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stardew valley kale vs potato

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Money invested early is better than an extra bit later. All Rights Reserved. Green beans aren't a bad choice. Menu items are now more compact on smaller screens If you want to play for fun, then literally any strategy is on the table, including taking it easy in the Spring. You can learn new cooking recipes in Stardew Valley by watching the cooking show, "Queen of Sauce," on TV on Wednesday and Sundays (you need to purchase a TV) or by befriending villagers, who will send you recipes through the mailbox after you have reached a certain friendship level. The only other thing I would add is Kale and barn animals represent the most efficient way to increase farming level, and kale synergizes well with basic fertalizer....this until strawberries. Cauliflowers and rhubarb are the best behind strawberries to grow for profit during spring. Jul … New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the StardewValley community. Spookiebee. During rainy days it is best to fish in the Town but the best place is not beside joja mart but at the bottom left of the map below Jodi's house since you'd get better quality fish there. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Stardew Valley is an award-winning game that provides you with a role to play gameplay in a simulation where you are escaping the city hustle to your grandfather’s farm Stardew Valley, it is not an open-world game, but there are plenty of places to explore.

(Multiplayer isn't supported on mobile). Make sure if you catch carp twice in a row change spots in the mountain lake as it gives the lowest xp of any fish.

In Summer/Fall, catch those super cucumbers past the barrier bridge fish at dock. Penny for me. If you have any problems with it, please let me know; Added Discord contact; 10th Apri 2017. There are also growth times listed along with the seed cost at the general store. Potatoes are averagely good. That’s from an efficiency standpoint, farming is 100% worth it.

She is the only one who cares about Linus and that's how she melted my heart. Was this site helpful to you? All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews ... All of them have their activities, and all of them are couch potatoes most of the time. Welcome to our Stardew Valley cooking and recipes guide. The upgrade will include a stove and a refrigerator, which will allow you to cook. The next day I sell the fish, buy 40 potatoes, 40 parsnips and the first backpack upgrade. It makes the game so much more enjoyable.

Also if you're talking profit I would not overlook crops. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). The +1 makes level 4 and the cast can reach gold fish. GrimHurricane. Buy the fiberglass rod, ~60 bait, and hopefully 3 trout soup. That gives level 7 farming going into summer and, with a focus on mining, ~50 quality sprinklers. All the other fish, you don't sell until your fish skill is 10 and you sell everything for 50% more excluding the carp. Sell any glitter but hold the fish till tomorrow. People hate watering crops and can’t make many quality sprinklers in Spring, so it could be better to go easy on the farming. If it rains or is fall/winter, then its best for fish in the rivers of the town i.e., by jojo mart. I like how mine plays out. Gus at the Saloon also has a few recipes. I don't hold fish waiting for level 10. It's well worth it for the hundreds of crops worth of passive income you'd get in the second part of spring and going into summer and onwards. Go to Robin to purchase an upgrade. You can learn new cooking recipes in Stardew Valley by watching the cooking show, "Queen of Sauce," on TV on Wednesday and Sundays (you need to purchase a TV) or by befriending villagers, who will send you recipes through the mailbox after you have reached a certain friendship level. TY for pointing distinguishing fishing level from fishing rod types; now I have even less reason to get iridium rod. You agree to the use of cookies by continuing to use this website. That's all you catch and the best it doesn't matter which fishing rod you use; that only effects the quality of fish not your chance to catch these. Our Privacy Policy contains more information about how we use cookies. What's worth cooking in Stardew Valley? Added Stardew Valley merchandise shop banner. My strategy... Day 2, I fish all day at the mountain lake and ship my fish that night, plus any glitter from treasure chests. 24 mayonnaise per day is plenty of profit and you can complete that by the end of Spring. In Spring on a Rainy day, it might be worth fishing in the river by jojo mart. That’s for sure worth it. One Lonely Outpost is a unique farming simulation game that is more in-depth than most games I have played in this genre. Day 3, go straight to the beach and fish until Willy opens. Sashimi for any fish that sells for less than 75g is worth cooking. The reason is in Spring you catch carp, bullhead and large mouth, and in the summer/winter add sturgeon. I wouldn't day it makes it more enjoyable but it does seem fun to ignore crops for a playthrough. Other recipes that are worth cooking include Spicy Eel and Crab Cakes, which are excellent for mining trips, foods that boost fishing skill, and foods that boost foraging skills. Should get level 5 by closing time. Only ingredients in the refrigerator or in your inventory are usable items for a recipe. I find the kale vs potatoes quite debatable since buying 235 potatoes is still cheaper than 194 kale and you'd end up with 3000g+ more profit that you can put towards strawberries. You can get to level 80+ mid spring and craft quality sprinklers and just passive farm hundreds of strawberries.

