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vegan sponge cake with egg replacer

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Thank you so much for your recipes. Hope it turns out well! any idea why? Taste is a unique personal phenomena so you will have to decide! I just made this cake… and OMG its soooo good! Thank you again!!!”. I cannot be 100% sure why it happens, but I will suspect the oils (vs butter) that we are using and lack of aeration in the recipe from eggs in traditional recipes can be the cause. I have been going nuts over all your blogs and I wish I had all the time in the world to bake all of them!! Hi from the UK, Gretchen. Hi Gretchen.. my question , since my family only dislikes eggs, can i replace soy milk with normal milk and vegan butter with margarine (i cant get vegan butter where i live ). When I took them out, the top was super dry and cookie-ish and at some parts even slightly burned – the insight, in comparison, was super moist. Awesome!!!

Is this cake supposed to be extra moist? I can’t wait for peoples comments at work tomorrow. Since I don’t use eggs anymore, I cannot say how it would turn out if you did use them instead. Also, can I sub the granulated sugar for raw cane sugar? Just wondering if this recipe will work with applesauce instead of flax seed as the egg replacer? colored cake LOL but otherwise, I am not sure how it will work, if you try it let me know please!

Preheat the oven to 375° F (190° C) even though you are going to be baking it at 350° F (176° C).

It whipped up a treat and the addition of the icing sugar turned it glossy. The original recipe I used here is to replace 2 eggs. Your recipes are amazing. Thank you so much! Sprinkle the top of the cake with a dusting of powdered sugar.

Yes absolutely! , Hi, (Don't over mix.).

I’ve used applesauce as an egg sub but my cakes have always come out soft and crumbly. This looks fab Kate, and great tip on the Tomor which I’ve never heard of. Get lots of air into the buttercream – I often use a whisk attachment on my food mixer for this (rather than the beater). Hi gretchen, Hi Piyu, thankyou!! As I only need it egg free, can I use normal dairy rather than dairy free / soya yoghurt etc? Thanks! It’s fluffy, has a great bounce and tastes amazing!

Hi Hannah, to be honest I’ve never tried it with oil so couldn’t tell you how it would turn out – sorry! The different brands have different water contents and this could be a problem. ❤️ I was planning on making it a naked cake , I have just made this as a two tier wedding cake and it was absolutely excellent! Click on About Me to find out more or Recipes to get cooking! Any suggestions on how I can adapt it? you might also enjoy these vegan recipes from The Veg Space: For more vegan baking inspiration check out these recipes from blogger friends: Filed Under: Pinned Posts, Vegan Baking Recipes, Vegan Recipes Tagged With: cake. Counter-intuitively, egg replacer is not a substitute for whole eggs, so forget about using it to make vegan scrambled eggs, omelets, or flan.

With my batter you can see the brown speckles that came from the milled flax seeds, another obvious difference from your batter.

Hi Jeri thanks for the feedback I am so happy your cake came out great!

This is the best sponge I’ve ever baked, vegan or not. Gummy, falling apart, heavy dense, you name it- to me it was all unacceptable! You are the best I can’t wait to make this cake. I had a slight issue, when I removed the cake from the oven, it deflated !!! Add the oil, vanilla, and 1/2 of the carbonated water to the dry ingredients and stir with a whisk until you have a smooth thick batter. Thanks for your support and encouragement though the ages! Do you think that if I added the lemon into the wet ingredients and folded poppy seeds in with the flour that I could adapt the above recipe? That’s when I remembered that you can use carbonated water in baking to replace eggs. I tested the recipe many times with various egg replacers and even whipped aquafaba, but the …

2. Simple vegan comfort foods that get everyone to eat their veggies. X. Preheat the oven to 375° F (190° C) even though you are going to be baking it at 350° F (176°F). First off, my batter is much more “liquidy” compared to yours. Thanks for sharing. Hello, Gretchen, thanks for your vegan vanilla recipe. or perhaps for a double recipe maybe holding back on 1 teaspoon is the way too go. It is so great to see somebody having put in such great efforts into dissecting vegan baking and producing fabulous results.

Thank you, Thanks Kate!

Required fields are marked *. Also what is it’s keeping qualities?

Any suggestions? Excellent job! Since flax meal is essentially a binder and a fat it was ok to add a bit more (in the book version) versus what I use here in this recipe.

Thanks for everything. A heavy hand in measuring flour can add too much causing a heavy batter too, which is why I do encourage measuring with a scale..

Check out this article she wrote about gluten free flour blends.

First of all I would get an oven thermometer, to make sure your oven is calibrated properly, then you can look to the recipe if oven seems fine. i used to bake by your recipes as have been always the best recipe i tried. Or would I have to substitute anything for the left-out sugar to work? This cake is light and fluffy you are going to love it! I have a few questions. Thanks.x, Hi Rachel, sorry about that – the xantham gum replacement PER EGG is a quarter of a teaspoon xantham mixed into 60ml water.

I used bobs red mill whole ground flaxseed meal. I never thought I would say this, but I do prefer to freeze whole cakes in vegan baking vs just layers before building, as I did in non vegan baking! : ), Hi Stephanie, yes its really important to be super-careful folding in the flour, or else all the hard work you did beating the marg & sugar for AGES to get lots of air in is completely wasted, as the air will be knocked straight out by whisking in the flour. I compared them both (Fleishmanns and Earth Balance) and it seemed to me that Fleishmanns had a better price and almost the same amount of fat as Earth Balance.

