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Student Budget Tool ★ Click to Download PDF ★ Title: Keep Your Donors: The Guide to Better Communications & Stronger Relationships / Edition 1 Author: Tom Ahern, Simone P. Joyaux ISBN-10: 0470080396 ISBN-13: 9780470080399 This new book offers … Read More Multiple ISBNs at a time. 0000007417 00000 n Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Let us know. Skip to main 0000002822 00000 n 0000232470 00000 n This book continues to be the market leader due to its strategic approach, solid research base, comprehensive coverage, balanced examination of oral and written communication, and focus … 2018); Criminal Evidence (2016) and Striking the Balance: Debating Criminal Justice and Law (20188). 0000038191 00000 n His work is cited in hundreds of academic publications and by domestic and international courts and organizations. 0000017431 00000 n 0000018830 00000 n ISBN 978-1. 0000018432 00000 n 0000037849 00000 n iPhone App Our cutting-edge book price search engine is the best way Textbook Coupons Browse New & Used Textbooks Rent Textbooks CHAPTER 1: Introduction Burden of Proof The Judge and the Jury The Development of the Law of Evidence The United States Constitution The United States Supreme Court Federal District Courts and Courts of Appeal State Constitutions and State Courts State Judicial Systems Precedent The Development of Due Process The Fourteenth Amendment Fundamental Fairness Total Incorporation Selective Incorporation Rules of Evidence Do We Need Rules of EvidenceCHAPTER 2: The Criminal Justice Process The Criminal Complaint First Appearance Preliminary Hearing Grand Jury Arraignment Suppression Hearings And Pretrial Motions Discovery Plea Bargaining Jury Selection The Trial The Judicial Sentencing Process Sentencing Guidelines and the Rule of the Jury in Sentencing Criminal Appeals Habeas CorpusCHAPTER 3: Types of Evidence Relevance Competence Exclusion of Relevant Evidence Based on Prejudice and Other Concerns Direct and Circumstantial Evidence Testimonial and Real Evidence Substitutes for Evidence Stipulations Judicial Notice Presumptions Presumptions and Criminal LawCHAPTER 4: Direct and Circumstancial Evidence Jury Decision-Making Circumstantial Evidence of Ability to Commit the Crime Circumstantial Evidence of an Inference of Consciousness of Guilt and of Guilt Circumstantial Evidence That an Individual Is the Victim of Rape Character Evidence Other Acts Evidence Other Acts Evidence and Circumstantial Evidence of Identification Other Acts Evidence and Circumstantial Evidence of IntentCHAPTER 5: Witnesses Competency Hearings Hypnosis Child Testimony Judges as Witnesses Jurors as Witnesses Spousal Competence Religion Mental Incapacity Impeachment Bias Prior Felony Convictions Crimes Involving a Dishonest Act or False Statement Character for Truthfulness Uncharged Crimes and Immoral Acts Prior Inconsistent Statements Specific Contradiction Physical and Psychological Incapacity Rehabilitation Corroboration Recorded RecollectionCHAPTER 6: Witnesses: The Opinion Rule and Expert Testimony Unavailable Witnesses Opinion Rule Lay Witnesses Expert Testimony Qualifying an Expert Witness Testimony on Ultimate Issues Scope of Expert Testimony Court-Appointed Experts Case AnalysisCHAPTER 7: Crime Scene Evidence and Experiments Crime Scene Evidence Chain of Custody Scientific Evidence Laying the Foundation for Scientific Evidence Right to Defense Experts Judicially Accepted Scientific Tests Other Judicially Recognized Tests Tests Not Accepted by the Courts ExperimentsCHAPTER 8: Documentary Evidence, Models, Maps, and Diagrams Authentication of Documents Methods of Authenticating Documents Self-Authenticating Documents Visual Images Authentication of Objects Authentication of Voice Communication The Best Evidence Rule Application of the Best Evidence Rule Models, Maps, Diagrams, and Charts In-Court ExhibitionsCHAPTER 9: Hearsay The Development of the Rule Against Hearsay The Definition of Hearsay The Reasons for the Hearsay Rule Hearsay Objections The Sixth Amendment and Hearsay Exceptions to the Hearsay Rule Admission and Confessions Prior Statements Hearsay Exceptions When Declarant Is Not Required to Be Available Present Sense Impression Excited Utterance Then-Existing Mental, Emotional, or Physical Condition Medical Treatment-Diagnosis Business Records Absence of Business Records Public Records Vital Statistics Unavailability of Declarant Former Testimony Statement Under Belief of Impending Death Declaration Against Interest Statement of Personal or Family History Statement Offered Against a Party That Wrongfully Caused the Declarant's Unavailability Residual Exception Hearsay Within HearsayCHAPTER 10: Privileges Attorney-Client Privilege Clergy-Penitent Privilege Physician-Patient Privilege Psychotherapist-Patient Privilege Husband-Wife Privilege Government Privileges News Media PrivilegeCHAPTER 11: The Exclusionary Rule The Exclusionary Rule Debating the Exclusionary Rule Invoking the Exclusionary Rule Exceptions to the Exclusionary RuleCHAPTER 12: Searches and Seizure and Privacy The Historical Background of the Fourth Amendment Searches Informants and Electronic Eavesdropping Plain View Expectation of Privacy Open Fields Curtilage and Aerial Surveillance Technology and Searches and Seizures Public Places and Private Businesses Abandoned Property Seizures of PersonsCHAPTER 13: Stop and Frisk Reasonable Suspicion Informants and Hearsay Drug Courier Profiles Race and Reasonable Suspicion The Scope and Duration of Terry Stops Stop-and-Identify Statutes FrisksCHAPTER 14: Probable Cause and Arrests Arrests Probable Cause Reasonableness and Arrests Probable Cause, Warrants, and the Courts Arrests and WarrantsCHAPTER 15: Searches and Seizures of Property Search Warrants Warrantless Searches Consent Searches Probable Cause Searches of Motor Vehicles Other Warrantless SearchesCHAPTER 16: Interrogations and Confessions Due Process The Right Against Self-Incrimination Miranda v. Arizona Sixth Amendment Right to Counsel: Police InterrogationsCHAPTER 17: Eyewitness Identification The Psychology of Identifications The Sixth Amendment and Eyewitness Identifications The Sixth Amendment and Critical Stages Of Criminal Prosecution The Sixth Amendment and Prearraignment Identifications The Sixth Amendment and Photographic Displays The Due Process Test Suggestiveness, Reliability and the Totality of Cricumstances The Requirement of Police Involvement.

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