So what is this strategy well you will be befriending linus because in the summer he will give you a sashimi recipe, so you can sell the hundreds of carp you have accumulated for 75g each; this requires a 10 000 house upgrade to get the kitchen though. Cookies on this website are used to improve your experience and display advertising. Store the items that you want to cook in the refrigerator (which has 36 slots). After that, you’re correct that the Mountain Lake is better. It’s best to fish in Cindersap forest days 2 and 3 for Spring. In order to cook a recipe, you must have learned that recipe. Coincidentally, its also the place you are most likely to see bubbles for increased bite chance. feel free to have a debate in the comments lmao < > Showing 1-10 of 10 comments . You can start cooking in Stardew Valley after the first upgrade of your farmhouse. Garlic and green beans are actually of the worst crops to grow. Stardew Valley is an open-ended country-life RPG with support for 1–4 players. Potatoes, garlic (year 2), and dem green beans. Also, planting potatoes is worth it as well for the farming levels. In general in Spring it is best to fish at Mountain Lake from 6am to 7pm, and then in the ocean by the rock thereafter. Idk what Penny does, but Haley is just standing in the house like a statue. Jul 6 @ 9:51am Potato vs Cauliflower Which is better? Added Stardew Valley expansion map under custom layouts; Changed how layout changing works. Crops are too much work and not enough benefit for Year 1 Spring / Summer. If you fish a lot or have crab pots, you will have lots of fish. As an example you need 194 just kale to reach farming level 6, and 235 potato to get the same farming level; crops that give more than 1 potato only count as 1 potato for farming level XP. In order to get 24 chickens, the cheapest option is to build 6 coops which would cost you 43200g, 1800 pieces of wood and 600 stone (or if you would rather two fully upgraded coops for autofeeder and incubator and stuff that's 87200g, 2400 pieces of wood and 900 stone). © Valve Corporation. They're just behind cauliflower on profit Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Stardew Valley.

A fish would on average be worth 52g in the mountains after 7pm but only 47g in the ocean, not to mention the few fish you'd miss during your walk all the way down to the ocean. Fishing in spring is best done in the mountains on non-rainy days even after 7pm. All rights reserved. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Explore more by going to our "Sashimi" section to learn which fish is worthwhile converting to sashimi by fishing skill level. I’ve gotten 400 strawberries from the first festival, and I know someone who has gotten over 500. Sashimi is also generally liked by many villagers as a gift. I grow 80 each of parsnips, potatoes, and Cauli. You find yourself on a far away deserted … The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Alex visits his grandparents now and then, but he's usually a potato. This is the growth time in days I'm seeing in game now.

Normal Sold For: 50g Silver Sold For: 62g Gold Sold For: 75g Cauliflower (80g) – Grows for 12 days. Head back to the mountain and as soon as I get level 3(should already have it) I eat a trout soup. The following are a list of all spring crops in Stardew Valley and their prices at base value. Everybody plays their own game. The seeds are available at Pierre's General Store starting in Year 2. I also usually get quality sprinklers by mid spring, it's totally doable and I'm not sure what you mean by too many upgrades since the only upgrade you'd want to have is a copper pickaxe.

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