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razer panthera mod

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if youre too lazy to figure out which wire (wires from left to right) goes to which button it goes: now that you got the main buttons wired, you need to get power to the kaimana. i used a aatrox wire diagram because there was no info available for the panthera, it wasnt completely accurate, so to save you guys headaches here is the right way the panthera is wired Panthera wiring so looking at the pin out all the top rows are ground and the bottom are the buttons. This is my first post on r/fightsticks. and replace with the new harness (if you keep the old harness you are going to need to cut it in half because its going to connect to the kaimana breakout to pass through the signal.)

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, optional is a 20 pin harness also sold by paradise arcade. somthing like this so you can cut it in half to use the female end and not have to solder to get power.). so ill post some pics tonight after work. Our Network +, Need Help? I was linked to a couple kits, but they're all out of stock. | Legal Terms | Privacy Policy | Cookie Policy, Acceso fácil a los elementos internos y al almacenamiento con solo tocar un botón, Acceso total a los componentes internos y compartimentos de almacenamiento para que puedas modificarlos con facilidad, Estructura de panal en el interior para un fácil montaje con tornillos, Cable USB extraíble y con cierre de tornillo de 3 m (9.8 pies) para una conexión segura. now you are going to to need to find what wires on the pcb match which buttons. i broke one of my J2 leds trying to unplug it so i need to order a couple of extras to have just in case. Hay amplio espacio para dos botones adicionales; esto garantiza que tengas todo el espacio que necesites cuando tengas que mover esta arma de un lugar a otro. A TRUE FIGHTING MACHINE The Razer Panthera Evo is the complete predator when it comes to arcade fight stick controllers—Built with advanced features to complement the lightning quick instincts of those of the fighting game persuasion. overall it was a fun project and hopefully this can help you do it quicker than i did with all my issues. Archived. unplug the 20 pin harness from the pcb.

Tutorial for Razer Panthera Kaimana LED mod. the one in the picture on the site passed the signal from one side to the other while the one i received you needed to twist both ends together and screw them in the same terminal. Razer Panthera: Fully Mod-Capable - Sanwa Joystick and Buttons - Internal Storage Compartment - Tournament Arcade Stick for PS4 and PC: Video Games button wiring. Construcción con completas capacidades mod: El Razer Panthera ha sido fabricado para entusiastas del modding, así que el interior de la plataforma es fácilmente accesible para una adecuada personalización, y tanto el joystick como los botones se pueden cambiar para … ), (optional 2 1 pin jumper cables to use to get power from the pcb for the kaimana mini. feel free to ask questions or let me know where i can improve on this tutorial! 7. i wanted to share this with anyone trying to do this after me so they can avoid the headaches i went through with troubleshooting. im making this because i see it being asked alot if it is possible and i havent seen anyone do it yet or explain how its done.

if you look at the razer pcb the usb cable is soldered to the board, each of the wires match the corresponding pin to the right of it. this is where the optional 1 pin jumper cables would help. This is my first post on r/fightsticks. Easy one-touch access to internals and storage. +, Copyright © 2020 Razer Inc. All rights reserved. Close.

the led mod i am doing it with the kaimana mini kit purchaseable at paradise arcade shop (#not sponsored but one of my leds broke so if they want to send me a couple of extras ill take it lol). Tutorial for Razer Panthera Kaimana LED mod. The Razer Panthera Arcade Stick for PlayStation 4 follows the same principle and has been crafted to allow the same advanced modification that gamers and modders have come to love over the years. have the parts to make the ball light up but i might do that some other time. my punch 1 led j2 broke so thats why it isnt lit, will buy some spares later on. i say "clean up" but its not that neat lol, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the fightsticks community. El Razer Panthera es, en esencia, una máquina de lucha pensada para torneos y diseñada para mejorar tus destrezas en el juego. the 1st goes into the breakout labled vcc and the other in gnd. +, Connect Authentic Sanwa joystick with ball top. wanna change the plexi art but idk if arcade shock is gonna bring back the plexi for the panthera. Before I mod it, I'd like to see what the Panthera looks like with LEDs installed. El Razer Panthera ha sido fabricado para entusiastas del modding, así que el interior de la plataforma es fácilmente accesible para una mayor personalización, y tanto el joystick como los botones se pueden cambiar para adaptarse a tu estilo de juego. im making this because i see it being asked alot if it is possible and i havent seen anyone do it yet or explain how its done. usb wiring i didnt have the 1 pin connectors so i cut up an old computer fan connector and it worked for me but the 1 pins would have been more helpful. The Razer Panthera EVO is built with premium Sanwa hardware components—10 buttons and an 8-way joystick.

Mediante el uso de componentes Sanwa de primera calidad —10 botones con alta capacidad de respuesta y un joystick de 8 direcciones, puedes golpear de manera instantánea y precisa juego tras juego, sin perder un ápice de rendimiento. Fully mod-capable constructions allow competitors to customize the arcade stick to … but you can get full clear or translucent buttons if you want, (optional is a 20 pin harness also sold by paradise arcade, i did that so i wouldnt have to splice the button harness that came in the panthera and i could revert it back to normal if i ever wanted to. 1 kaimana breakout pcb (not included in the kit and i had to order one after because i didnt know i needed it. plug one in the 1st pin and one in the 4th. keep on fighting! So to me this is the first time its being done on the panthera and it took me a while to figure it out. unplug all of the button connectors and replace the default buttons. Creado a partir de años de experiencia en juegos colectivos de consola y arcade de jugadores profesionales y la comunidad Razer, el stick Razer Panthera se diseñó y refinó hasta la perfección a través de innumerables prototipos y una extensa fase de pruebas beta y se ha fabricado para permitir la modificación avanzada, algo esencial para jugadores y modders. A discussion for anything fightstick related, and as a gallery for posting custom-made fightsticks. stick wile playing, light white when pressed. Posted by 3 years ago. (IMPORTANT make sure if you get the breakout board i got the kaimana mini has to be installed in the direction in the picture, if not it wont work) Kaimana direction idky i was sent this breakout and not the one in the picture on the website, but it works as well just slightly differently. so to pull power from the usb we are going to need the red wire and the black. +, Software/Services Además, la parte inferior del compartimento interno se ha diseñado para montarse fácilmente en cualquier ubicación. heres some pics of my stick lit up as well as some of my other mods to it. +, Company El Razer Panthera ha sido fabricado para entusiastas del modding, así que el interior de la plataforma es fácilmente accesible para una mayor personalización, y tanto el joystick como los botones se pueden cambiar para adaptarse a tu estilo de juego. Breakout. Got any pictures of how the stick looks inside once complete? Con un solo toque de botón, el compartimento interno del Razer Panthera se abre para revelar las ranuras especializadas para el almacenamiento del cable con cierre de tornillo extraíble, un joystick tipo bate y un destornillador.

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