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STT has reduced its annual report to nothing but marketing rubbish! Most Tasmanians and Australians don’t seem to care about Tasmanian forests! The blackwood market desperately needs more tradability, more transparency and much more commercial credibility. Perhaps it could be said that maximum log prices seem to have increased over the last 18 months. Logging public native forest is about WELFARE and POLITICS and BULLSHIT! The field evaluation is scheduled to start 20 May 2019. Even the forest industry recognises price transparency is a major issue, but then does nothing about it.

Total value for this single blackwood tree totalled $4130!! It would certainly improve market transparency and stimulate greater investor confidence if IST would tender more blackwood and demonstrate real commercial focus. Anyway my point here is to highlight three things: Tasmanians are not allowed to know the cost of logging public native forest. I regard that as a good price. One reason this log achieved such a great price was the tear drop figured grain. A separate report looks specifically at IST blackwood tender results, given that blackwood is the only specialty timber species for which this information might have some use for market and investment purposes. tel: 03 6295 7161 or mobile 0419 998 452. With such incredible prices the obvious question is can blackwood of this size and quality be grown on private land? . I’ll include this chart in future reports. Perth office remains closed due to on-site renovations.

None of the 11 blackwood lots from the September and November 2016 tenders sold! The total value of blackwood logs sold at tender for 2013-14 by IST was $20,800.

I wonder if that is a record price for a native forest log in Tasmania? You can read my previous annual tender summaries here: The highest total price paid for a log was for a Huon pine log of 1.75 cubic metres that sold for $5,160. Posted in Commentary, Hydrowood, Island Specialty Timbers, Markets, Prices. “The lack of price transparency for forest products, particularly from hardwood forests/plantations [in Australia], represents an impediment to the uptake of farm forestry. The above chart shows the average volume of logs sold at tender by IST. Blackwood logs with feature grain (birds-eye, fiddle-back, etc) can range between $200 and $2,900 / m3 depending upon the size of the log and the presence of other defects. Anyway it is an extraordinary price for a log. Back in December last year I wrote my first report summarizing all tender results for Island Specialty Timbers given that IST itself provides little market information. The August sawlog went for $2750 per cubic metre for a total value of $7,500. So much for “value”!! Celery top pine sold for an average $580 per cubic metre (3.7 cubic metres total sold). In 2013/14 IST sold a total of 1,531 cubic metres of product including 136 cubic metres sold through the tender process “to ensure that the best possible prices were obtained” (Forestry Tasmania 2013/14 Annual Report). Like Forestry Tasmania the Forest Products Commission is not run as a commercial business but as a community service to achieve political objectives. When will the Tasmanian rural community wake up to the opportunity? At the recent January 2019 IST log tender a single black hearted sassafras log sold for $10,100!! In general logs sold by IST are smaller and with more defects compared to logs sold under long-term contract to favoured customers. Island Specialty Timbers, an enterprise of Forestry Tasmania, was established at Geeveston in 1992 to increase the recovery, availability and value of specialty timbers from harvesting activities in State forests.

The burning of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on 15/4/2019 provides the perfect metaphor for the continuing destruction of Tasmania’s natural heritage. Black heart sassafras made up 25% of the successful tendered volume but made up 44% of the sales revenue.

Sustainable and profitable farm blackwood for the future, Sustainable Timbers Tasmania Special Species Timbers Fiasco, The burning of Notre Dame and Tasmanian Special Timbers,, IST Special Timbers Tender 6 Monthly Update, An invitation to join the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), Timber processor alarmed over ‘massive amount’ of softwood exported to China, 2000 Powell St, Suite 600; Emeryville CA 94608, USA, Tel +1 (510)452-8034, Fax +1 (510) 452-6882, Most specialty timbers from harvesting public native forest are sold “off market” at “government prices” =. Black heart sassafras and blackwood made up 25% each of the successful tendered volume over this 15 month period, but made up 46% and 6% of the sales revenue respectively.

