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spyderco paramilitary 3

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The Para 3 takes all the proven features and benefits of Spyderco’s best-selling Para Military™2 and distills them into an even more compact all-purpose cutting tool. The Spyderco Para 3 takes all the proven features and benefits of Spyderco’s best-selling Para Military™2 and distills them into an even more compact all-purpose cutting tool. So naturally, it’s going to be a little bit smaller…. Although clearly based on the Paramilitary 2, the Para 3 was not named the Spyderco has always been a company that’s about iteration, not revolution. The Spyderco Paramilitary 3 is the successor of the Spyderco Paramilitary 2. Edge retention OK but will try s110v next. Spyderco product. So the Paramilitary 3 is a full inch shorter when the blade is deployed. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Ethos Loaded Pockets. Read more about cookies on our cookie page. PELICAN CASES While it was significantly smaller than the Military Model significant advantages over the Military's liner lock. Sal Glasser, the Spydiehole and the emergence of Spyderco . …and you can get it with a naked metallic blade, a black blade, and many other blade finishes as well. Please see our The Para 3 is a remarkably refined folding knife with a distinguished Prices shown are in AUD

]. All Rights Reserved, The perfected form of the everyday carry pocket knife: light, slim, great lock, excellent clip and carry, ideal blade shape and geometry, excellent action, perfected ergonomics, Could use a blade steel that holds an edge longer, tough to balance blade play with action, may make you lose interest in knives in general. (And just as a side note the Paramilitary 3 is 2.28 inches shorter than the full-sized Spyderco Military model. That makes it strong and relatively lightweight, but it’s also comfortable and ergonomic in the hand. As such we can offer you ads and content you might be interested in. U.S. made.

Action still a little stiff after about 3 weeks. Spyderco’s best-selling Para 3 folding knife distilled all the key qualities of their time-tested Para Military™ 2 model into an ultra-compact, carry-friendly format. Welcome to the Spyderco Forum Smudgie! What these knives all have in common? Unfortunately I won’t be able to give exact numbers in this category because the prices of these knives are changing all the time…, That being said, both the Paramilitary 2 and the Paramilitary 3 are very close to being the same price. Maxamet is my favorite blade, closely followed by s90v, m390, 52100. Made out of transparent Lucite with facets. Will purchase some nano-oil soon. Paramilitary 2. The blade on the Para 3 is 2.95 inches long, and the handle is 4.29 inches long. …and other times you might find the Paramilitary 3 for around 10 bucks less expensive than the Paramilitary 2. These enhancements quickly established the "Para 2" as one of Spyderco's ORDER ], Spyderco Chaparral Vs Delica [Which Knife Is Best For You? The adjustment to a slightly more compact model increased the wearing comfort. ], Spyderco Endura Vs Military [Which Is The Better Knife For You? Following the staggering success brought about by the 2004 paramilitary model, and its 2010 successor the Para 2, Spyderco has chosen to keep the momentum going by bringing out the Para 3 model. With that said, the Para 3 does faithfully retain all the defining The blade is 3.42 inches long, and the handle is 4.82 inches long.

A hole in the blade. I bought a copy of the Spyderco Paramilitary 3, the smaller version of the Paramilitary 2. All Rights Reserved, Spyderco can still crank out a knife that’s absolutely free of production or manufacturing flaws, this application of the compression lock is fantastic, A PM2 for people that need a sub 3” knife, cuts great, rounded handle edges are more comfortable, Terrible clip placement, non-adjustable stop pin, better similar-priced options out there. package built around a three-inch blade. And both knives sit relatively deep in your pocket.  Tough Protective The blade is made from S30V powder steel. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program (and other potential affiliate networks), an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. It’s a special mechanism designed and patented by Spyderco, and it adds a lot of strength to these particular knife designs. Sypderco Para3 is an ideal size for me at 3” blade of good quality stainless steel that keeps a good edge and is ok to resharpen. handier package. Deployment & Lockup. Now if you want all those same features in a slightly more compact knife, then feel free to go with the Paramilitary 3 because it’s still an awesome choice…. They won’t completely disappear, the way some knives will (with just the clip showing), but they’re both fairly low profile when clipped inside your pocket. The smooth compression lock action, open back, & blade geometry keep me coming back for more. As I mentioned before, CPM S30V is usually regarded as the best knife steel out there because it is very strong and fairly resistant to corrosion…. Based on that feedback, Spyderco went I hope you find the information useful! ), Both the Paramilitary 2 and the Paramilitary 3 have a metal clip, and the really cool thing is that you can set the clip up for tip up carry or for tip down carry and it can go on either side of both knife models…. As befits Spyderco the finish is sublime. of the Paramilitary design.

Material: lead-free tin This second-generation design incorporated an improved complete site search. The Spyderco Paramilitary 3 is also built with high-quality materials. Titanium scales for the Spyderco Paramilitary 3. Carbon fibre scales for the Spyderco Paramilitary 3. Made in USA : C223GPBK Para 3 Just as the Paramilitary 2 is a smaller version of the Military model, the Paramilitary 3 is a smaller version of the Paramilitary 2…, That means that both the blade and the handle are a little bit more compact, but overall, they are very similar to the Para 3’s bigger brother…, Now the blade is a little bit more broad, but again, it largely follows that same shape as the Para 2. Spyderco Military Vs Paramilitary 2 [Which Is The Right Knife For You?

], Spyderco Chaparral Vs Dragonfly [Which Is The Better Knife For You? All rights reserved. ], Spyderco Chaparral Vs Native 5 [Which Is The Better Knife For You?

Knivesandtools uses cookies and similar techniques to make sure we can help you even better. With these cookies we and third parties will be able to follow your behaviour on our website. The Spyderco Paramilitary 2 is built with a lot of high quality materials. So the Paramilitary 2 is 1.28 inches shorter than it’s bigger brother. The design also Both the Paramilitary 2 and the Paramilitary 3 use Spyderco’s Compression Lock. oversized Trademark Round Hole proudly announces the knife's pedigree and ], Spyderco Delica Vs Endura [Which Is The Right Knife For You? Just as with the Para 2, the Para 3 is available in many different blade steels, but the most common is CPM S30V. Which EDC pocket knife should I purchase?

The blade is large enough to perform most of the tasks I use it for. Probably the best pocket-sharpening stone available today. Knife standard for smaller Spyderco knives. Just as with the Para 2, the Para 3 is available in many different blade steels, but the most common is CPM S30V. Features, Fit … a four-position clip that supports all possible carry configurations. The included clip will match the finish of the blade, so it will either be metallic (in color) like the blade or black like the black-bladed versions of these knives.

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