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nicki minaj no makeup

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Clearly, Nicki was enjoying a day of relaxing, not hitting the red carpet, but she looks super cozy in that pink sweater. Known for her beauty, style statement as well as her talent for rapping skills all around the world, we are used to seeing the celebrity on camera too much. Source. But there is something about her face that I just cannot explain.

In fact, there are plenty of photos of the star without a bit of makeup, as well as some where she's toned it down so much, you may not even recognize her.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This picture of Nicki in a red dress is fantastic. Related: 20 Facts That Reveal Who The REAL Nicki Minaj Is. So I... As the founder of one of the world’s most successful cosmetics companies, Kylie Jenner obviously knows a lot about makeup. I want to thank Sarah Jessica Parker. But back in her high school days, the famous rapper was far less showy. Rumor has it that Nicki doesn’t like swimming at the beach.

The lack of heavy makeup is making a statement, though it looks like she may have added a filter to this snap to make up for it. She is one of the very few women out there, who can look like this without the assistance of any beauty products. Either way, that smile is … She looks a bit different in the without makeup one (right), but still, it is quite beautiful for impressing people pretty quickly. Every angle of the face of this woman looks beautiful.

Given that Nicki is selfie queen, her pics of Nicki Minaj without makeup is quite taking down the internet with her bubbliness and chirpy nature. This is one of the best Nicki Minaj without makeup pictures. 15 Outstanding Collections of Diwali Mehndi Designs 2020!!

Forget about Nicki Minaj’s body for a second because that stuff is getting boring.

Not only is Nicki wearing a cozy sweatsuit on stage with no makeup on, but she's also smiling hugely.

10 Best-Rated Stretch Marks Creams In India 2020. After all, we're familiar with an ever-changing rotation of wigs, loud eye makeup, and nails that are inches long. Here, we see her natural look along with her alluring eyes. She can say to be one of the most naturally beautiful female rappers to step foot in the music industry ever. Her gifted allure probably needs no help from beauty products. This selfie picture of Nicki is quite a good one. Her hair is on point, but her bangs reduce the need for makeup, and all she dons is a bit of eyeliner to look awake and refreshed post-flight. It doesn't seem to matter what time of day it is or where she's headed: Nicki Minaj favors sunglasses over the standard celeb tricks of holding a pillow over her face (Demi Lovato) or hiding under a giant blanket (Ariana Grande).

The image shows the without makeup face of Nicki, just some minutes before she puts on some makeup. This is a great way to connect your lovers on the other side. Nicki Minaj showed off her nose yesterday - without the aid of any makeup or concealer. But instead of a face full of makeup and an intricate (and neon-colored) wig, she instead chose to don a pair of sunglasses and maybe a bit of lip color. They like her alluring face combined with her hip hop (rap) culture music. This is among our top favourite Nicki Minaj no makeup look which is quite popular as well. 20 Easy and Quick Festival Hairstyles to Try This Diwali, 12 Gorgeous Pictures Of Kim Kardashian Without Makeup, Deepika Padukone Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets, 12 Latest Pictures of Jennifer Aniston without Makeup. She focuses on looking beautiful through her overall skincare and also lifestyle. Read more to see the no makeup Nicki Minaj looks in the raw and real form! Make them feel that you’re just like them, natural. She looks simple and has that bubbly innocent touch to face. Nicki’s skincare is to vouch for cleansing and well-toned face. It is the perfect cover up especially on a sunny day! She looks dazzling in the left one. This picture can probably say to be one of the best pictures out there that can truly show Nicki’s real beauty. For me, I'll pick Black... 12 Times Nicki Minaj On Camera Without Makeup. If you're used to seeing Nicki all gussied up on stage, then this pic is a treat. She is seen to reveal her naughty self in this picture. It's hard to tell whether Nicki's wearing makeup in this shot because she has giant sunglasses covering much of her face. It is a great one if you are looking for pictures of Nicki Minaj without makeup. This picture of Nicki without makeup is taken when she is out on the beachside wanting to have fun during her holidaying times with dear ones. Yes, just like this selfie and I’m glad she took it for us. If it wasn't for her, I'd never know how good Carrie Bradshaw looks in her 50s. Madison Beer Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos, Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos, Best 10 Makeup-Free Photos of Sandra Bullock, Scarlett Johansson Plastic Surgery Comparison Photos, 16 Really Fine Selena Gomez Without Makeup Photos, 15 Kylie Jenner No Makeup Pics Proved She’s Human, 18 Most Natural Katy Perry Without Makeup Photos, These 12 Sofia Vergara No Makeup Photos Are Barely Recognizable.

In this Nicki without makeup pic, she just applied bold eyeliner only.

These days, Nicki Minaj (along with other diverse female artists) has made Billboard history and continues to rock fans all over the world. The 15-carat diamond was not only heart-shaped but also rumored to cost over $500,000, explained E! Of course, that is no one but Nicki Minaj. She has a nice face, and her natural beauty speaks for itself. It is one of the best without makeup pictures of Nicki Minaj, where we can have a clear sight of her natural allure along with her toned physique. This is yet another without makeup picture of this infamous woman, which reveals the true facial beauty. Her pout and the unique expression took the internet by storm when the picture became viral. Let us know your thoughts! Here are tips and suggestions from our side on how best to take care of skin and beauty regime for good and no makeup beauty. Photo booth is meant to be fun and pretty so when Nicki decided to go all-natural in there, I was a little surprised. Keeping simple makeup is always good for skin than keeping bold and heavy makeup.

Plenty of celebs slip into something more comfortable when going out to run errands or even do sound checks, if they're musicians like Nicki.

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