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imperial treasury vienna

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Admire the Austrian Imperial Crown and the Imperial Regalia of the Holy Roman Empire including its Crown and the Holy Lance. The entrance is very old and on the side of the main entrance so we were not having high expectations for it. Therefore, a journey through the art history of piety and religion awaits you here.

It is divided into the Secular Treasury and Ecclesiastical Treasury.The collection is of the highest order and reflects more than a thousand years of European history. The Imperial Treasury Vienna in the Hofburg Palace houses unique Habsburg treasures.

In the world’s most significant treasury, visitors can view countless valuable objects from the 1,000-year history of the Western world. Both young and old are guaranteed to spend hours looking and marvelling in the Imperial Treasury Vienna. The treasury comes with the combined ticket.

It is true that modern museum facilities do not imply disorder and prefer sealed showcases to picturesque chests. Follow the advice on the main Schatzkammer page. The Imperial Treasury Vienna in Hofburg Palace showcases the unique treasures of the House of Habsburg, among them the Austrian imperial crown and the imperial treasures of the Holy Roman Empire featuring the »Reichskrone« (Holy Roman Crown) and the Holy Lance. (The garments are but one of many treasures from the rich Burgundian part of the early Habsburg dominions. The crown was used as a private crown of the Holy Roman Emperors and Kings of Hungary and Bohemia from the House of Habsburg. And I wonder if the Emperors were just insecure. Can’t help but feel that a kid sleeping in that is going to grow up with a certain amount of pressure in terms of family expectations. For example, Rudolf’s crown, orb, and scepter feature in the famous 1832 van Amerling portrait of Emperor Francis II/I that hangs on the wall in the same gallery. Roman Rings - Gilt silver rings decorated with granulation. As my son put it…if you’re a royal with money, you want what the other royals have, but bigger and more expensive. I will reassure you that you will not ever get a newsletter. Well, how about…. This is, of course, not really the horn of the mythical creature but rather the long tusk of a narwhal (a small whale currently under protection).

But other items from around Charlemagne’s time are on display, allegedly removed from his tomb…, (The burse looks like a jewelled handbag you might find on a modern catwalk.). I try not to let this affect my objectivity (I link to vastly more attractions and services that pay no finder's fee).All text and photos copyright Mark Brownlow 2005-2020 unless otherwise indicated, Imperial treasury tickets and visitor info, Split into secular (royal) and ecclesiastical treasures, Gemstones the size of goose eggs and crowns the size of Europe, Alleged relics include a nail from the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, The 1496 ceremonial sword of Emperor Maximilian I, with its remarkable designs along the blade, The “Ainkhüm sword” from the early 15th century, whose scabbard is a narwhal tusk (believed back then to be the horn of a unicorn, of course), The garments associated with the chivalric Order of the Golden Fleece, including an original chain of the order from the mid-15th century, A 1641 vessel made from a 2,680 carat emerald, The 1687 Hyacinth “la Bella”, a huge garnet the size of a goose egg, A silver and gold egg cup that once belonged to France’s Louis XVI, The robes worn by the King of Bohemia when electing the Holy Roman Emperor, made around 1625-1650, The silk coronation mantle from 1133/34, which enveloped the shoulders of many iconic monarchs. The absolute highlights are without a doubt the Austrian Imperial Crown, jewels from the Order of the Golden Fleece, the agate bowl that represents the legendary Holy Grail, or the famous, so-called Unicorn Horn (“Ainkhürn”). The intaglios were supplied by the client so their value is not included in the listed prices. And if your lust for treasure remains unsatisfied, there’s always the Kunstkammer and Silberkammer. Oh, and the mantle around his shoulders is in the neighbouring room. A particular treasure from later Habsburg times is the throne cot presented to the second wife of Napoleon (Marie Louise – daughter of the Emperor of Austria) for her son. Venice: The Frari Church Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Madrid: Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch, Rome: Basilica di Santa Maria in Trastevere, Imperial Crown, Orb, and Sceptre of Austria, the two “inalienable heirlooms of the House of Austria”: a giant narwhal tooth which was thought to be the horn of a unicorn (. The ecclesiastical collection contains numerous religious treasures, including relics and objects ascribed to the private ownership of saints. Most valuable treasures. When I finally grew up and got married, my husband joined us. Like all secular treasuries, it was designed to attest to the political power and geographical reach of their owners. Magyar Sabre - A reproduction of the 10th Century Magyar sabre held in the the Imperial treasury Vienna, also know as Charlemagnes sabre. The secular collection contains numerous imperial artifacts from the House of Habsburg, including jewels and precious stones that due to their unique size could not be fitted into the imperial crowns. English: The Imperial Treasury in Vienna's Hofburg palace keeps objects, collected over centuries by the Habsburg dynasty and emperors. The Imperial Treasury (Kaiserliche Schatzkammer Wien) at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria contains a valuable collection of secular and ecclesiastical treasures covering over a thousand years of European history. The Secular Treasury tells over 1,000 years of European history. The exhibits whisk you away to the centuries of the cult of relics, Catholicism, and popular beliefs. Literally crowns and jewels. However, some like to give me a small "finder’s fee" if a visitor follows my links and then buys something at their website. Imperial Treasury Vienna (Kaiserliche Schatzkammer Wien) Hofburg, Schweizerhof, 1010 Wien +43 1 525 24 0;; Vienna City Card Your benefit with the Vienna City Card: 8% off / 1€ off; Prices. In 1804 it became the official crown of the newly constituted Austrian Empire. Visitors under 19: Free admission Anyway, prepare for a feast of Imperial treasure in the true meaning of the term. The sumptuous collection is predominantly based on the generous donations from Emperor Charles VI (1685–1740), his wife Elisabeth Christine (1691–1750), and their daughter, Empress Maria Theresa (1717–1780). Among the treasures from that particular European institution: Not all of Dürer’s painting is accurate (after all, Charlemagne died in 814) – the first Holy Roman Emperor didn’t wear this particular headpiece, for example. Imperial Treasury Vienna – The most significant treasury in the world The Unicorn Horn, Golden Fleece, and Holy Grail – up close! Just like the 1602 crown of Rudolf II that became the Habsburg imperial crown and forms, perhaps, the centrepiece of the Imperial Treasury. In the world’s most significant treasury, visitors can view countless valuable objects from the 1,000-year history of the Western world. He looks tired, as if he knows the dynasty is on borrowed time (less than 90 years, actually).

