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wedding invitation wording

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Bride’s parents host the wedding and all guests are invited … their son In reality, wedding invitation wording is a place where you might want to get creative… but not TOO creative. Mr. Robert Holden White

Kids at heart we'll always be, as we go through life, The pleasure of your company is requested at the marriage uniting. Or your children could be the ones to host: Mr. Jacob RodriguezRequests the honor of your presenceAt the marriage of his motherLinda Rodriguez WintersToGunther Ryder MarquezSaturday, June 24, 2017Etc. Your wedding invitations should convey the basic information about your celebration all while offering a sneak peek of your wedding aesthetic and style as a couple. Bring your dancing shoes! Once you've found the perfect wording for your wedding, shop InvitationConsultants' fabulous selection of wedding invitations… Browse our Bride & Groom Inviting wording below. It's important to note that these formal date and time rules are frequently broken in more modern invitation designs, where the date and time are listed using numerals; using numerals is also preferred for more informal weddings. Be sure to use appropriate social titles as well, addressing married couples as "Mr. and Mrs." or "Mr. and Mr." For more on addressing your invitation envelopes, please see our in-depth guide to wedding envelopes and addressing. at the marriage of their daughter Avoid using nicknames or initials. at half after four o’clock dancing and merriment to follow. There are a lot of ways to address a wedding invitation. The first line of the wedding invitation is where you list who’s hosting the wedding (a.k.a. The couple's parents should each be listed on separate lines, starting with the bride's or whoever's name falls alphabetically first. and Mrs. Marc Velezrequest the honor of your presenceat the marriage of Anne Catherine Veleztoetc. St. Ignatius Loyola Church Ainsley Madison

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson FieldingInvite you to join usIn celebrating the recent marriage of our daughterAlice Pearson FieldingToArjun GangadharanWhich took place on March 18, 2017, in Dubai, India, Come toast the happy coupleSaturday, June 3, 2017Grovers Country ClubPlano, Texas. These days, with divorce, blended families, nontraditional families, and any of the above helping to pay for it, wedding invitation wording has gotten complicated! If you'd like to go the traditional route, know that "Mx." This offers your guests a cohesive experience allowing them to appreciate your aesthetic (both digitally and physically) all while getting excited for your nuptials. undefined from , a member of Minted's request the honor of your presence Get your friends and family excited for your nuptials. If the ceremony and reception are held at the same venue, include the line “Reception to follow” at the bottom of the invitation. Be careful in the phrasing—don't make it look like there was a local wedding to which they weren't invited, or that you only want more gifts. two thousand fifteen Here, we show an example of what that may look like, but feel free to make it authentically yours. Morgan Elise For everyone else, make a blanket rule, such as “only immediate family members can bring a date” and stick to it. is created by professional stationery designers from Elegant Wedding Invites.With 20 years experience in wedding field, we are dedicated to bring the trendiest wedding … Is It Ever Okay to Uninvite a Wedding Guest? and Mark Franklin and Mary Elizabeth Reyes, You can absolutely switch up your wedding invitation wording to include the name of a deceased loved. What constitutes a long enough period of time? Katie Lynn MillerandRobert Luke Richardsinvite you to share in their joyas they exchange marriage vows. We are here for you. The host of the celebration (read: the people footing the bill) is listed first, followed by their child's name, followed by their child's partner's name.   happily accepts Saturday You should then designate “in the morning” or “in the evening” for clarity. Mr. Drew Randolph Morris two thousand sixteen Richmond, Virginia, Held in a secular location, hosted by the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Salkin Daniel Issac Schwartz Here are a few rules to help you figure out the best host-line wording for your family dynamics: One Set of Parents Hosting (Married) two thousand and eighteen We recommend including your wedding website on a separate insert so your guests can have easy access to details about your day as well as your registry (especially since including registry details on the invitation itself is not always well-received). request the honor of your presence // ]]> Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Zimmerli Brooke Kennedy Alex Thompson

25200 Arnold Drive and Robin Huey request the pleasure of your company Names should not listed in order of who paid more. The most important thing to keep in mind about the host line is to word it in a way that feels comfortable to you both as a couple. This is a tricky question, so be sure to tread carefully as you and your partner determine what makes the most sense for your wedding guest dynamics. community of independent artists. evening reception Kennedy Finley & 140 New Montgomery Street Palm Springs, California, Held in a religious venue, hosted by the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Stanley

This take on Minted was made by The venue’s street address is traditionally not included (although you may decide to list it), unless it is a private residence. Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Vineyards But in a nutshell, the wording of your invitation should reflect the overall vibe of your wedding day. Saturday, the tenth of July Wedding invitation wording templates are definitely helpful, but sometimes it's better to see how it looks all together. request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their niece at four o’clock

Mr. and Mrs. Jackson FieldingInvite you to join them for dinner honoringMr. [CDATA[ request the honor of your presence Just like a page in a storybook fairy tale, our romance comes true... Each day begins fresh and new knowing I'll be spending, With each believing the other to be a giver of love, a sharer of sorrow, a bringer of joy and a reason for life. Atlanta | Georgia, Held in a secular location, hosted by both sets of parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hunter Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at 5:00pm Love is not canceled, neither is your planning. to at six o’clock in the evening Cynthia Ann Friday, the fourteenth of November If you're going to include the name of stepparent, keep it on the same line. reception to follow, You can use a similar format when one parent has remarried, Ms. Noelle Miller For different-sex couples, list the bride’s parents’ names at the top of the invite, then the groom’s parents’ names.

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