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university of phoenix reviews

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Claim your business to immediately update business information, respond to reviews, and more! "What was your major?" My family's experience at the University of Phoenix has been such a disappointment and very frustrating. In fact, of the two hundred or so students in my graduating class of 2004 only about half actually completed the Masters. I explained to them that as a disabled veteran it is hard for me to work and the va was taking care of this. We value your privacy.

I get so tired of people saying it is not a good school. That should be my perogitive as a paying customer. I have obtained two degrees from UOP and feel the school is what you make of it. The only thing that I would like to see changed is the deadline time to have your work in for the week. I can pay the funds. Was told after three years, I had to take an introduction class to the school. Mysteriously, on Sunday night, all of week 1 and 2 grades will populate and show that you have 100% or 99% in the class. Dealing with financial aid department has been the biggest pain in my butt. I have had an ongoing issue as a current student in receiving my Financial Aid for months now.

That is another reason why I decided to earn both my AA and BS here. “The university of phoenix is no different than any other institution of higher learning.” in 2 reviews, “The school was considered very good until regular colleges started offering online degrees.” in 2 reviews, “If I could have attended a traditional school and still work full-time I would have.” in 2 reviews, in Educational Services, Vocational & Technical School. We were extremely disappointed about the cancellation of our remaining 2020 commencement ceremonies, but we'll be offering more virtual ceremonies later this year and hope to have the dates announced soon. The online platform is very user-friendly, even for the newest students.

The University of Phoenix is a for-profit institution for higher learning.

I already have a bachelors degree and the enrollment counselor told me it would take 2 months to receive my transcripts and that I should just take a class or two until they get there. Hi Rhonda, congratulations on your accomplishment! If I have to, I will be driving to the University Of Phoenix office in Phoenix, AZ to have this issue corrected and get this professor on a corrective action plan! It will be week 3 before any grading is completed for weeks 1 and 2.

Online is the way to go. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt when I started my IT degree, I was encouraged to proceed and complete the degree, however, I did not feel I got enough hands-on training or opportunities to intern and expand my knowledge. I have obtained two degrees from UOP and feel the school is what you make of it. They really need to come up with better systems... First, I want to let everyone know a lot of companies do hire employees if they are University of Phoenix graduates. -Craig, Community Manager, Thank you for taking the time to leave a review, Julia! "I loved it. The concept is a little weird as they force you to work with others in a team environment - and what I am finding is that about 1/3 of the team members are useless. DO NOT GO TO UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX.

I have gained so much confidence and doing really well with the support from my staff.

No additional instructions were given, and now you gave me a "D" because you simply didn't like my assignment. I have 2 classes left before graduating from University of Phoenix with my additional degree. Over all it has been a great experience and I look forward to continuing with UOP for some time. I spent almost a year before I decided on taking my degree program with UOP.

Unfortunately, not all their press has been good. Got a question about University of Phoenix? I'm sure it will help upcoming students in the future.

I just wanted to know information, she was trying to enroll me from the first phone call.

We're happy to hear about your experience, Gennifer!

I would still recommend the school. I along with several other students believe it is all their jobs to cause problems and make your program extend out longer so this school can keep charging you more money. Are you disciplined enough to work on your own? He treated me like I was the money hungry bimbo! Courses are a mess.

I'm currently taking my courses online which is way easier due to my schedule.

- Andres. So, don't expect to receive a final grade within the last week of the class. I almost think they give more work to compensate you attending online classes. Enter the University of Phoenix. They deliberately failed me with a grade of 3.25. UOP is a great school for a great education. She helped me make my education happen. Answering discussion questions, worksheets, papers, and power point presentations are graded with full points just because you submitted the assignment.…, Maria Perez is a great enrollment counselor. I decided to transfer to a non profit instead and it was then that they could email me and call me when they realized their money was walking away. Professor:  Amy May. I graduated from there hollow halls years ago and I felt like they were out to drain every last dollar out of me .

Wow! Our hope is that everyone enjoys their UOPX experience.

We intend on holding more of these events later this year, and suggest emailing us here for more details: University of Phoenix BS in Accounting reviews, University of Phoenix School of Nursing reviews. It would be more beneficial and educational to attend a state university or community college.I really don't like giving "one star" to companies, so I hope it shows how strongly I feel this institution should be avoided. Anyone who says you buy your degree has not taken a class here. -Craig, Community Manager, Thanks for your review, Stephanie! University Of Phoenix (online) is great fit for anyone who needs flexibility.

), they will keep going back and forth with little results. I would not give them ANY stars if I could. If there was anything that I could change, it would be the opportunity to go in person instead of online to get the full college experience.

I left the university because they were dropping me from classes just to get additional money from financial aid ( I was a straight A student for two whole years!) They take out fraudulent loans in your name. At UCCS I was looking at taking out loans in excess of $50,000 and that interest rates that were closer to 5%.

When a school specializes in providing degree programs through online classes and programs, they are considered a distance learning institution. NOPE! Poor handling at best if I don't get my refund I guess we can call it something else. The University of Phoenix offers a lot of programs, a person must choose what works best for them. I don't know why they think it's any different than a school you actually physically attend. 2) People say they can't get a job with a UOP degree?

Although many of my professors were relentless in quality of work and participation.

Especially now with the pandemic, it is the perfect opportunity to begin or continue your education! Please email us at with more information. Knowing what you're getting into is really something everyone needs to explore before enrolling. I am truly grateful for the University of Phoenix.

I dislike that you can't pick your professors.

I completed my MBA and almost half my doctorate in good financial standing the whole time. -Craig, Community Manager, Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, Christine. This university needs to be shut down just like the ITT Tech scam!!! I was honest with the University before I enrolled and was assured my situation was not going to be an issue. None of that would've been possible if I had simply gone from my teaching license as UCCS was offering back then.

Mind you, I enrolled with Phoenix University without reading the reviews or having knowledge of their past financial exploits only to find out the Government sanctions handed down upon them after the fact for their less than ideal business practices. Only two classes have ever drawn me in that way. The university of phoenix is no different than any other institution of, The school was considered very good until regular colleges started offering, "I am writing this review as I am a current student of GCU and find it unfair that many people who have negatively reviewed this school has either never attended GCU, was kicked out for bad grades or complaining about parking spots…", "I passed & learned some skills but I think if I was told what was important out of all the information, it would've been helpful while taking the written test.

I say this to give an honest assessment of the school. The financial choice was clear back in the early 2000s.

Let me enlighten you with some background information.

My GPA is a 3.97, and I am always looking for a challenge, this class challenged me, and pulled me to the next level. This is such a joke not to mention frustrating. They have some great teachers but studying here will be painful because of other reasons. I was trying to decide if I wanted to go back to school and there were specific circumstances I had to consider. University of Phoenix Reviews. -Craig, Community Manager, Your feedback is important to us. -Craig, Community Manager.

Having come from a community college to UOP, I appreciated the adult treatment. I have been with this university since 2018 and I love it! I was hassled by my financial aid "adviser", my student counselor was not interested in my education, and the login requirements per week were the highest of any online school I've ever attended. If you do have experience, then work on your interview skills or have your resume done by a professional. University of Phoenix was a great school for the working adult. in Public Administration next March and have had a great journey with UoP so far! In the long run, students aren't really learning what they should be learning. Attending UOP was such a great experience for me. 3) Is the degree accredited? The program requires online students to fly out to Phoenix 3x a year for residency I, II, and III. I told them to forget it and cancel. Your feedback is important to us.

Go Phoenix!

I took all of my courses online. All the teachers were great, strict, organized and to the point. The University of Phoenix is an excellent school.

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