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tom ford velvet orchid review

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Please read the Terms of Service and Privacy policy. Disappointing. Just don't enjoy that type of smell yet. If you find Black Orchid lovely, but a tadddd too weird, try Velvet Orchid out. YUM YUM YUM. And I love CN so I like this as well. But I guess that is Tom Ford's main image. There are perfumes that know what they are doing and there are perfumes on an identity crisis. I love this sooo much! I got so many compliments at work today and a woman came up to me as I was out having lunch and asked me what that beautiful fragrance was that I was wearing. I had such high hopes for this fragrance, I was expecting a more powder soft finish, like a cosy warm musk sweet element. Bought it at Sephora for 80 bucks. Is that possible at all or did I just get scammed? Velvet Orchid is just a lush, sexy scent that somehow manages to be office-friendly and yet utterly unique and attention-grabbing. This has more 'solar' type smelling florals to me than either of the blacks, it's also got the rum and benzoin that are pretty prominent to me. I'm a makeup artist and I stock his products in my kit. Unfortunately my lifestyle does not include many such events, thus I wear this fragrance casually. It's not terrible, it's just.... a little undercooked. I understand they fill the sprayers themselves. .but in a modern way..if that makes sense..It doesn't smell soo mature where a 30 year old wouldn't enjoy it..Deff find I enjoy it best when it's super cold & a night on the town..I usually like to layer my scents but haven't really found anything that pairs nice with this, I do sometimes do a couple squirts of BO with it too, but as with most TF scents it stands fine alone.. longevity on me I think could be a lil better but sillage is pretty decent. I guess I got too excited and without even smelling the bottle, I sprayed twice on each arm, both sides of my neck and one spritz on my shirt (which is what I do with my lighter fragrances, silly me) woooooaaaaaah, I could definitely smell the rum! Which is why I'm battling a love hate relationship with it, at times it quickly settles and I get a quick lovely lighter BO clone only more powdery boozy sour.. then other times I'm just like holy florals hurry up and dry down..VO off puts a vintage-esque quality IMO kinda borderline mum mum. Does anyone want to swap a Black Orchid for my Velvet Orchid? I didn't want to like Velvet Orchid (or anything Tom Ford puts out for that matter), but I fell in love with this fragrance and had to have it. I will wear this often this fall and winter.

I can see it just like a movie. I'm in love with this perfume. Sorry but I just smell the rum and the myrrh...I get some of the flowers but quite confused. I love the mint here, why is it not on the list, well probably b/c its myrrh.

10/10. This fragrance is very nice- rich, dark and sweet but not too sweet. This fragrance is my one true love. This is for the modern femme fatale. It's sweet, floral, deep and unique.

It is intense in its opening, but not shrill style. It is dark, definitely unisex, and don't know what else. One last male fragrance comparison ladies:). Definitely suited for fall or winter in my opinion and a sexy night time fragrance too. I love the design of the bottle, the longevity is through the roof. This has great longevity and big sillage. Scent - earthy jasmine, honey, vanilla, orchid, creamy sandalwood & rum. The notes make sense and it could be a summer version of BO but it's just not. Very pleasing scent. The opening is slightly fruity and bright, and the drydown is a little bit dark and leathery. That being said I still definitely prefer the original. The first part of the fragrance is my favorite because I really do taste something like honey wine. I love most Tom ford Fragrances and Black Orchid is my absolute favourite, so it's not a surprise that I love this. I don’t think it’s loud or overbearing but I wouldn’t consider it office safe or the best choice in warmer temperatures. My first understanding of what "boozy" smells like. I tested the Velvet Orchid. I can detect its relation to Black Orchid and I like the orchid note on the dry-down, but the over-the-top alcoholic sweetness doesn't go away on my skin. My favorite fragrance from Tom ford! It's so much softer than Black Orchid, which I wasn't really a fan of. I have to want to smell this fragrance all around me. Very similar to secret obsession by ck, which is much cheaper.

Beautiful fragrance, but I don’t wear it as often as I should. CK Shock and Joop Wild are similar to one another as well. Luxurious and dear, but the perfume does not impress me so much, especially for the price class. It lasts for a long time too (which is rare for me). This is my second review for VO, since i just bought myself a used bottle. Hmmm what can I say really that hasn't been stated yet.. well Velvet Orchid yes does retain the DNA heart of Black Orchid, but I find with Velvet the florals are deff. I love Velvet Orchid but I longed for a more sweet musky mellowness and Ellen Bronze does that for this scent. This beautiful, deep, intoxicating scent reminds me of the brand new Victoria's Secret - VERY SEXY ORCHID. It was during holiday season and I was in a department store, spraying several fragrances on my arm, when I arrived home 1 smell did stand out and it was velvet orchid. Within my collection I think this is one of my crowdpleasers, but it sure doesn't smell basic. When I wear this, I can't quit sniffing myself. The name really suits this fragrance well. This fragrance is definitely a well blended floral, quite cold smelling and on my skin it lasts eons long. I really like this Orchid, this myrrh dominated fragrance. The dry down is musk and suede or leather with a little vanilla and balsamic notes of myrrh incense and sandalwood. , which holds so much more sophistication. Tried this today at Sephora. When smelling it "expensive" comes to mind. Creamy, smooth, voluptuous, yet not overwhelming. @sarahmfarid, if it smells strong and accurate, you probably got one of the first batches produced! On me this fragrance is a beautiful floral fragrance and it embraces my three all time favorite flowers of heliotrope rose and orchid.