The reason I use an AP + cake flour blend (versus all cake flour) is that in such a high liquid recipe (especially since we are replacing the eggs in the original with more liquid) I wanted to use a flour that absorbs slightly more than cake flour, so that would be AP.

I just did (do) not feel comfortable anymore sharing recipes laden with animal ingredients promoting the very industry I loathe so it really didn’t make sense for me to keep them nor keep open and available such an expensive website. How very Downton.

Can you use a sweetener such as Stevia instead of the caster sugar, or would that impact the cake? Has anyone made it and then frozen it to use at a later date? Saving this for my vegan friend’s birthday cake xx, What a fabulous looking Victoria Sponge and such clever substitutions:-) Thanks for featuring my Banana Cake:-).

Thank you. Hi Stephanie, I have had some flax seeds that almost smelled “fishy” to me. Made this tonight and it worked so well! Hi! Hi, I'm Abby and I love all things sweet, with a vegan twist!

A light and airy sponge cake made without eggs. Hi Alison thanks! Fantastic recipe, and best of all nobody knew it was a vegan cake!

What are your thoughts on replacing the butter with avocado? ¼ filling does not sound like too much to me, but if the buttercream was super soft then any amount would cause it to be unstable.

This cake was a hit among everyone in my family. Or Swerve?

I just found your page and I am so excited to get started trying all of your wonderful looki,g recipes! Thank you and Keep up the great work you are amazing!! so for me they are of no use.

I knew that it gave my easy vegan soda cake a great texture, so I used my basic vegan vanilla cake recipe and added sparkling water instead of plain water. ... ‘We are an egg and dairy free house, at last cake we can eat that’s actually nice!’ ... pillowy lemon sponge sandwiching a sweet lemony frosting. Haven’t tried the creme yet, but the cakes really turned out well! It never lasts long in our house! Next time I will try EB. Thank you again!

So I did try your recipe and YES, I am very happy I did!!!

Stir in the remaining carbonated water and the vinegar and stir again just enough to form a smooth batter.

Gretchen i want to make a sticky toffee pudding cake and the recipe called for dates puree. This was delicious! Hi I plan to bake this cake for my daughters bday tomorrow. I would want you to do a small test first, sometimes adding in fruit purees in place of the milk will leave you with a gummy cake, due to the natural pectins in the fruit. There’s a pastry supply store near me, I was just trying to avoid spending $35 lol, I Know they are very expensive but a little goes a long way. I will try Crisco next time.

At any rate, I do not like freezing very many vegan cakes (especially cheesecakes) since the texture does change significantly as you have just learned first hand. Hi Ann, I am not really in that boat for people who say using brown sugar automatically makes the cake caramel. hello, thanks for sharing you recipe! ‘Rest’ your sponge cake overnight in an airtight tin or tupperware. If you MUST use eggs I would suggest to look for a recipe that is NON vegan OR try the flax egg replacer as written here and join the hundreds and hundreds of people who have been raving about this cake! No bells and whistles here — just a very classic muffin. That sort of tunneling usually means too much leavener, or a batter that is too dense (heavy) and the leavener is trying too hard to escape. Try using all AP flour instead, since this may seem like the reason? This is partly because when you serve someone a ‘vegan cake’ they are fully expecting it to be dry, tasteless and heavy. So I did and this Vegan Victoria Sponge was born. Any suggestions on getting a good rise without SRF? But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Hi Camille, yes it is true, my non vegan blog is shut down Everything you explain is quite normal with the buttercream CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO I am not familiar with Trex as I am in the USA< but I know many people DO USE IT as a shortening for icings. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Is 180 at fan or normal?

I want to make this vanilla cake for my son’s birthday tomorrow. Yes you are correct that coconut oil is very fragile and will turn to oil almost immediately, so it is necessary to use vegan butter (or margarine) since this is a creaming method recipe.

and what pan size would you recomend? i was wondering about freezing the cake layers as well. It contains xanthan gum, potato and tapioca flours. Hope that helps! You do have to wait for me to “approve it” first though (in the interest of spam) so sometimes it takes me a little while if I am not at my computer, but I have seen all your questions today and have answered every one.

Hmm, sounds suspect.

Do you think that it will make enough batter to make a 3 layer cake in 3- 8″ cake pans? Thank you for making my girlfriend’s mum’s birthday cake great! Delicious! Many people had been helping through Patreon & PayPal, but at this point it is just not enough to pay for everything to keep it all going.

Put your next layer on the top right side up.

Tell them afterwards whilst basking in compliments!

I want to say others have tried with success?? Thank you!

I was thinking about making a lemon blueberry cake using this as a base ans subbing out some of the milk with lemon juice and adding zest.

Hi, so when you change the sugar from white to brown you automatically get a caramel a sponge? Hi Gretchen, Since you had success previously with this recipe (as have most) I would have to say it’s the oven, or perhaps a measureing error? I did have to leave mine in the oven for 30 mins before it was cooked though.

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