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steinmetz and tesla

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The spectre of the aether would haunt him. all of its patents and designs, was bought by the newly formed General Electric Company, where he quickly became known as the engineering wizard in GE's engineering community. if anything in the future needs to be discussed more privately, I am happy to correspond by the usual email. And while Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison have captured the public's imagination -- and come to represent the opposing sides in the battle between direct and alternating currents -- they weren't the only great minds and colorful characters working in electricity at the time. Never expected to get this article so soon. good things of life for everybody.". The man from the photo in the Radio Corporation of America (RCA) is John Renshaw Carson and not Nikola Tesla as it's explained in this section.

Hi CADXX, I believe you are the same guy that puts up the fascinating stuff about Nikola Tesla and his downfall due to the establishment, and other science corruption on YouTube. If you seriously want to follow this up, I will reveal the identity of that ‘so called Professor’, as he turned quite nasty once he was ‘got to’ by his money masters!! And spacetime is intrinsically tied to the EM field.

It’s pretty pathetic but the education system churns-out dummies who think memory repetitions are wisdom and intelligence. Wiki: Initially messages were sent by an operator sending Morse code. RCA News, Volume 2 By Radio Corporation of America (1921) identified the participants (reading from left to right) as: Mr James Casey special representative of the New York Herald, W. A. Graham, Pillsbury of the Radio Corporation, Dr Saul Dushman of the General Electric Co, Mr RH Ranger (Richard Howland His seminal books and many other AIEE papers "taught a whole generation of engineers how to deal with AC phenomena". In 1916, after Einstein completed his foundational work on general relativity, Lorentz wrote a letter to him in which he speculated that within general relativity the aether was re-introduced. Charles Proteus Steinmetz (April 9, 1865 – October 26, 1923) was a German-born American mathematician and electrical engineer. The Law of Hysteresis, or Steinmetz's Law, helped minimize losses of electric power caused by magnetism and allowed for the transmission of electric power over long distances. Teams of camera-equipped youths navigated their way and documented the rusting coils and huge locks on their blogs. At this office Professor Einstein was shown the method of remote control whereby the operators there control the powerful While working for George Westinghouse, Stanley conceived of a system of generators, transformers and transmission lines that would allow for a safe alternating current power system. simple problem of algebra". I’m sure I’ve done more than one page on the subject but I’ll check. Have you come across them? Subsequent photos of this meeting, located in the GE Archives and made available by UPI, curiously (and with poor retouching) show only Einstein and Steinmetz. I personally know a scientist who refused to look at that Hubble equation, once he realized it challenged his University’s viewpoint!!! W. A. Winterbottom, David Sarnoff, Thomas J. Hayden of the Radio Corporation, Ernst Julius Berg, S. Benedict of the General Electric Co, Professor Albert Einstein, Mr John My journey through life has taught me that things are not the way we are told. These closed tubes which are supposed to be present in the ether whether electric forces exist or not, impart a fibrous structure to the ether.” Kemmler lost his appeal and suffered a particularly gruesome execution. religion his family "nominally" belonged to. Once the aether was gone there would be no free energy and no antigravity, which is exactly what happened. In 1893 Eickemeyer's company, along with During this period ALL the prototypes of ALL of our modern electrical technology were discovered devised prototyped and invented. Shall we follow this one up?

He fostered the development of alternating current that made possible the expansion of the electric power industry in the United States, formulating mathematical theories for engineers. The 1866 cable could transmit eight words a minute[61] – 80 times faster than the 1858 cable. Charles Proteus Steinmetz was a good engineer and mathematician. His electron research supports the mainstream and his aether research denies it. The original photograph of all three personalities (accompanied by another unidentified individual) are rare and difficult to find. For this equation, a parsec is the standard unit of 3.26 light years, and C is the speed of light in the Aether. Electricity pioneer Charles Proteus Steinmetz (center in light-colored suit) poses with Albert Einstein (immediate left) and other inventors at the RCA Brunswick, New Jersey, wireless station in 1921. In this example, who is to say who contributed more to the development of electricity. I Emailed WordPress and I’m waiting to hear from them. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Westinghouse secured the rights to the invention and although Diehl's "induction incandescent lamp" was never mass-produced, it caused Edison to lower the cost of his patent rights and reduced the price of incandescent bulbs.

Wiki: Charles Proteus Steinmetz (born Karl August Rudolph Steinmetz, April 9, 1865 – October 26, 1923) was a German-born American mathematician and electrical engineer and professor at Union College.

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