I've also never had such a deep, dark orchid fragrance present itself so well. I haven't tried BO, so I cannot compare the two. I have not tried the original Black Orchid, despite loving the notes. Fill in sparse brows and tame the... Our list of 20 red lipsticks has something for beauties of all skin tones. I am not the hugest fan of the original Black Orchid even though I have struggled to overcome it.

I love it!! Lovely stuff. But I find it too over-the-top, too boozy, too flowery, too sickly sweet.

Discover your next HG foundation on this list of our users absolute... More reviews, photos and discussions for TOM FORD. A must in my collection. Ohhhhhh. But after a few hours it feels strong, musky, unclean, an older persons scent and it lingers on clothing (not in a good way). Right away this reminded me of White Shoulders. My husband agreed, briefly considering it for himself before ultimately deciding it veered too feminine for his tastes. As a man really been into TF Orchids lately.

I can smell it on myself all day long.

Well, it's my birthday soon, so I guess I'll be asking my friends and family for giftvouchers. They're made ahead of time to allow for distribution to the stores prior to release.

5 with

It's one of my favorite notes. This is a lovely creamy sweet perfume. Velvet Orchid is everything good about BO without the slimy, old mushroom. There is a richness of rum and honey that supports and undergirds this entire fragrance.

Love Black orchid, presumed I would love this too, but underneath the very-similar -to-BlackOrchid scent is a note I do not like, it’s something savoury, cumin or curry leaf, maybe both. Sprayed this on my wrist yesterday mid-afternoon. I tried to wear BO a few times and I just can't do it. Offbeat but glam; that's how I would describe Tom Ford's Orchid family. Gorgeous fragrance. I loved it so much that I just had to have it and it is worth every penny. What can I say, this fragrance is nice but not as impressive as it's older sister Black Orchid. Also the rum and suede makes it good for men to wear. I keep taking chances on blind buys based on all of your wonderful descriptions and from what I know I like in a fragrance. After about 20 minutes this dries down to a sweet, soft sandlewood scent on me and smells somewhat unisex. The DNA connection between the two fragrances, however, is undeniable.


She's still a tigress, but now she purrs when she use to prowl! The good is that this is a rich, long-lasting, well-crafted TF fragrance. Velvet Orchid was created by Yann Vasnier, Calice Becker, Shyamala Maisondieu and Antoine Maisondieu. I ordered a tester on ebay to try it after all I`ve read and heard here. Coconut is not listed in the notes. Velvety and smooth on my skin. It's very easy to breeze past this and not get the full effect. So luxurious. I adore dark purple. Although it’s complex with a lot going on, to me this is mainly purple flowers, rum and vanilla (and the dry down turns slightly powdery). She knows what she has and uses everything in her arsenal, taking no prisoners. I’m still trying to figure this one out. I prefer this to Black Orchid on my skin.

Just an absolute dream in a bottle, Velvet Orchid, the name fits it to perfection, an absolutely perfect combination of Black Orchid, Honey and Vanilla. It truly did merit the cost of the bottle and it was a stunning scent . Got this today in a mail and because Ive been obsessed with black orchid for years I got this one because it simply reminds me of the black orchid. Classy, black power suit sexy, Cream power suit kinda sexy, leather dress sexy, long trench sexy, red wine in silk pajamas on the couch sexy... and all things sexy. I've never tried Black Orchid so I can't compare but I think Velvet Orchid is a rich and beautiful fragrance. We had a hippie/gypsy bookstore in Salt Lake City where I grew up. This is a must have for a night out! It is boozy when you first spray it but (thankfully, in my opinion) it doesn't stay that sharp for long. And boy, do I love myrrh! A boozy, honeyed, woody, floral. Well I guess I know now . As rich as it is, I expected it to have a bit more staying power, and frankly, for the price is *should* last longer. I don't know if it affects those around me in this way. And underneath the creamy layer is what I don't like. I have waited a couple of hours with VO on my arm.

The first notes I smell are the citrus mandarin and bergamot orange, alcohol rum and sweet honey. Tom ford can truly do no wrong! My boyfriend compliments me every time I wear this perfume. Was about to sell this one, but an hour after spraying it, it smelled just like a woman I saw in the street yesterday and that was too in a hurry for me to ask her what was her wonderful fragrance. I could bathe in this all day! It is a 3.4 fl.oz bottle and I there is about 85% left. The Favourite is the latest fragrance by British brand Penhaligon's and the story behind it is inspiring. It leans to the fem side, but I think a man could wear it too, as I do. Мога да кажа със сигурност, че орхидеята,ванилията,перувианския балсам и меда доминират. I think it has all the richness of Black Orchid but just so much more feminine - cannot wait to try the Lumiere version too.

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