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ps3 2d games

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Dragon Ball Z Battle of Z will let players form teams with up to four characters to participate in group melee action, take on massive boss battles, or challenge other players around the world for brawls featuring up to eight characters on screen at the same time.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle gives players the feeling that they are participating in vivid and colorful battles straight from the pages of the manga.

(Hope you don't mind picking hair out of your tacos.) With this, characters can become more powerful, possibly enough to turn the tide of battle. The tale of Patroklos, son of Sophitia Alexandra, unfolds as his family's destiny intertwines with the Soul swords. Realism and strategy are at the forefront, as players now control the amount of pressure they apply to their opponents. DEAD OR ALIVE 5 ULTIMATE is the definitive DEAD OR ALIVE 5 package, with new content aimed to bring players the best 3D DoA fighting experience to date. EA Chicago delivers star-stunning action and bone breaking beats as players live out the life of a hip hop mogul, going from rags to riches. [THQ], Evolving the head-to-head fighting action of the Ultimate Ninja series, NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM allows players to battle in full 3D across massive environments. Play as one of over 30 characters, including classics Jin, Heihachi, Paul, Law and more. The game will present enhanced graphics and effects; bringing the animated series to life like never before. The fighting has also been sped up, meaning faster, more enjoyable play. Super Street Fighter IV adds new Ultra Combos and advancements to the state of the art online matchmaking and online gameplay introduced in Street Fighter IV with numerous additional features. Even though the game features old-school graphics, it is filled with huge amounts of brutality, making it suitable only for adult players. Get them in a headlock and throw elbows to the skull, or go ballistic by swinging with all-out haymakers. With a roster of unique characters each with their own fighting style and special moves, Battle Fantasia promises to set the standard for PlayStation3 beat ‘em ups.

WWE '12 is the next iteration in this wrestling series with Smackdown vs Raw being no more. Destructible battle fields, including massive craters and ki energy blasts cutting across the sky deliver a more dynamic experience and immediate sense of urgency to the exhilarating fights. Gather a team of two, thrust into battle, and go crazy with your attacks! Save the alternate looks for use throughout the game and online to show off the Superstars in grand fashion. In Arusu Install, the main character is trapped in a virtual space where he meets the mysterious Maria Arusu while testing a new VR game. The power to climb to the top of the underground scene is in your hands. Create a three-man team in Versus Mode to find out which characters are the ultimate Guilty Gear team-up. • I made sure to capture all my good sides, so I made my game a third-person action-shooter. It was released on November 17th, 2006 in North America and March 23rd, 2007 in Europe. The game promises to marry the styles of both a 2D and 3D fighting game for a fresh take on the genre. Everyday Shooter is a simple, relaxing production that combines the features of a Robotron 2084 style music game and shooting or Geometers Wars.

In addition, the game’s Create-A-Fighter system jumpstarts the careers of future champions through character customization and training management, while a robust Career Mode develops a fighter's attributes and skill sets while fighting to enter the UFC Hall of Fame through a series of dynamic storylines. The title is distinguished by an unusual visual setting by Rudolf Kremers and Aleks May. Plus, pick your favorite character from MK or DCU and pursue a fighting adventure in the new single player mode with an intertwined storyline and two unique perspectives. BlazBlue Key Features: The first hi-res 2D fighter from the creators of the Guilty Gear series! The Tekken Tag Tournament returns with fighters from across the Tekken spectrum taking each other on two by two for the second time. Players take on the role of pirate Guybrusha Threepwood, who intends to defeat the cruel corsair LeChuk and win the heart of the beautiful governor Elaine Marley. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is an extended game from the famous series about vampire hunters. Mortal Kombat: Songs Inspired by the Warriors is a collection of electronic music inspired by the game and is executive produced by JFK (of the DJ/ production duo MSTRKRFT and Death From Above 1979). It was released on November 17th, 2006 in North America and March 23rd, 2007 in Europe. Also, complicated architecture of the console – based on the Cell CPU which became a pain in the neck for game developers – made it harder to achieve great sales results. Divekick revolves around two characters, Dive and Kick, where the action is controlled by two buttons, dive and kick. Once upon a time, a beautiful girl, Goal, falls from the sky, and for Rufus it will mean the beginning of an extraordinary adventure that will quickly prove to be much more than a mission of walking a woman home. AquaPazza utilizes mechanics that allow players to easily link together attacks and break through even the toughest of defenses. The franchise's renowned creation system offers a brand new Create-A-Finisher option, while a new Road to WrestleMania Mode paves the way to WWE’s biggest event of the year and lets players experience co-op storylines for the first time. Utilize the keyword search engine to view created content from around the world and download for use both offline and online.

Street Fighter IV also incorporates state of the art online match making and worldwide online gameplay.

High speed new style 2D fighting game 'CHAOS CODE' is finally here on PlayStation3 system!

Dragon Ball Z fans can rest assured that the destructible environment, and character trademark attacks and transformations will be true to the series. Experience the beauty of high-resoluti on, hand-drawn sprites on 3D backgrounds, all in glorious high-definition. Wrath of the Dead Rabbit is an action-packed platform game created by Arkedo studio. Over 10 unique combatants to choose from!

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