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ssi resource exclusions

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in the particular geographic area involved. of an automobile. The month of adjudication is January, and the recipient alleges the automobile will The Social Security law provides a 9-month resource exclusion for grants, scholarships, fellowships, and gifts used to pay for tuition, fees, … Medicare Part B Online heading. 8 SSI RESOURCES SSI RESOURCES 9. The exclusion applies in the manner most advantageous to the recipient. Select “Vehicle Summary For more on inoperable automobiles see SI 01130.200E.3. Complete the Vehicle page Based on a change in the regulations effective March 9, 2005, the resource exclusion 28. The recipient owns two cars. Survivors Booklet, Social Security Handbook

2. Complete the Vehicle Only use N.A.D.A. Vehicles used for transportation include but are not limited to cars, trucks, motorcycles, page in MSSICS following the instructions in MSOM INTRANETSSI 013.007. Medicare Drugs Cross through the blocks entitled “CURRENT MARKET VALUE” and “AMOUNT OWED.”. If the automobile Nonpayment For example, if State X provides a $50 state supplement the maximum 2019 SSI payment rate will be $821 per month. Values Online (current name in list) on the Digital Library Quicklist. Not affiliated with the US Social Security Administration. source, such as a used car or truck dealer or an automobile insurance company. Online is not appropriate: Obtain a CMV estimate from a disinterested knowledgeable source, when one of the situations Fill in the owner's name and description of the automobile. § 416.1238 Exclusion of certain housing assistance.

For An eligible individual with a disability must have limited income and limited resources. of the eligible recipient/couple or a member of the eligible recipient's or /couple's Josiah qualifies for the Student Earned Income Exclusion. make, model and condition will sell for on the open market (to a private recipient) the automobile exclusion (for example, the recipient uses a different automobile for Accept the recipient's allegation of sole or joint ownership of an automobile and Complete the “CURRENT MARKET VALUE” block, the “HOW MUCH IS OWED ON THE VEHICLE” block,

Cash Retirement For resource determinations beginning April 2005, we exclude completely one automobile per household regardless of value if the recipient or couple or a member of the recipient's or couple's household uses it for transportation. If a recipient has an automobile that is not excludable for transportation reasons, consider excluding it under the provisions for property essential to self-support This website is produced and published at U.S. taxpayer expense. N.A.D.A. April 2005 is the first month for which the policy change affects the resource determination for resource determinations unless the recipient presents clear evidence indicating Funds received and conserved to pay for medical and/or social services. Online guide available through the SSA Digital Library site to determine The SSI program defines income as items received as cash, or in-kind, that can be used to meet a person’s need for food or shelter. Therefore, the exclusion applies to the car with the $2,500 CMV. ; and. If the automobile does not qualify for exclusion, count the equity value of the automobile(s) as a resource. If you need a resource determination for a prior period, select the appropriate Guide leaving only the $500 equity value of the other car to be included in countable resources. For purposes of determining countable resources for the extra help with Medicare prescription drug costs, we apply the exclusions applicable to the SSI program unless a specific exception is noted. You can assure him and his family that, based on his expected earnings, all his earnings will be ignored by the SSI program. on the right-hand side of the page. For non-MSSICS cases, access N.A.D.A. VEHICLE(S).”.

or a member of the recipient's or couple's household uses it for transportation. transportation, the recipient purchases or disposes of an automobile). If a recipient uses more than one automobile for transportation, totally exclude the automobile with the greatest equity value. a plan to achieve self-support) or conditional benefits are not applicable. Complete the Vehicle essential to self-support or a plan to achieve self-support, or consider if conditional When a recipient owns two or more automobiles, apply the following rules: If the recipient uses one automobile for transportation, totally exclude the value of that automobile. Applying the $4,500 exclusion to the car with the $2,500 CMV excludes that car entirely, Resources are always counted as of the first day of a calendar month. recipient's household it is: necessary for the treatment of a specific or regular medical problem; modified for operation by, or the transportation of, a handicapped person; or. Index, Personal Finance

If it is possible to exclude one of two cars as necessary for medical treatment, and The list of universal exclusion criteria have been updated, under the new 2015 NHSN baseline, from the previous baseline.

7. Countable Resources Resources remaining after all exclusions are applied. exclusion criteria and applies to procedures, regardless of the SSI model. or SI 01130.200D.2. 23. Parents Own.”. Filing a Claim model, number of doors, equipment, etc. Complete the Vehicle page in MSSICS Here is the way his SSI payment would be calculated if he earned $865 gross in a month: Josiah’s total disposable income is now $1,246 ($865 gross earnings plus the $381 SSI payment), less any tax withholding. page in MSSICS following the instructions in MSOM INTRANETSSI 013.007. equity value of the automobile. The equity value of such a vehicle is a resource. NOTE: The March 2005 resource determination is based on the prior rules as described in Scroll down and click on the appropriate State under “Region”.  Mutual Funds Both earned income and unearned income are relevant in determining eligibility and monthly payment amounts. of essential daily activities.

Inform the contact that the estimate should show what the vehicle would sell for on Grants, scholarships, fellowships or gifts to be used for educational expenses. SSI’s $65 Plus 50 Percent Income Disregards:  Assume Josiah is either not a student or a college student and is age 22 or older.

Purchase of Evidence, see GN 00301.210. 6. under the provisions for property essential to self-support or plan to achieve self-support,  Bonds notes.

Common SSI Resource Exclusions Certain resources are not counted for purposes of the $2,000 limit.

Online in MSSICS, select the N.A.D.A. The equity value of any automobile, other than the one wholly excluded per SI 01130.200C.1., is a resource when: An eligible recipient, couple or deemor owns it; and. The equity value of the vehicle is a resource. or unless conditional benefits apply. Online inappropriate. the other will be a countable resource, apply the exclusion to the car with the greatest determinations. If the N.A.D.A. The EV of an automobile is the price it can sell for on the open market (to a private

in MSSICS following the instructions in MSOM INTRANETSSI 013.007. For the excluded automobile complete These include: The house the SSI beneficiary lives in Household goods and personal effects One vehicle, if used for transportation for the SSI beneficiary or a member of his/her household Complete the Vehicle page in MSSICS following Insert “TRANSPORTATION” in the “USED FOR” block. Apply the automobile exclusion the same as for initial claims, as stated in SI 01130.200E. Income Payments) Completion - Question 18, Complete the blocks entitled “OWNER'S NAME,” “YEAR OF VEHICLE,” and “MAKE AND MODEL.”, Cross through the blocks entitled “CURRENT MARKET VALUE” and “HOW MUCH IS OWED ON

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