The Imperial Treasury also houses an ecclesiastical collection, which begins with two unique items from the “do-not-ever-sell” category of the Habsburg treasures: The remaining ecclesiastical exhibits consist mainly of reliquaries presented in beautiful wooden cabinets topped with golden decoration, which I believe may be the original display cabinets from the time of Emperor Franz Joseph. Yep, the Habsburgs were not short of a penny or two (though still managed to run up debts). Other highlights include the treasure of the Order of the Golden Fleece and objects from the magnificently rich collection … In Vienna, you can see all this in the Imperial Treasury.

Narwhal teeth are actually similar to the mythical horns in length and composition, meaning that until the early modern era, they were taken for such and were correspondingly valuable and expensive.

Important: Austria is in a temporary selective lockdown, so some info on these pages may not currently apply. From 1938 to 1954, the Vienna Treasury Museum had to close down. And much more. Apparently the word “Christ” is inscribed in Greek letters in the actual (natural) substance of the stone, though it takes more imagination than I’ve got to see it, A narwhal tusk from the early-16th century, believed to be (like the Ainkhüm sword) from a unicorn, A piece of wood from Jesus Christ’s manger, A piece of the tablecloth used at the Last Supper, The nail used to pin Jesus’s hand to the cross, Thorns from the crown he wore on that cross. The Schatzkammer (Imperial Treasury) houses the crown jewels.

They include various Christian relics: Of course, one can argue about authenticity and I leave that debate to those with more expertise.

Reproduced with permission under the terms of Creative Commons License CC BY-SA 4.0.). ), Ah, but what about the jewels part of the idea of crown jewels? The Holy Roman Emperor was also a Habsburg for almost the entire period from 1452 to its 1806 dissolution. The Imperial Treasury also houses an ecclesiastical collection, which begins with two unique items from the “do-not-ever-sell” category of the Habsburg treasures: The largest carved agate bowl in the world, produced in the 4th century. This treasury is home to a valuable inventory of vestments from the 18th century. painting of Charlemagne, wearing the very same crown, hangs nearby. A link made even more tangible by old paintings that include the same items.

Albrecht Dürer’s famous 1512(?) The Imperial crown of the Holy Roman Emperor, dating back to 960-980. Photo by Johannes Stoll and © Belvedere, Wien. Such was the case in Austria too, which received it from Poland in the 16th century – provided that they would never sell it. Here are my favourites from the collection…, (An excerpt from the 1915 painting by Josef Pögl of Kaiserin Maria Theresia, with various Habsburg crowns. A crown should be all gold, diamonds, rubies and sapphires, with delicate enamel designs and imperial scenes in relief. The “Cradle of the King of Rome” holds over a quarter of a ton of precious metals in it. After 1867 it remained the imperial crown of the Cisleithanian part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918. By the way, if you wish to see more Christian relics, can I recommend the cathedral treasury of Stephansdom? I have always travelled with my parents. The sabre of Charlemagne from the early 10th century, St. Stephen’s Burse reliquary from the early 9th century, The largest carved agate bowl in the world, produced in the 4th century. This is why this “unicorn horn” can be admired in the museum to this day.

The Imperial Treasury is divided into two collections: the secular collection and the ecclesiastical collection. Check with official sites before making plans or purchases (more info). But otherwise, there’s a palace, doors, crowns, necklaces and other treasures in the truest sense of the word. For this reason, some ruling houses were gifted with these teeth. From what I recall, they have always travelled with theirs.

Items like this rather-impressive hatwear provide a direct link to the past.

Address: Schweizerhof, Hofburg, 1010 Vienna, Privacy and data protection policy | About, Contact and ImpressumDisclaimer: I try and keep all information as up-to-date as possible, but check with official websites for certainty before you take a trip or make a purchase*I accept no payments from websites to talk about them in an article. But the collection is impressive. My wife claims all the grandeur is simply needed for representational and propaganda purposes.

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