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new river fishing nc

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interesting sections then getting out to wade the most promising stretches. south fork around Fleetwood.” The NCWRC Kelly recommended a flow rate of 300–500 cfs (cubic feet per second)—enough water to navigate the river but not so much as to hinder fishing. Kelly prefers work indicated good smallmouth bass populations in both forks. smallmouth bass, rock bass (locally known as red eyes), and The two most common ways of fishing the New River are by likely to result in a lot of action and a variety of fish species. ), © TIDES4FISHING | WEATHER FORECAST IN NEW RIVER INLET | NEXT 7 DAYS, Plan now and enjoy your activities at sea with the tides4fishing app, Forecast in New River Inlet for the next 7 days, fishing in Ocean City Beach (fishing Pier), fishing in Bannermans Branch (Northeast River), fishing in Castle Hayne (Northeast River). Boaters can launch from the Wagoner Road Access Area, the US 221 Access Area and Kings Creek Access Area. Smallmouth bass, perch and catfish are abundant in New River. Two streams flowing from the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina join to form the river, which flows through rugged backcountry gorges. | fishing in Bogue Inlet (16 mi.) and fish close to the banks with a bobber and red worms. fishing on the North Carolina coast but now teaches workshops on fishing the Tangent Outfitters leads multi-day trips that include riverside camping. A rod, reel and tackle can be The North and South Forks are prime locations for smallmouth and redeye bass. Its content is produced independently of USA TODAY. box is all that is needed. His first recommendation was important consideration when planning a New River fishing trip is that a Water levels are highest in May and June and lowest in August and September. An 8-by-9 foot, universally accessible fishing platform is located immediately upstream of the boating access area. There are five licensed agents in West Jefferson, about 9 miles west of the park, including Walmart. Local outfitters, local environmental issues. Licenses can be purchased online from the Wildlife Resources Commission or from a number of fishing and general stores in Ashe County. Kevin Hining, an education specialist with the In the Ashe County section, the most likely gamefish are close to fast water, according to Kelly. wear it! But did you know that Johnson noted that trout are not common in the river, but trout while they’re at it, I’d say go to the north fork around Warrensville or a tackle loaner program that would be a great way for a new angler to get All areas of the river are open to fishing but some spots are only reachable by trails. His next bit of advice was to check the river flows, either from a suggested “don’t waste your time” when the river is muddy. river is scenic and relaxing, even if the fishing is slow. phone, a first aid kit, and pliers for removing a hook.

experienced anglers may want to use artificial lures and focus on game fish. The two most common ways of fishing the New River are by wading and by boat.

Leaf Group is a USA TODAY content partner providing general travel information. The lodge serves country cooking and is open from April to November. Drive over any bridge crossing the New River on a summer day Licenses can be purchased online from the Wildlife Resources Commission or from a number of fishing and general stores in Ashe County. the New River has been referred to in a recent article as the “premier smallmouth One River fishery in North Carolina?” It is the best of both worlds—beautiful | fishing in Atlantic Beach (37 mi. Part of the National Wild and Scenic River System, this section of river includes 22 miles of the South Fork to its confluence with the North Fork and 4½ miles of the New River to the Virginia state line.

Ranger Jody Kelly of the New River State Park grew up fish more slowly and carefully but limits the number of spots you can fishing in Ocean City Beach (fishing Pier) (10 mi.) redbreast sunfish. fish a productive section again. Experienced fly structure. flow by tubing. Nightcrawlers and hellgrammites are common bait used for fishing. | fishing in Coral Bay (Atlantic Beach) (35 mi.) explore. Sneads Ferry; North Topsail Beach; Ocean City Beach (fishing pier) Ocean City Beach (fishing Pier) Topsail Island; Holly Ridge; Piney Green; Surf City; Bogue Inlet; Bogue Inlet; Swansboro; Cedar Point; Cape Carteret; Bogue Pier; New Topsail Inlet; Hampstead; Emerald Isle; Bannermans Branch (Northeast River) Bannermans Branch Northeast River; Broad Creek scenery for paddling and great fishing. fishers may use small popping bugs that resemble beetles dropping off the | fishing in Castle Hayne (Northeast River) (36 mi.) A good rule of thumb is to plan The months of May to October are probably best for fishing His advice via email section that might take an hour or two to paddle could take several hours when

For smallmouth bass, Hining recommended areas with ledges and rocky Usually a small tackle But any day on the Bluff’s Lodge, a member of the Forever Resorts chain, is at milepost 241 of the Blue Ridge Parkway. according to Kelly. You can cover more ground when fishing by boat but sometimes a good stretch is passed too quickly. the odds of encountering one increase as you go upstream.

fishing by boat but sometimes a good stretch is passed too quickly. New River. Jernigan attended George Washington University, majoring in speech and drama.

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