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passive income business ideas

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The best passive income idea that has got me the most profit and still paying me till date is Lead generation.

Investing with companies like Lending Club can guarantee you returns of up to 10 percent. After you upload them, you need to attach Google AdSense to them so that anytime a viewer gets to click the adverts attached to the videos; you get paid by Google AdSense. CEO/Jack of all trades master of none!

There are no limits to how much you can earn by creating a course and selling it online.

If the company that you are currently working with offers such service, then take advantage of it. Although the idea may require a lot of capital to start (source), it offers good return on investment (ROI) for little work.


Join a referral program: sometimes, startup companies offer a bonus to people who refer clients to them.

50 Best Small Business ideas to Start With $10k in 2021, 50 Best Subscription Business ideas With Recurring Revenue, 50 Best Self Employment ideas (One-Man Business) for 2021, 50 Home Garage Based Small Business ideas for 2021, 50 Best Mobile Business ideas You Can Start in 2021, 50 Ways to Become a Millionaire Fast & Make $1,000,000 Online. You can sell your course on platforms such as Udemy or partner with affiliate marketers to promote it for you while you pay them some commission. You can also be creative and sell your ideas to reality TV networks. Why not subscribe to an online service that would allow you to earn money while performing these random everyday tasks? Meanwhile, ensure you’re investing in the right stocks as their many duplicitous schemes out there. You can be the link between local businesses, and their potential customers by helping them to generate qualified  leads using social media ads such as Facebook ads. 12. You may need to hire someone to open and close the place, unless you want it to be open 24/7, in which case security will be an important factor to take into consideration. If your blog is optimized with Google AdSense, you get to make money when your readers click the adverts.

Watch out for seasonality as this passive income stream may not bring in much money in colder seasons if you are located in a country with harsher Winters.

To make this line of income completely passive, you can decide to outsource the jobs you get to other freelancers and share the proceeds with them. that costs a lot of money (source). This article gets a little more into that. If YES, here are 50 passive income business & investment ideas.

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