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my iphone won't charge but it says it's charging

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If the iPhone had water damage it may be toast. so i was looking for a solution through internet then i found out that, it needs a heat for waking up the battery cells.

Any suggestions? I can’t figure it out. Twice I have had to reboot my iphone for charging to start working again…great..I guess i have to reboot my iphone at least 3 times a weeks if not daily. I’m more sad than happy. This SOLUTION saved my life, so I hope it helps someone else! You can take your iPhone and the accessories to an Apple store to solve my iPhone won’t charge but it says its charging problem. Buying a new phone is often a cheaper option than paying for an expensive repair. Therefore if you turn on or off the wall outlet, the light (or anything else plugged into the outlet) will turn on or off.

Step 10: Catch the top edge of the screen into the body of the device. It forces your device to restart quickly and restore the software problems. It was at 42 all night now 32, i have an iphone 7 plus, and my iphone is dead and it says its charging when its not! Step 1: Run AnyFix, connect your iPhone to the computer and then click System Repair so as to start fixing my iPhone won’t charge but it says its charging problem. Even though any problem with your iPhone would be annoying. After 2 days the new 6 did the same thing. 3.

Thanks for the top tip. I already try all the options. my i phone 4 only charge when its on but when i turn it off it does not show anything and when i remove the cable cord then back again it will automatically turns on then it will charge while it’s on. and what might be the reason behind? Same positive result here …my trusty toothpick fixed my iphone 5 charging problem…Thank you all. Some devices can experience this issue due to unknow software glitches. I started with a toothpick & switched to a corsage pin after I became concerned that some of the toothpick might come off inside.

Your iPhone won't turn on immediately if the iPhone battery is completely drained. I’ve seen references to this problem over a year old.

!, I cleaned out my port and it works!!!

Tackle now easily! Never had problems like this with Samsung and LG androids. Find out what to do if your battery won't charge or charges slowly, or if you see an alert message.

However, this is not the best way during the Covid-19 pandemic period of time. Even this one can give you headaches sometimes when you have a problem with iPhone stuck on the charging screen, or iPhone stuck on the red battery screen. Now its charging just fine! John, often in homes a wall outlet exists where you can plug something into, and then there is a light switch on the wall that is connected to that wall outlet.

It was full of lint! Try Hard Resetting Your iPhone: A hard reset usually fixes common software issues on your iPhone.

Thanks. The best thing is that it can fix the issues without causing any data loss.

The power button doesn’t work and the ring/silent button also.

Interestingly, this simple fix shows decent effectiveness in solving software-related issues in no time. Whoop Whoop.

So today She got it fixed. I plugged the dead phone into the cable and instantly it started charging. :-), I wish mine had worked as well… I went to the place where i buy my phone and they cleaned for me, they even erase all my pictures, videos, apps, everything to update the phone but didn’t work…, The phone had the bolt when plug in, but if says 15% it won’t pass from there!

what should i do?

The new iOS brings a set of fun features, but it is possible that you may meet kinds of iOS issues like the charging problems we just mentioned.. Also Read: How to Backup iPhone in Recovery Mode with Ease

The rumour that say that Apple supports the frayed power corees is not true. what should I do?! Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and down the Volume Down button simultaneously. [FIXED] My iPhone Won’t Charge But It Says Its Charging, My iPhone won’t charge but it says its charging – reasons behind it, Part 1: Fixes to try if My iPhone won’t charge but it says its charging due to software issues, Solution 01: Perform a Force Restart on the iOS device, Solution 02: Update the device to its latest OS, Solution 03: How to fix this issue without causing any data loss, Solution 04: Restore the device using iTunes (with data loss), Part 2: Fixes to try if My iPhone won’t charge but it says its charging due to non-software issues, Solution 01: Check the charging port and clean it, Solution 02: Use a different lighting cable, Solution 03: Check if the device or the charger is overheated, Solution 04: Get in touch with Apple Support, ● For iPhone 6, iPhone 6, and older models, Is FastUnlocker FRP Bypass APK Free Download Worth? Thought my phone was not charging, oh no can’t afford new one ! iphone UPPPPP!

I’ve cleaned out less lint in my dryer vent! Check if the lighting cable is broken, torn, or twisted.

Clean off the lightning cable itself too it can get goo and hair on it which prevents a connection as it stuffs deep into the port hole. Help.

Keep reading and learn about it.

This helped me so much.

No need to wait for counting days to solve your issue! So, be sure to check the charging port and clean it with a soft cloth. Continued to read on about the reset and that was the finishing touch. Today we’re going to share with you what to do when you are worried about your iPhone not charging, so keep on reading this post till the end.

They seem to be working fine. Probably not, in fact there are some really common reasons an iPhone won’t charge, and most of the time it has nothing to do with the iPhone itself (unless it was damaged, but more on that in a moment).

if you don’t have one you might try getting a new battery for it. I done all these tips included reboot. So this is my problem.

If you find your iPhone will not charge when plugged in, never panic at all.

7. Keep reading and learn about it. If your iPhone is still refusing to charge even when it says it is, try using a different Lightning cable. Clean out port and reboot. it went dead because I forgot to put in to charge & when I finally did, it isn’t charging. You can choose any one of them according to your needs and preference and then go on the repair procedures.

I dropped my iphone off a stair stepper at the gym and naturally assumed I had damaged the hardware of the phone itself, the phone would only charge when the cord was in a certain way. Now open iTunes to check if the device is connected. Blew it out like an old NES cartridge and it charges, brilliant! Step 7: Try to pull the plastic release tab to remove the battery from its place.

See some lint or some other wad of gremlin or crud? Learn how to remove lock screen on mobile phone.

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