Posted in Forestry Tasmania, Island Specialty Timbers, Politics, Sustainable Timbers Tasmania. Compare this with the 3,000 tonne of specialty timbers auctioned by the Western Australian Forest Products Commission every year: Silver wattle and blackwood made up 76% and 15% respectively of the unsold volume for the year. You never know what might turn up! The main focus of IST tenders is black heart sassafras (Atherosperma moschatum) which can command very high prices for good logs. The 12 months to June 2017 saw IST conduct 8 tenders with total volume of 166 cubic metres of specialty timbers of which 107.5 (64%) cubic metres sold for total revenue of $114,300. Island Specialty Timbers (IST), the only source of open, competitive, transparent market blackwood log prices, managed to conduct 6 log tenders during the year., And speaking of prices I must include my story from April about the record Indian Rosewood log price: So much for “enterprise”! Total volume of blackwood logs sold was 31.06 cubic metres (or approximately 0.3% of the total volume of blackwood logs sold by Forestry Tasmania for the year) for a total value of $20,660. The price spike for December 2016 reflects a tender of 7 Huon pine lots. Here there is a clear trend of diminishing log size. The stand out blackwood results for the year were a) $1,300 per cubic metre for a 1.76 cubic metre log containing tear-drop figured grain, and b) $2,467 total price for a very large (2.53 cubic metre) figured log. We sell rare and unique Tasmanian furniture and instrument grade timbers, produce custom timber bench tops and breathtaking staircases from Tasmanian timbers and sell DIY box making packs which are perfect gifts for craft enthusiasts, wood hobbyists and older school-aged children. All of these species take 400-1,000+ years to reach maturity so I suspect even these prices are cheap. They are NOT stumpage prices. Compare that with just 200 cubic metres tendered by Island Specialty Timbers/Forestry Tasmania last year. Posted in Island Specialty Timbers, Plantations, Prices. Note that all logs and wood sold by IST (excluding the Hydrowood logs) come from the harvesting of public native old-growth forest and rainforest certified under AFS (PEFC). Some round-back pieces contain useful material which can be recovered into thin boards or squares by re-sawing on a bandsaw or sawbench. They do not represent average “run-of-the-bush” quality logs. This is an extraordinary price for a small plain-grain blackwood sawlog and again demonstrates the commercial potential of farm-grown commercial blackwood. The target blackwood plantation sawlog is pruned to over 6m height with a volume of 1.5 cubic metres, and a small end diameter (SED) of 50 – 55 cm depending upon stem taper. Comments can be submitted via email to, standard mail, or facsimile. Some of these trees are even in designated Conservation Reserves that were specifically established to protect these very same ancient trees and forests. Standout blackwood results for the year were: Given that blackwood comprises 95+% of all special species harvested from public native forest, IST tenders very little blackwood. An extraordinary price for one extraordinary blackwood tree. The Forest Stewardship Council is a non-profit organization devoted to encouraging the responsible management of the world’s forests. Here’s a blackwood timber price list for a timber retailer in Tasmania. Also IST generally only caters to the local southern Tasmanian craftwood market. If figure has a genetic component to its origin then there is the potential for cloning. In the mean time I look forward to providing another summary of IST blackwood tender results next year. At $390 per cubic metre a mature blackwood plantation is still valued at over $100,000 per hectare! My last report can be found here: IST’s price archive table (see below) is out of date, as the above chart indicates. STT is seeking FSC certification for approximately 713,000 ha, the remaining PTPZ land area is managed either by third parties or is not eligible for FSC Forest Management certification due to its plantation conversion history. There was such a variety of log grades and qualities in these 14 lots that for analysis and summary I’ve grouped the logs into just plain and feature grain, as these seem to be the main determinants of price. Well I’m sure we can all agree. For 2019-20 black heart sassafras made up 37% of sold volume and 52% of tender revenue, whilst eucalypt feature grain logs made up 22% of sold volume and 9% of tender revenue. What can be said is that even given these limitations the market will pay very good prices for quality wood when it wants to, with maximum prices averaging $3,000 per cubic metre, even for tiny logs! The chart below shows the average blackwood tender prices and total volumes for the past 4 years. Five species attract strong demand and high prices, these being black heart sassafras, plain white sassafras, king-billy and huon pine and leatherwood with average log prices over $1,000 per cubic metre. This is my attempt to summarise these scraps for the past 12 months. $ & + , 8 9 ��Լ��t_��G/G/G .h�% h�q� 5�B*CJ \�aJ h nH ph tH .h�% h�]! They are not stumpage prices. Island Specialty Timbers has been operating for 25 years. Surprisingly the marketplace continues to support the plundering of Tasmania’s last ancient forests! And this is only one small, low quality log sold at tender in Smithton, north west Tasmania.

All up over the 15 months 210 cubic metres of logs were sold by tender with total revenue of $162,000. � L$ � � 8 � 8 8 " " � � s s s v 8 " 8 " k s k s s s " ���� b"��q� ���� � s W � 0 � s �$ � j �$ s �$ 8 s � s � � p � ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� ���� �$ � X � : IST Geeveston Tender � August 2020, offers to purchase close at 10 pm Mon 24 Augustkg m (butt) cm(head) cmLOG/LOTDESCRIPTION WEIGHT LENGTHDIAMETER DIAMETER VOLUME m3$OFFER1Sassafras4254.237 320.382Sassafras, small black-heart525 4.740 340.503Sassafras, black-heart725 3.754 450.704Sassafras, small black-heart 3502.545 400.345Sassafras, black-heart 2752.837310.256Sassafras, small black-heart1752.829240.157Sassafras, small black-heart7753.640380.378Sassafras, black-heart9006.846350.859Sassafras, black-heart6503.353460.6210Sassafras, small black-heart / spalted6503.650450.6211Sassafras, black-heart / spalted16504.571641.5812Sassafras, black-heart7005.049340.6613Sassafras, plain9003.560 530.86 14Sassafras, black-heart5002.949 420.4615Sassafras, black-heart3752.644390.3416Sassafras, black-heart2002.830270.1717Leatherwood5756.336280.5018Sassafras, black-heart2504.628220.2219Celery-top pine12006.249461.0720Eucalypt, tear drop11005.256451.0221Silver wattle 13004.9 60541.2522Silver wattle8504.552440.8123Blackwood15005.2 63 561.4224Blackwood11004.9 54 491.0025Musk log and burl 10702.9 705426Musk log and burl 8602.837 27Musk log and root burl18004.07041 Log / LotDescription WeightLengthDiameterDiameterVolume m3Offer $ kgButt cmHead cm28Musk log and burl18502.8 807229Musk sculpture piece6302.430 King billy pine140 1.0 60530.2031Ti tree, two pieces4004.9 / 4.9 23 / 2522 / 190.3632Ti tree, two pieces3904.2 / 3.6 25 / 3521 / 25 0.3733Ti tree, two pieces 3705.4 / 4.022 / 2521 / 220.3434Ti tree, two pieces3702.7 / 2.536 / 2732 / 220.3535Ti tree, two pieces3705.3 / 5.521 / 2419 / 200.36 These are my offers for material in the August 2020 Tender at IST Geeveston, as described on the tables attached.

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