensitive to being told they made a mistake, ask for confirmation that the email was intended for you.

But, in the interest of ensuring those situations aren’t inadvertently missed and instead appending a standard email footer disclaimer to every single outbound email (if, for example, you are thinking about creating a required firm wide email disclaimer), I think a standard disclaimer for law firms has some benefit relative to the cost (we’ll explore the cost side in a bit). The idea being, before you send me something think long and hard about whether or not I will appreciate it and if its worth not sending me something later. I inherited Yasmine Bleeth's old number. Moral of the story: name your kid something weird. However, when my grandmother changed my email address in her address book, instead of entering [firstname]. Some were incredibly rude about the fact that they had gotten the email address wrong or had been given a bad email address–as if it were my fault. Choose the rule that you want to delete and click Delete. That poor woman gave my email address to all the schools her children were trying to get accepted into. Once you realize you got the e-mail in error, you're supposed to stop reading it, so you don't over-inform yourself on something confidential (but you're always treated as if you read the whole thing).

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