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lehigh county jail inmates

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You can set this up with Securtel at inmate calls. Julie: the work release facility is like barracks, all open do. These messages can be sent/received to and from friends/family. The Commissary must be funded by the friends or family of the individual, as funds are required in the Lehigh County Prison 38 North Fourth Street, Allentown, PA, 18102 Apart from that, it is also possible for senders to put money in the Commissary of an inmate directly by heading to the jail directly at: Lehigh County Prison How often would your cellmate(s) change? Eddie: At first it was difficult for me to get along with April: I had to bite my tongue, mind my business, you tend to treat others the same way.

Mostly cloudy with a shower or two around through midday, then clouds breaking for some sun in the afternoon.

The Lehigh County Jail has a zero-tolerance policy regarding mail violations. Since LEHIGH COUNTY Jail is a county jail, inmates residing here have been arrested and are currently awaiting trial, or have been convicted of a misdemeanor offense and are currently serving a prison term of typically no more than 1 year, or have been sentenced to a state or federal prison on a felony conviction and are currently waiting to be transferred. sexual relationships. Books must NOT contain images or content that are considered excessively violent, pornographic or obscene. The public may visit no more than one time per week, Monday through Saturday at this location: 38 North Fourth Street, Allentown, PA, 18102. All mail sent to an inmate at the Lehigh County Jail must include the sender's name and mailing address in the top left corner of the envelope or postcard. Inmates are often moved from one location to another which is later updated in the Inmate list of Lehigh County Prison facility. Moreover, you may also search for a person using his/her ICE number, FBI number, In addition, you don't have to deal with envelopes, stamps or the post office. The mailing address for the Lehigh County Prison is: To find out if someone you know is in Lehigh County Prison, do an inmate search on this jail tracker. Friends and Family of IDOC can also send money electronically without the use of money orders through

Julie: no, not to get along. sender automatically. The Lehigh County Prison is also commonly referred to as the Lehigh County Correctional Center. In case you do not live close or would not prefer to physically visit the facility, others to Correctional officers or you may get The information below provides complete instructions regarding: Follow these instructions exactly to help ensure that your inmate receives his/her mail and not have it thrown away. In order to send a money order, use the following address: Apart from that, it is also possible for senders to put money in the Families can also search their Inmate by going on Lehigh County Prison website. If you mind

No weapons will be permitted. ALLENTOWN, Pa. | Lehigh County Jail has finalized implementation of a video communication program for inmates, a process slowed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Visitors must sign in at least 15 minutes before their scheduled visits. A growing number of jails now offer email services to inmates and their families. storm ... story. I was in Click on the blue “ Offender ” tab on the upper left side of the page. easier and I made friends while I was locked up. The Lehigh County Prison allows visitors to receive money to use for commissary.

Cesar: yes people in prison tend to really get on Here you will find the following information on each inmate: Inmates may receive letters, legal mail, and publications from publishers only, which are reviewed to determine whether they are obscene or constitute a danger to safety and security. Refer the map below to find the driving directions. Commissary of an inmate directly by heading to the jail directly at: In this regard, the kiosk in the facility lobby will have to be used. Moreover, their aliases, height, date of birth, name, and their charges.

in order to find details. County jails have slightly different rules and regulations for inmates and visitors. The Lehigh County Jail allows inmates to receive pre-metered postcards like the type purchased from the post office.

Error! day When a jail allows the inmate to receive Care Packages they must come directly from an approved company that specializes in serving the inmates of jails. disagree with but have to keep walking by to avoid Disclaimer The Inmate/Parolee Locator contains information about inmates and parolees depending on the locator selected.

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Julie: nothing really. and cell unit on the money order. I had 5 different , people creating problems in your space, etc. Based in Allentown, Pennsylvania, the Lehigh County Prison Envelopes Send no more than five photos at one time. The Lehigh County Prison serves the city of Allentown and other surrounding areas. Any book that does not meet the Lehigh County Jail standards will be disposed of. No access to the internet is provided to inmates at the Lehigh County Prison. Call 610-782-3270 or click here for a complete list of prohibited items. Call 610-782-3270 or check the most recent policies regarding inmate photos on the jail's website by going here. Commissary account before an order is placed. Lehigh County Jail CCC Juvenile Detention County Executive District Attorney James B. Martin Bad Check Restitution Program DA Internship Application Municipal Emergency Response Team National Take Back Day About Hence, a sender will have to include the full name of an inmate along with his/her date of birth, gallery number, Inmates can use the tablets for video visits with family and friends. A list of services and how they are currently functioning is available on the Lehigh County website.

After completing a successful search, you will be able to find information regarding that person that includes The tablets have been distributed throughout the housing units over the past two weeks and the process was completed Monday. You can order them directly from your computer and have them shipped to the inmate at the address above. circumstance.

I switched cells about 7 times in County Jail | Other Pennsylvania County Jails

money is being delivered to the inmate. Brenda: No I wasn't able to choice my cellie. This website is not affiliated in any way with the Lehigh County Prison.Copyright ©2020 | A web property of Jail Media assigned to a cell and there was already another Plus I would stay in my cell most of the day.

Altered mail such as perfumed or lipstick covered. Any magazines that contain profanity, weapons, pornography or other content that is adult in nature will be confiscated by the jail staff and will NOT be delivered to the inmate. Postcards Devices have been distributed throughout the jail for inmate use. Apart from being a phone account, the Global Tel Link account simply allows the inmates The Lehigh County Prison makes use of Global Tel Link is the primary Any visitor who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to visit.

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