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netgear orbi rbk753s review

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With tech and WiFi being such a big part of our lives these days, you can’t underestimate just how great it is to not have to worry about connection, particularly as you move through your house. Disclosure: The Orbi RBK53 AC3000 WiFi System was sent to me by NETGEAR with the purpose of writing an honest review in exchange for the product. I just bought the Orbi RBK50 set of three, one Base (Router) and two Satellites and they definitely work in a mesh configuration with the firmware V2.2.1.210. Red is strongest, blue weakest. On the whole, we’ve always been happy with this – well, except the constant price hikes (!) I call it an, On your marks, get set, go…then crash…then go, As today was World Environment Day, L wanted to do, This error message is only visible to WordPress admins, Disclosure, Cookies, Privacy and Personal Data, The Importance Of Having A Will As A Parent, Review & Giveaway: Playmobil Scooby-Doo Toy Bundle, Coronavirus Diaries: Our Third Month In Lockdown, List Of UK Charities Supporting Dads And Fathers, Review & Giveaway: Win £100 Gift Certificate For Mainline Menswear. All in all, I can’t sing its praises high enough and would have no qualms in recommending it to anyone else looking to improve the performance, management and security of their home WiFi.

You may have to move the satellite closer to the router. Orbi is actually compatible with any internet provider and therefore allows you to replace your existing WiFi router (and any WiFi extenders) with an Orbi Router and Satellite(s). The throughput averaged 510.9 Mbps at 15 feet, 447.1 Mbps at 50 feet and 371.4 Mbps at 100 feet. In the Purch Labs material-penetration tests, the Orbi router's transmissions were powerful enough to punch through a metal-frame wall, a ceiling and a soundboarded wall with little drop-off. The router can handle up to three satellites, but each satellite communicates directly with the host router in a hub-and-spoke arrangement, rather than in a true mesh topology that would let data pass from one satellite to another. Please refresh the page and try again. Visit our corporate site. Peak 802.11ac Performance: 552.1Mbps

With such results, the Orbi's claim of 2,000 square feet of coverage per unit might be an underestimation.

This sounds like a lot, but considering everything these days is smart and relies on WiFi, you’ll be surprised at how many devices end up connecting. This app allows parents to set up profiles for each member of the family, complete with age-appropriate content filtering, time-limits for online use, and curfew settings to cut off connectivity when it’s time to be done for the night. Although it is just under 75’ away the signal has to pass through 4 sheet-rock walls. Find support for your Orbi RBK753S wifi system including setup guides, troubleshooting articles, the latest firmware updates and much more. Ports: Four 1Gbps LAN, USB 2.0, power There's also a Bluetooth radio and antenna, but they're dormant for now. Just type into a computer web browser, or download the Orbi app for iOS or Android. Everything about Orbi has been straight forward. After Orbi's software does a network check, the router will be set up. When an Orbi device glows white around the oval on top, it's starting up. Editor's Note: (8/11/2020) We've updated our Netgear Orbi RBK50 review to reflect changes in availability and pricing of the mesh Wi-Fi solution. The primary 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz radios provide a theoretical peak throughput of 1.2Gbps of data flow to user devices. Now that our home WiFi network was up and running, the next task was connecting all of our devices to the internet as our network details had obviously changed. It also easily works with existing Service Provider equipment so you will enjoy better WiFi everywhere. NETGEAR provides complimentary technical support for NETGEAR products for 90 days from the original date of purchase. Device Manager also allows you to rename and select icons for each device to help keep track of what’s what on your system. Update: This is no longer the case, and the Orbi RBK50 has had true mesh capability since the firmware was changed in late 2018. © While pricey, the Netgear Orbi (RBK50) is one of the fastest, most powerful routers we've tested, even without its mesh extension. Nor can you assign static IP addresses, although the Orbi supports DHCP IP address reservations. New York, Having spent a fair bit of time researching ways to extend and improve our WiFi, installing a new, whole home WiFi system – as opposed to getting an extender or using an access point – looked to be the most suitable.

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